Unique Sugar Skull Gifts

Looking for unique sugar skull gifts?

There’s haunting beauty about them that’s hard to put a finger on.

Perhaps it’s the amazing colors or the unique artwork involved.

If you’re shopping for that special someone who’s into the day of the dead,

we have plenty ideas for presents below, so have a look!

Sugar Skull Bangle Bracelet

Sugar Skull Bangle Bracelet – Need cool skull gifts for her?  Jewelry is always an item that’s at the top of any shopping list.  Here is a super cute bangle bracelet that any female would love to own.  The styling is great and the sugar skull charm really stands out.

Sugar Skull Leggings

Sugar Skull Leggings – When it comes to cool sugar skull gifts, clothing is an excellent choice.  How about these fashionable leggings.  They are a versatile piece of clothing that any gal can build an outfit around and the skull designs are out of this world!

Sugar Skull Wallet

Sugar Skull Wallet – Every one needs to have their cash and ID cards available and stored in a place that’s organized and secure.  So, why not get an attractive wallet, like this one featuring 3 amazing sugar skulls across the front.  Available in either white or black, It’s one of those sugar skull girl gifts that she can use everyday.

Sugar Skull Coin Purse

Sugar Skull Coin Purse – For some reason, coins seem to have a life of their own.  Living at the bottom of purses, in pockets, and even between couch cushions.  There is a solution to this problem, a stylish women’s coin purse.   It’s cute, affordable and a way to finally keep those stray coins under control.  It’s one of the better sugar skull gifts you can give.

Sugar Skull iPhone Case Cover

Sugar Skull iPhone Case Cover – Just about everyone has a smartphone.  Keeping it safe from nicks, scratches and dings is always a concern.  The easiest way to protect it is with a wallet style case cover.  This is one of the sugar skull Christmas gifts that not only looks fantastic, but also helps to safeguard everyone’s most valuable possession.

Sugar Skull Mug

Sugar Skull Mug – For many, part of the daily ritual is enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea.  Here is a present that can make the experience more enjoyable.  This mug is very stylish & sophisticated, making it one of the novelty skull gifts for her that you can give.  I just love the saying printed on the inside.

Sugar Skull Shower Curtain

Sugar Skull Shower Curtain – When it comes to sugar skull decor, one of the most neglected rooms in the house is the bathroom.  Most are dull, lifeless and lack any color.  The easiest way to jump start an otherwise dead bathroom is with a new shower curtain.  This design overflows with color and adds character with a bit of flair.  If it’s sugar skull wedding gifts you’re after, give one of these as a present.

Sugar Skull Salt & Pepper Shakers Set

Sugar Skull Salt & Pepper Shakers Set – If the person you are shopping for is an artsy type, get her this salt and pepper shaker set.  The artwork is great and the colors really pop.  Ideal for the breakfast and dinner tables or as nick-knacks on a shelf or bookcase.  It’s one of those items that is hard to find at a sugar skull shop, but easy to locate online.

Sugar Skull Hoodie

Sugar Skull Hoodie – Giving cool and comfortable merchandise is always a good decision.  However, choosing the right item can be a challenge, especially since there are so many different items available.  One piece of clothing that is considered timeless is a hoodie.  This style features a great looking design that any girl is sure to love.

Sugar Skull Wool Scarf

Sugar Skull Wool Scarf – Cool nights and cold days means it’s time to bundle up and keep warm.  Having a wool scarf is one of the better way to protect yourself from the elements.   So, if you are looking for skeleton gifts that can be worn as accessories, check out this sugar skull scarf.  It’s well made, cute, colorful and affordably priced.

Personalized Sugar Skull License Plate

Personalized Sugar Skull License Plate – It goes without saying that customized presents are one of the best items you can give someone who is into sugar skulls.  The customization makes the item unique to the individual, making it extra special and truly memorable.  A great example would be this fantastic license plate.  It’s one my top picks for personalized skull gifts.

Sugar Skull Throw Pillows

Sugar Skull Throw Pillows – Pillows are fun and affordable items to give as presents.  Every girl uses them and they really add to the atmosphere of a room.  They are practical too, especially when using them to relax while reading a book or to squeeze when watching a scary movie.  It’s one of the top girly skull gifts to give that won’t break your budget.

Sugar Skull Crystal Earrings

Sugar Skull Crystal Earrings – Whether for school, a party or even dress-up, earrings are a staple to every girls wardrobe.  If she happens to be into sugar skulls, then this pair is ideal.  They feature lots of shine and bling bling, so be prepared to be noticed while wearing them.  Whoever said crystal skull gifts can’t be fun has never seen a pair of these!

Sugar Skull Wax Warmer

Sugar Skull Wax Warmer – Great to display in a living room or bedroom and practical too.  This wax warmer makes for a great present for those who love burning candles.  For sugar candy skull gifts, this one is a winner!

Sugar Skull Face Tattoos

Sugar Skull Face Tattoos – Sugar skull couple tattoos are also a fun idea.  Great for parties, Halloween or a masquerade event.  Here is a great kit that is unisex, so check it out!

Day of the Dead Bride and Groom Figurines

Bride & Groom Figurines – Here is one of our favorite sugar skull bride and groom figurines.  It’s perfect for a couple that is planning day of the dead wedding and wants to keep it on theme, right to the last detail.

Personalized Sugar Skulls Beer Growler

Customized Couples Beer Growler – In need of sugar skull couple gifts?  Here is one that is ideal to give as a sugar skull wedding present.  This beer growler can be personalized with your unique message, making it a truly one of a kind gift.

Skull Bouquet Set

Skull Bouquet Set – Skull wedding bouquets are a fun way to make the occasion unique.  Finding them can be difficult, and expensive.  Here is a wonderful set in red & black that looks fantastic and is very affordable.  Check it out!

Sexy Cake Topper

Sexy Cake Topper – When it comes to sugar skull wedding cake toppers, most couples think the sexier, the better.  Here is a unique design that will surely bring any cake to life.  The artwork is amazing and the pose says it all!  Simply great!

Sugar Skull Tattoo Coloring Book

Sugar Skull Tattoo Coloring Book – Need ideas for a sugar skull bride tattoo.  One way to get inspired is with these coloring pages that are dedicated to tattoo drawings.  If you or that special person in your life is into tats, they are going to instantly fall in love with this book!

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Unique Sugar Skull Gifts

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