Zombie Gifts

Need zombie gifts?

Whether it’s funny t-shirts, scary socks, home décor, games, or everything in between, you’ll be able to find something cool that fits your budget.

Zombie Gifts

Check out our top picks below; you’ll be glad you did …

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zombie gift ideas

“Keep Calm” Zombies Shirt

Fans of the TV show on the Disney Channel will love to have this  as part of their wardrobe, featuring the popular characters displayed with a fun, yet creepy design!  One of our favorite gift ideas.

zombie gifts zombie lovers

Zombie Garden Statue

Scare everyone from the mailman to the pizza delivery person the moment they step onto the threshold with this garden statue.  If you need an idea that zombie lovers will go crazy for, we really like this one!

Zombie gift

Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit

Zombies themselves might not have brains, but your zombified friend does. Let them explore all their related thoughts to the fullest with a themed magnetic poetry kit.

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best zombie gifts

Zombie Action Figures Play Set

Forget the figures of action heroes! It’s all about the zombies with this action figure playset, which includes six scary figures in all.  Hours of fun for the young boy or girl in your life or adults who are kids at heart.  A fantastic idea and one of the best gifts you can give.

zombie gifts for him

Rob Zombie T-Shirt

Here is a cool tee that will allow fans of Rob Zombie to show off their pride for the famed movie director of “The Devils Rejects” and “Halloween.”  The design & artwork are amazing!  If you’re after gifts for him, these are perfect.

zombie gifts for men

iZombie DVD Set

Any guy who’s a fan of the show will go gaga over this set featuring the first 3 seasons.  Imagine snuggling up on the couch and enjoying the horror, comedy, romance & camaraderie.  If you need gifts for men, get him this!

cool zombie gifts

Zombie Pen Holder

The zombie crazed fans in your life won’t ever wonder where they put their pen again when it rests in this weird, yet realistic-looking . With the pen in place, it’s like it’s is being impaled!  It’s one of the ideal selections for cool gifts that’s sure to be a hit.

zombie gifts for boys

Zombie Candy Bones

Eat like the walking dead with some candy bones.  Great to give as gifts for boys, they come in a cool bag that is filled with tart, sweet delicious poop that is said to originate from the forest where the walking dead tend to gather!

top ten family zombie gifts

Zombie-Opoly Board Game

Bring all your friends or family together with this action packed board game, which is styled after the classic game Monopoly. Between two and six people can play.  It’s one of our top ten family gifts you can give.

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zombie gifts for boy

Zombieland Double Tap

Can’t think of anything that is much better than Zombieland Double Tap  on Blu-ray.  It’s said to be just as great as the original movie & destined to be a classic!

zombies gifts ideas

Zombies Stickers Set

If that special someone loves plants vs zombies, then this sticker set is sure to bring them plenty of joy.  Great to put on a PC, water bottle, notebooks or just about anywhere.

zombie gifts for Christmas

Chia Plant

Let your zombified special someone show off their green thumb with this . Once the grass grows, it will look like the ceramic zombie is crawling through the greenery. How bone-chilling!  It’s one of the perfect gifts for Christmas that you can give!

zombie gifts for girls

Zombie Bottle Holder

Here’s the perfect way to display that nice bottle of wine, with this eerie resin . He looks like he’s taking a drink. Hey, it’s hard to blame him since he is undead!  One of the ideal gifts for girls, especially if she has an interesting sense of humor.

fun zombie gifts

Zombie Christmas Ornament

This Christmas ornament proclaiming your friend is a zombie outbreak response team member can be worn like a medal of honor for the rest of the year.  When it comes to fun gifts, we highly recommend these, especially as stocking stuffers!

affordable zombie gifts

Zombie Inflatable Target

Is it time for target practice? Your friend can shoot their Nerf gun at an inflatable target all day. They’ll feel totally ready for the real apocalypse!  Ideal if you’re after affordable gifts and want to stay on budget!

zombie gifts for guys

Zombie Back Scratcher

When it comes to gifts for guys, how about one of these?  Whenever your friend has an itch they just can’t scratch, a hand back scratcher does the trick.

zombie lover gifts

Zombie Hot Sauces

Need something for that special someone in your life who’s also a foodie, gift them this set of hot sauces. They’ll feel ready to run for their lives after sampling these hot sauces!

dead zombie gifts

Zombie Toilet Paper Holder

Here’s one of the presents we really like.  Scare houseguests, even in the bathroom, with this novelty dead zombie toilet paper holder.

good zombie gifts

Zombie iPhone Case

Even your friend’s smartphone can reflect their interests with this iPhone phone case with zombies all over it!  It ranks high as one of the good gifts that’s also practical!

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unique zombie gifts

Zombie Garden Gnome

Who knew garden gnomes could be so horrifying? They can be when they’re zombified!  We think they’re a lovely choice to give, especially if you’re looking for unique gifts.

zombie gifts under $10

Zombie Coloring Book

In between prepping for survival and training for zombie-hunting, your friend could use a break. This coloring book will help them relax.  An excellent choice for gifts under $10.

top zombie gifts

Zombie Salt & Pepper Shaker Holder

Now here’s a unique way for mom to display her salt and pepper: with a polyresin oversized head. You put the salt and pepper shakers in the gaping holes where the zombie’s eyes once were. Creepy, which is why it’s great idea to give as one of the top gifts for the home.

zombie gifts for kids

Zombies Friends Shirt

T-shirts are always a good idea.  Everyone loves them, especially fans of the zombie movies.  Perfect to wear while relaxing at home or hanging out with friends.  Love the colors and artwork on them too!  One of the better ideas to give as gifts for kids!

zombie gifts kids

Zombie Virus Plush

Looking for zombie virus gifts?  If so, here’s a super cute plush that is actually designed after a real microbe.  Perfect for hugging, squeezing, holding or displaying on a bed or in a nursery.

funny zombie gifts

Zombie Heat Changing Mug

This mug is so cool because it starts out black when cold or at room temperature. Then, as you pour in a hot beverage, the mug becomes white and an unsettling character appears.  The perfect way for him or her to enjoy their morning coffee!  If you’re in need of funny gifts, these are extra creepy!

great zombie gifts

Zombie Outdoor Statue

If you need suggestions for great gifts, cool decorations come to mind.  Here’s one idea! Not only does this outdoor statue look like he’s crawling out of the dirt, but he provides illumination too courtesy of his LED lantern.

gifts for zombie enthusiasts

Zombie No Evil Statues

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil? Well, these are zombies we’re talking about, so of course statues like these are going to be a little evil. Make that a lot evil.  Zombie enthusiasts love these!

best gifts for zombie fans

Raven Zombie Statue

What remains of this zombie’s face is being picked apart by a crow in this chilling yet cool statue. This would look great on your buddy’s living room table or even as a gag gift for a desk in their home office.  A must have item for zombie fans!

best gifts for zombie lovers

Zombie Charm Bracelet

For the female zombie lover in your life, this dainty bracelet looks unassuming, but features charms! There’s also a charm of a bow and arrow as well as a gun, so this should be right up her alley.

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gifts for zombie apocalypse

Zombie Survival Guide

Help you’re special someone be prepared for the apocalypse.  Here’s a guide that will let him or her know exactly everything they need to deal with any zombie situation.  Without a doubt, it’s one of the must guides when planning for the zombie apocalypse!

Great gifts for zombie lovers

Walking Dead Board Game

There’s no need to go out to an escape room when you can make a zombie-themed one at home with this funny board game that is available at amazon. Up to eight people can play!

zombie themed gifts

Zombie Socks

These zombie themed socks are subtle enough that your friend can get away with wearing them to work.  Great to wear while lounging around at home while protecting against zombies!

zombie Christmas gifts

Zombie Hand Wall Sculpture

If you really want to wow them, treat your friend to this incredible wall sculpture. The zombie is resin and painted by hand for a lifelike effect. He’s holding a slab of glass that acts as the surface of the table. How downright frightening!

zombie birthday gifts

Zombie Sketch Book

Sketch books are loads of fun for both kids and adults.  They are a great way to develop creativity and artistic skills.  Anyone who’s a fan of the Zombies movies would love to have their own fashion design sketchbook and show off their original creations!  Excellent to give as birthday gifts!

Disney zombies gifts

Zombies Girls Nightgown

Perfect for a young girl who not so secretly is in love with the Disney Zombies series of movies.  Here is a nightgown featuring the Wolf Pack Gang that’s cool, colorful and stylish, just how girls like them.  It’s sure to become her go to sleepwear for many years to come.

zombie gifts for best friend

Zombies Movie Sticker

Need gifts for a best friend?  Everyone loves stickers, especially when they feature characters from the Zombies 2 movie.  They are perfect to put on notebooks, water bottles, laptop computers or just about anywhere.  If you are looking for something fun, cool and affordable for zombie lovers, get a set of these, available in packs of 100.

zombie gifts for boyfriend

Zombies 2 Addison Wells Doll

Need gifts for your boyfriend? Dolls make great presents, especially if they are characters from the Zombies movies.  They promote creativity and spark the imagination.  Great for role playing and acting out your favorite scenes from the movie.  The attention to detail of the costumes and artwork is simply amazing.  If he’s a fan of Disney zombie stuff, he’ll love one of these!

zombie gifts for dad

Wynter Barkowitz Werewolf Doll

Here is another of our favorite dolls from the Zombies 2 movie, Wynter Barkowitz.  Her outfit is realistic, right down to the boots on her feet, and the detailed artwork of her face and hair are breathtaking.  One of the must have gifts for dad or kids that are into Disney collectables.

zombie gifts for mom

Zombies Puzzle Book

Coloring is a great way for kids and adults to relax, reduce stress and spend time together.  That’s why we think giving coloring books as gifts for mom are an awesome idea.  Here is one for fans of the Zombies 2 movie filled with loads of amazing designs that are waiting for your special touch of creativity.

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Peace 🧟

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