Snoopy Gifts

Snoopy Gifts

Need ideas for Snoopy gifts?

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We specialize gifts for Snoopy lovers, no matter the occasion!

We know that fans of the world’s coolest beagle can be picky & are tough to shop for.

So, we have put together a list of Snoopy gift ideas that are sure to give you plenty of inspiration.

Our top picks …

Department 56 Peanuts Anniversary Snoopy Mug
  • Honor Peanuts' 2015 65th anniversary with this Snoopy-themed...
  • A great conversation starter - enjoy seeing Snoopy's...
  • Meticulously hand crafted mug with a comfortable drinking...
The Philosophy of Snoopy (Peanuts Guide to Life)
  • Hardcover Book
  • Schulz, Charles M. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
Peanuts Collectible Large Tin Tote
  • CUSTOM DESIGN: The exclusive artwork inspired by Peanuts...
  • METAL LATCH CLOSURE: Secure your favorite snacks, personal...
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: This piece of fan merchandise from...
Dayspring - Peanuts - Smiles and Blessings - Perpetual...
  • Compact 5.5 x 5.25 inch size and a built in easel stand...
  • Be encouraged every day of the year with inspirational...
  • Each page features the month and date (ex: October 19) so...
Finex Snoopy Foldable Easy-to-Carry Travel Bag for Airplanes...
  • Snoopy Foldable Easy-to-carry Travel Bag with adjustable...
  • The unique design enables it to be strapped to carry on...
  • Dimension: (Base) 22.83 in x 5.91 in; (Height) 11.42 in or...
Posh Adult Coloring Book: Peanuts for Inspiration &...
  • Schulz, Charles M. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
Hallmark Paper Wonder Peanuts Pop Up Birthday Card (Snoopy...
  • Wish a happy birthday to a Peanuts fan with an adorable...
  • Birthday card folds flat and pops up into a 3D display of...
  • With a sweet design and exciting 3D pop-up, the birthday boy...
Concept One Unisex Adult Peanuts Snoopy Joe Cool Hat, Curved...
  • JOE COOL BALL CAP: Embroidered adjustable hat features...
  • ONE SIZE: Baseball hat features an adjustable buckle closure...
  • 100% COTTON: Soft cap is composed of 100% lightweight and...
Dog Animal 3D Lamp Night Light Touch Table Desk Lamps 7...
  • Touch lamp: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, white,...
  • Hologram lamp power: USB light input 100~240V; Output: 5V,...
  • 3D night light is energy saving. Power spend: 0.012kW.H/24...
Peanuts Heart Sitting Snoopy T-Shirt
  • Officially Licensed by Peanuts
  • Graphic Artwork OPNT-0099
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom...

Check Out These Snoopy Gift Ideas …

If you’re wondering where to find Snoopy stuff, shopping online is the very best choice. You can find a wide variety of stores that offer up just about anything you can imagine.

Because I live in the countryside, there aren’t any shops that sell Snoopy gifts near me. So, I always use the web, and amazon is my first choice. Why?

I have found that amazon Snoopy gifts are reasonably priced & come with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchases. Even better, if you need Snoopy gifts delivered, you can get free or reduced shipping if you’re an “Amazon Prime” member.

For example, is there a special teacher in your life that loves Snoopy? A set of sticky notes, a pen, a coffee mug or even some jewelry would be perfect as a Snoopy teacher gift.

Perhaps you need something to give for a Snoopy Christmas gift.  If this is the case, hoodies, sweatshirts, puzzles, decals & even bookmarks work well.

In addition, you can find a wide variety of Snoopy holiday gifts too, including tote bags, wine glasses, throw pillows and wall art, just to name a few.

Even you are trying to put together some Snoopy gift baskets, amazon can help.  There are plenty of inexpensive items available that you could fill it up with, like candy, stickers, hand sanitizer & even a plush!

So, if you’re still looking for Snoopy things to buy but just can’t seem to decide on something, check out the ideas below to get even more inspiration for gifts Snoopy fans will appreciate!

Popular Gifts For Snoopy Lovers …

Whether it’s t-shirts, collectable figurines, wall art, mugs or anything in between, you are sure to find a present that will fit into your budget.

Take a few moments to view the Peanuts & Snoopy gifts we have discovered, you’ll be glad you did!

Custom Snoopy gifts are extremely popular to give as presents.  We especially like mugs that you can have it customized with the recipients name.  After all, most everyone has a favorite drink, so give them their new favorite mug 😉

Cute tees are wonderful to give as Snoopy Thank You gifts.  Everyone loves wearing them, especially those with feel good designs on them, like the “Chick Party” design featuring Snoopy & many Woodstock’s.

Better Snoopy Happy Dance gifts offer up plenty of cheerfulness & joy.  There’s a book that does that, with lovely drawings that feature quotes that are all about celebrating dance and life.

Mugs are always winners, especially as Snoopy Christmas presents.  Perfect for enjoying all types of beverages, like one that features all of the Peanuts squad.  Simply perfect!

Snoopy anniversary gifts don’t get any better than a limited edition tee.  Made to celebrate the 50th anniversary, you can find them with Woodstock & Snoopy, both in the “Joe Cool” mode.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Halloween is decorating the home.  A beautiful display from The Bradford Exchange would be perfect sitting on a table top or window seal.  Snoopy Halloween gifts don’t get any better than this.

There are times when the most unusual Snoopy gifts are the most awesome, like a beautiful sweatshirt that is a collaboration between Lacoste & Snoopy.  Even the most avid Snoopy fan probably doesn’t have one of them!

Looking for funny Snoopy gifts?  A classic tee with a design that is hilarious is perfect to wear on those days when you feel like doing nothing but relaxing!

One way to celebrate another year is with a glass of wine.  But not just any old glass, but one that has been hand painted and features Snoopy.  If your special someone has a b-day coming up, it’s one of the best Snoopy 50th birthday gifts you can give them.

Need a Snoopy gift box that is truly unique?   How about 3 half dollar coins featuring the world’s cutest beagle.  Even better, these coins are actually legal tender.  However I wouldn’t spend them, especially since they are awesome collectibles.  If you’re thinking of putting together a DIY Snoopy gift basket, these would be great to include.

Snoopy mugs from Japan that show off the total cuteness of world’s most famous Beagle are always a great idea.  They are great for the collector and a fun way to enjoy sipping coffee.  If you’re searching for unique Snoopy gifts, these are what you’ve been looking for!

Wondering what to give as a Snoopy gifts for him?  If he spends time working or studying at a desk, then how about an ergonomically designed chair that will make things more comfortable.  Of course, the designs feature Snoopy all over them!

Without a doubt, cool looking wall art make the best Snoopy Red Baron gifts.  How about a great looking dictionary print that features Snoopy wearing his flight gear while sitting on his dog house.  Perfect for a bedroom or den!

Everybody knows that figurines are perfect to give as Snoopy Flying Ace gifts!  After all, the designs are cute, the artwork is always amazing & they’re collectibles that can increase in value over time.

Time is precious, which is why wall clocks are one of the top Snoopy Christmas gifts you can give.  There are cute designs featuring Charlie Brown, Woodstock & Snoopy just relaxing & hanging out.  Perfect for a bedroom, living room or nursery.

We think t-shirts are a lovely choice to give as Snoopy Valentine gifts.  Those with artwork featuring a heart mark work best, as they show the recipient just how much you care!

When it comes to apparel, there’s cool & then there’s COOL!  If you’re at a loss on what to give as Snoopy gifts for Christmas, consider giving a designer hoodie.  Bright & colorful, there’s a fashionable collaboration between Lacoste & Snoopy that’s available.  Every serious Peanuts fan would love to have one of these!

Mugs are a thoughtful idea to give as Snoopy teachers gifts.  Most every teacher enjoys sipping on coffee or tea during lunchtime or breaks.  There’s mugs available featuring Snoopy that are made specifically let your teachers know how you feel about them.

When it comes to Valentine Snoopy gifts, sometimes the card is more important than the actual present.  Why?  There are pop cards that allow you to write down your feelings about your special someone, which will always mean more than anything else!

In this day & age, it’s important to keep hands free from germs.  So, we think a Snoopy hand sanitizer set is a great idea.  It’s one of the gifts for Snoopy that young adults will love.  Even better, they will make cleaning their hands something they’ll look forward to.

The gifts for Snoopy that students like best are those which are cute & serve a purpose.  Since students are always reading, a cute bookmark will make sure they never lose their place 😉

The gifts for Snoopy a nephew would like to have are doodling books, especially if they’re into drawing.  They will be able to create & complete pictures based on Snoopy and the rest of his gang.

Finding vintage Snoopy gifts can be a rewarding experience.  Values of certain items, like lunch boxes & figurines have skyrocketed.  There are books that outline some of the most valuable Snoopy stuff that are considered bibles for collectors.

In our opinion, sticky notes are a wonderful choice for personalized Snoopy gifts.  They can be used making shopping lists, to do lists or for simple note taking.  The recipients name across the top adds an extra touch!

Simple, yet cute Snoopy wedding gifts often times work best.  Here’s a present idea you can give that’s a bit out of the ordinary.  It’s a seal wax stamp that every Peanuts lover would enjoy having.  Sealing letters & postcards will become a fun experience.

Soft, warm & comfortable hoodies are great to give as men’s Snoopy gifts.  There are several designs that really stand out, with vintage Snoopy and Woodstock graphics any Peanuts lover will go gaga for!

Ball caps are one of the timeless Snoopy gifts for dad.  We love the one that features our favorite beagle in his famous “Joe Cool” pose.

T-shirts that are bright & colorful make lovely Snoopy Easter gifts.  There’s even one that features Snoopy carrying an Easter basket.  It’s perfect to wear while hunting Easter eggs!

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s good to know that there are plenty of cheap Snoopy gifts available, which are actually super cool.  For example, we like decal stickers that are fun to place on water bottles, tumblers, laptops, notebooks or just about anywhere.

One of our favorite Snoopy gifts for teachers is a super cute pen that will have that special teacher thinking about you every time he or she uses it!  They’re always writing stuff, so give them a fun way to do it!

No need to spend a fortune on a wonderful present.  In fact, some of the best Snoopy themed gifts you can give are very inexpensive.  A great example would be an adorable set of Snoopy socks that are super soft & comfy on the feet.

Need Snoopy gifts ideas?  It goes without saying that lovers of Snoopy enjoy reading books about him.  The Philosophy Of Snoopy is a fantastic offering from the man himself, Charles M. Schulz, that is all about the Peanuts Guide To Life.  A must read for any fan.

Cool Snoopy gifts that can be used daily are some of the best you can give.  Just about everyone enjoys drinking beverages, so a drink tumbler makes an awesome present.

If you shopping for Snoopy related gifts, a special calendar is a present that any fan would love to have.   They feature our favorite beagle along with all the Peanuts characters.  Each day of the year shows a different comic strip theme!

Snoopy birthday gifts that are both cute & practical are best.   I think backpacks are a wonderful choice for school kids & even college students.  The adorable designs also features Woodstock.  What’s not to love about them?

Giving the gift of time is always a wonderful thought, especially as Snoopy graduation gifts.  One of my favorites is the stylish Weekender watch from Timex.  Cute, classy & fun!

If you need Snoopy infant gifts and aren’t sure what to give, how about a great baby notebook for the new parents that works like a journal.  It allows them to keep note of important milestones as well as babies big firsts.

Better Snoopy gifts for mom are those that she can use every day.  I really love coffee mugs that have a cute Snoopy design.

Cool shirts are always a big hit to give as Snoopy Father’s Day gifts.  If your dad happens to be a Snoopy fan, he is going to love “cool dad” designs.  Perfect for lounging around the house or for causal day’s at work.

Some of the best Joe Cool Snoopy gifts feature our favorite beagle giving off cool vibes.  For example, there is a ceramic mug that is perfect for enjoying coffee, tea or your favorite beverages.

Celebrating the holidays are much more fun when you have delightful Snoopy decorations.  One way to add a special touch to your Christmas tree is with Peanuts Village ornaments.   If you’re at a loss for Snoopy Xmas gifts, how about one of these?

Wall art is a great way to add warmth to your home decor, especially if it includes your favorite characters.  So, go with some wonderful Snoopy themed wall art.    These sets are one of the better Snoopy gifts to buy that’s perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or nursery.

Finding cute Snoopy grandma gifts is always a challenge.  However, here is an item that makes gift giving easy, a lovely tote bag.  Give her one of these and enjoy the big smile on her face!  They’re a wonderful way for her to carry all her stuff!

Retirement is a special occasion that requires a unique card.  If that special person happens to be a Snoopy fanatic, it’s a great idea to give them.  When shopping for Snoopy retirement gifts, make it extra memorable with one of these.

Most toddlers grow up to be big fans of Snoopy, so get them a cute looking hoodie to get them off on the right foot.  The designs are adorable and some even have Woodstock.  One of the nicer Snoopy presents you can give!

Love is in the air, literally, with a Snoopy figurine.  If you need ideas for Snoopy Valentine’s Day gifts, we think figurines wonderful!

Need a way to preserve those special BFF moments?  How about a one of a kind picture frame featuring Snoopy.  One of the better Snoopy best friend gifts, place it on a mantle or bookcase for all to see & appreciate.

A flying ace t-shirt to take on the Red Baron is one of the fun Snoopy gifts for adults you can give.

If you need Snoopy gifts for home, how about a a cute throw blanket?  They are perfect for snuggling on the couch while watching your favorite Peanuts specials.

For Halloween, a birthday party or for cosplay fun, an adult costume makes for one of the better Snoopy gag gifts you can give.

When it comes to the best Snoopy gifts, a Baccarat figure is second to none.  They are beautiful works of art made from luxurious crystal.  Great as a wedding present.

If you’re after Snoopy gifts for her, the search stops here, with an amazing tote bag that’s designed by Coach.  Perfect for hauling around stuff, in a luxurious way.

Some of the best gifts for Snoopy lovers are those which are hard to find, like a coffee mug made in Japan.  They’re perfect for enjoying a delicious cup of Joe, rare & bound to become collectibles.

When it comes to Snoopy gifts for toddlers, go with something big, like a stuffed toy.  There are huge sizes available that are not your regular Snoopy stuffed animal.

The Snoopy gifts amazon has are pretty amazing, and the prices are great too.  One example would be a fantastic eyeglass stand that perfectly displays sunglasses & keeps them safe!

We think that the best Hallmark Snoopy gifts are notecards.  Because the insides are blank, you can use them for birthdays, thank you or even get well cards.  Yes, they come with envelopes too!

Everyone knows that adorable jewelry, like pendant necklaces, are ideal to give as Snoopy Mother’s Day gifts.  Have the back engraved with a personalized message to add an extra special touch.

A cute set of toddler rompers make wonderful Snoopy baby gifts.  Bright & colorful, the artwork is adorable and the little ones will always look well dressed!

When it comes to gift giving, let’s not forget about our furry friends.  How about a Snoopy themed bed that will make doggie feel super comfy.  It’s one of the simple Snoopy dog gifts you can give that every pooch will enjoy relaxing in.

If you’re having trouble finding Snoopy in space gifts, how about giving them a limited edition figurine.  Perfect to display on a bookshelf or desk, it’s a collectors delight.

Sometimes, the best Snoopy get well gifts can be something simple as a card.  There are sets which are full of inspirational messages that will help the recipient feel better soon!

Snoopy chocolates are another present you can give to that special someone who’s feeling down.  They are available variety of delicious flavors that will perk anyone up!  So, if you’re in need of Snoopy get well soon gifts, we think these sets are great!

When choosing Snoopy Mother’s Day gifts, consider going with a nice piece of jewelry, like a stunning cameo pendant necklace.

When it comes to women’s Snoopy gifts, how about giving her a pajama set that’s guaranteed to bring her a good nights sleep & sweet dreams whenever she wears it.

How about a wonderful 3D Snoopy & Woodstock puzzle that’s a challenge to put together and makes a cute display!  One of our top picks for Woodstock Snoopy gifts.

Coloring is relaxing and therapeutic, especially when it’s a coloring book just for adults that is filled with a collection of your favorite Peanuts characters!  A great addition if you are putting together a gift basket & a fun idea for cheap Snoopy gifts!

Everyone enjoys working on puzzles.  How about giving a jigsaw puzzle featuring our favorite beagle & Charlie Brown.  They’re said to be a tough but enjoyable journey to put together, making it one of our favorite Charlie Brown and Snoopy gifts you can give!

How about giving the ultimate real estate trading game, Peanuts style.  A limited edition Peanuts Monopoly Game is guaranteed to deliver hours & hours of family fun!  Peanuts Snoopy gifts don’t get any better than this!

Window decal stickers are great gifts for Snoopy fans.  Showing your love for Snoopy and your fellow drivers while on the road just became easier with a super cute window sticker.

An adorable set of “Thank You” business cards are excellent to give as gifts for Snoopy employees.  Most cards used by businesses are dull & boring.  With a set of these, everything’s about to change, for the better!

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