Snoopy Gifts For Adults Ideas

Snoopy Gifts For Adults

It’s easy to fall in love with the coolest Beagle ever.  Most of us grew up with him as kids and adore him even more as we grow older.  If you are on the lookout for gifts to please that adult Snoopy fan in your life, check these out!

Snoopy Gifts For Adults

Editors’ Top Pick!

Snoopy 65th Anniversary Mug

65th Anniversary Mug

This stunning mug shows how the world’s most famous Beagle has evolved throughout the years.  A cute piece for the collector and a fun way to enjoy sipping coffee.

Snoopy Flying Ace Shirt

The Flying Ace Tee

A  flying ace t-shirt to take on the Red Baron is one of the fun Snoopy gifts for adults you can give.

Snoopy Sunny Day Throw Blanket

Sunny Day Throw Blanket

A cute throw blanket that’s perfect for snuggling on the couch while watching your favorite Peanuts specials.

Snoopy Women's Sweat Pants

Snoopy Women’s Sweat Pants

A great pair of women’s sweat pants that are perfect for yoga or lounging around the house that feature Snoopy’s favorite pal Woodstock.

Snoopy Adult Costume

Adult Snoopy Costume

For Halloween, a birthday party or for cosplay fun, this adult costume makes for a great gift.

Snoopy Apron

Happiness Apron

This apron is a great Snoopy gift for those who like to hang out in the kitchen preparing delicious meals.

Snoopy Baccarat Figure

Baccarat Snoopy Crystal Figure

When it comes to Peanuts gifts, this Baccarat figure is second to none.  A beautiful work of art made from luxurious crystal.

Snoopy Hand Colored Original Etching

Hand Colored Original Etching

Here is a super cute Peanuts original hand-colored etching that would look great hanging in a living room or bedroom.

Made In Japan Snoopy Coffee Mug

Snoopy Japan Coffee Mug

Here is a hard to find,  made in Japan coffee mug that is perfect for enjoying a delicious cup of Joe.  It’s a rare Snoopy mug that is bound to become a collectible.

Steiff Limited Edition Snoopy Plush

Steiff Snoopy Plush

This is not your regular Snoopy plush.  In fact, it’s a Steiff Limited Edition Plush that any fan of the world’s most famous Beagle would love to own.

Snoopy Eyeglass Stand

Snoopy Eyeglasses Stand

When shopping for Snoopy gifts, Amazon has a great selection of them, at great prices.  One example would be this fantastic eyeglass stand that perfectly displays glasses & keeps them safe.

Snoopy Life's A Trip Enjoy The Ride

Life’s A Trip – Enjoy The Ride!

Snoopy gifts at Hallmark are always a wise choice, like this cute figure that is ideal for a desktop or bookshelf display.

Snoopy Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace

The Snoopy Headquarters Store has lots of goodies for fans, including adorable jewelry like this heart pendant necklace.

Snoopy Museum Monument Figure

Snoopy Museum Monument Figure

The Snoopy Museum gift shop offers a unique selection of original items for die-hard fans.  One that really stands out is this museum monument figure.

Snoopy Best Friend Cameo Pendant Necklace

Cameo Pendant Necklace

When deciding on snoopy merchandise, target jewelry & accessories as top picks, such as this stunning cameo pendant necklace.

Snoopy Women's Pajama Set

Women’s Pajama Set

This Cafepress Snoopy women’s pajama set is guaranteed to bring a good nights sleep & sweet dreams to whoever is wearing it.

3D Snoopy & Woodstock Puzzle

3D Snoopy & Woodstock Puzzle

Here is a wonderful 3D Snoopy & Woodstock puzzle that’s a challenge to put together and makes a cute display.

Peanuts Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is relaxing and therapeutic, especially when it’s a coloring book just for adults that is filled with a collection of your favorite Peanuts characters!

Snoopy & Charlie Brown Jigsaw Puzzle

Snoopy & Charlie Brown Jigsaw Puzzle

Everyone enjoys working on puzzles.  Here is a 1000 piece puzzle that is said to be a tough but enjoyable journey to put together.

Peanuts Monopoly Game

Peanuts Monopoly Game

Here is the ultimate real estate trading game, Peanuts style.  This limited edition Peanuts Monopoly Game is guaranteed to deliver hours & hours of family fun!


Waving Snoopy Car Window Decal

Window Decal Sticker

Showing your love for Snoopy and your fellow drivers while on the road just became easier with this super cute window sticker.

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