Snoopy Gifts: 40+ Amazing Ideas For Kids & Adults!

Need ideas for Snoopy gifts?

We have them !

It’s easy to fall in love with the coolest Beagle ever.

After all, we grew up with him as kids.

Now, we adore him even more as we grow older.

If you are on the lookout for presents to please

that Snoopy fan in your life, check these out!


Snoopy Gifts

Snoopy Gifts For All Occasions!

Snoopy 65th Anniversary Mug

65th Anniversary Mug – This stunning anniversary mug shows how the world’s most famous Beagle has evolved throughout the years.  A cute piece for the collector and a fun way to enjoy sipping coffee.

Snoopy Retractable Pen

Snoopy Retractable Pen – Here is one of our favorites for teachers.  It’s a super cute pen that will have that special teacher thinking about you every time he or she uses it!

4 Pack Of Snoopy Socks

4 Pack Of Snoopy Socks – No need to spend a fortune on a wonderful present.  In fact, some of the best you can give are very inexpensive.  A great example would be this adorable set of Snoopy socks.

The Philosophy of Snoopy (Peanuts Guide to Life)

The Philosophy Of Snoopy – It goes without saying that lovers of Snoopy enjoy reading books about him.  Here is a fantastic offering from the man himself, Charles M. Schulz, that is all about the Peanuts Guide To Life.  A must read for any fan.

Peanuts Drink Tumbler

Peanuts Drink Tumbler – Cheap yet cool gifts that involve Snoopy are some of the best you can give.  Just about everyone enjoys drinking beverages, so this drink tumbler makes an awesome present.  Don’t you just love the colorful design?

Hallmark Peanuts Gang Perpetual Calendar

Peanuts Perpetual Calendar – If you shopping for a creative fan of Snoopy, here is a really special calendar that any fan would love to have.   It features our favorite beagle along with Lucy.  I think it’s a present that will make it a truly Happy Birthday for your special someone!

Snoopy Dog House Backpack

Snoopy Dog House Backpack – Snoopy themed presents are always a bit hit, especially around birthday’s & Xmas.   I think this backpack is a wonderful choice for school kids & even college students.  A cute design with a Woodstock zipper.  What’s not to love about it?

Snoopy Timex Weekender Watch

Snoopy Timex Weekender Watch – Giving the gift of time is always a wonderful thought, especially for a graduation or at Christmas.  One of my favorites is this stylish Weekender watch from Timex.  Cute, classy & fun!

Snoopy Reusable Tote Bags

Snoopy Reusable Tote Bags – Need something for her and not sure what to get?  Every gal loves to shop, and this set of adorable tote bags will help her do it in an Eco friendly way.  They come in a set of 3 and feature super cute Snoopy’s.  If she’s a Snoopy lover, get her these!

Snoopy Bookmark Paperclips

Snoopy Bookmark Paperclips – Just about every teacher enjoys presents that help them keep organized.  A fun and affordable gift idea are these paperclips.  Great for use as bookmarks or for organizing papers, they feature wonderful poses of our favorite character, Snoopy!

Invicta Snoopy Watch For Women

Invicta Snoopy Watch For Women – Need something thoughtful for Mother’s day or  Valentine’s day and just can’t decide?  Look no further than this!  It’s the ultimate timepiece for fans of Snoopy.  It’s made by Invicta and is a limited edition.   Wow!

Peanuts Baby Book: My First Year

My First Year Baby Book – If you need something unique for a baby shower, here is a great book for the new parents that works like a journal.  It allows them to keep note of important milestones as well as babies big firsts.

Best Mom Ever Mug

Best Mom Ever Mug – Better gifts for mom are those that she can use every day.  I really love this coffee mug that has a cute Snoopy design.  It’s sure to become her new favorite mug.

Snoopy Cool Dad Shirt

Snoopy Cool Dad Shirt – Cool shirts are always a big hit for father’s day presents.  If your dad happens to be a Snoopy fan, he is going to love this design.  Perfect for lounging around the house or for causal day’s at work.

Joe Cool Ceramic Mug

Joe Cool Ceramic Mug – Some of the best relates Snoopy gifts feature our favorite beagle in the Joe Cool mode.  Here is a ceramic mug that is perfect for enjoying coffee, tea or your favorite beverages.

Snoopy Ornament

Snoopy Ornament – Celebrating the holidays are much more fun when you have delightful Snoopy decorations.  One way to add a special touch to your Christmas tree is with this Peanuts Village ornament.

Snoopy Wall Art

Snoopy Wall Art – Wall art is a great way to add warmth to your home decor, especially if it includes your favorite characters.  Check out this wonderful Snoopy themed wall art.

Snoopy Grandma Tote Bag

Snoopy Grandma Tote Bag – Finding something cute for grandma is always a challenge.  However, here is an item that makes gift giving easy.  Give her this and enjoy the big smile on her face!  It’s a wonderful way for her to carry all her stuff!

Snoopy Retirement Card

Snoopy Retirement Card – Retirement is a special occasion that requires a unique card.  If that special person happens to be a Snoopy fanatic, this is the ultimate card to give them.

Snoopy Hoodie For Toddlers

Snoopy Hoodie For Toddlers – Toddlers grow up to be big fans of Snoopy.  Here is a great looking hoodie to get them off on the right foot.  The design is adorable and it even has Woodstock.  Nice!

Snoopy Valentine Figurine

Snoopy Valentine Figurine – Love is in the air, literally, with this Snoopy figurine.  If you want to give your special Valentine something extra special, this is a wonderful idea!

Snoopy Picture Frame

Snoopy Picture Frame – Need a way to preserve the special moments from a christening?  Check out this one of a kind picture frame featuring Snoopy.  Place it on a mantle or bookcase for all to see & appreciate.

Snoopy Flying Ace T-Shirt

The Flying Ace Tee – A flying ace t-shirt to take on the Red Baron is one of the fun Snoopy gifts for adults you can give.

Snoopy Sunny Day Throw Blanket

Sunny Day Throw Blanket – A cute throw blanket that’s perfect for snuggling on the couch while watching your favorite Peanuts specials.

Snoopy Women's Yoga Sweat Pants

Snoopy Women’s Yoga Sweat Pants – A great pair of women’s sweat pants that are perfect for yoga or lounging around the house that feature Snoopy’s favorite pal Woodstock.

Adult Snoopy Costume

Adult Snoopy Costume – For Halloween, a birthday party or for cosplay fun, this adult costume makes for a great gag gift.

Snoopy Happiness Apron

Happiness Apron – This apron is a great Snoopy gift for those who like to hang out in the kitchen preparing delicious meals.

Baccarat Snoopy figure

Baccarat Snoopy Crystal Figure – When it comes to Peanuts gifts, this Baccarat figure is second to none.  A beautiful work of art made from luxurious crystal.  Great as a wedding present.

Snoopy Hand Colored Original Etching

Hand Colored Original Etching – Here is a super cute Peanuts original hand-colored etching that would look great hanging in a living room or bedroom.  This piece would make an ideal 50th birthday gift.

Snoopy Japan Coffee Mug

Snoopy Japan Coffee Mug – Here is a hard to find,  made in Japan coffee mug that is perfect for enjoying a delicious cup of Joe.  It’s a rare Snoopy mug that is bound to become a collectible.

Steiff Snoopy Plush

Steiff Snoopy Plush – This is not your regular Snoopy stuffed animal.  In fact, it’s a Steiff Limited Edition Plush that any fan of the world’s most famous Beagle would love to own.

Snoopy Eyeglasses Stand

Snoopy Eyeglasses Stand – When shopping for Snoopy gifts, Amazon has a great selection of them, at great prices.  One example would be this fantastic eyeglass stand that perfectly displays sunglasses & keeps them safe.

Snoopy Life's a Trip Enjoy the Ride

Life’s A Trip – Enjoy The Ride! – Snoopy gifts at Hallmark are always a wise choice, like this cute figure that is an ideal get well or Easter present that would look great on a desktop or as a bookshelf display.

Snoopy Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace – The Snoopy Headquarters Store has lots of goodies for fans, including adorable jewelry like this heart pendant necklace.  Have it engraved with a personalized message to add an extra special touch.

Snoopy Museum Tomica Car

Snoopy Museum Tomica Car – The Snoopy Museum gift shop offers a unique selection of original items for die-hard fans of this super cute dog.  One that really stands out is this museum Tomica car.

Snoopy Cameo Pendant Necklace

Cameo Pendant Necklace – When deciding on snoopy merchandise, target jewelry & accessories as top picks, such as this stunning cameo pendant necklace.

Snoopy Women's Pajama Set

Women’s Pajama Set – This Cafepress Snoopy women’s pajama set is guaranteed to bring a good nights sleep & sweet dreams to whoever is wearing it.

3D Snoopy & Woodstock Puzzle

3D Snoopy & Woodstock Puzzle – Here is a wonderful 3D Snoopy & Woodstock puzzle that’s a challenge to put together and makes a cute display.

Peanuts Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book – Coloring is relaxing and therapeutic, especially when it’s a coloring book just for adults that is filled with a collection of your favorite Peanuts characters!  A great addition if you are putting together a gift basket.

Snoopy & Charlie Brown Jigsaw Puzzle

Snoopy & Charlie Brown Jigsaw Puzzle – Everyone enjoys working on puzzles.  Here is a 1000 piece puzzle featuring our favorite beagle & Charlie Brown.  It’s said to be a tough but enjoyable journey to put together.

Peanuts Monopoly Game

Peanuts Monopoly Game – Here is the ultimate real estate trading game, Peanuts style.  This limited edition Peanuts Monopoly Game is guaranteed to deliver hours & hours of family fun!

Waving Snoopy Car Window Decal

Window Decal Sticker – Showing your love for Snoopy and your fellow drivers while on the road just became easier with this super cute window sticker.

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