Gifts For Someone Who Quit Smoking

Gifts For Someone Who Quit Smoking

Finding gifts for someone who quit smoking can be a challenge.

If you’re wondering how to congratulate them to commemorate this huge milestone, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve dug around and found 25 gifts for that person in your life who is ready to give up smoking for good.

Check out our top picks; you’ll be glad you did!

Quit Smoking Gifts

stop smoking gifts

Positive Affirmations For Quitting Smoking

A positive affirmations book is the perfect present to give them in support of their journey. Not only will it be an inspiring and uplifting gift, but it will also serve as a great reminder of how far they have come and how much they have achieved.  One of the better stop smoking gifts you can give!

gifts for someone who is trying to quit smoking

Stress And Anxiety Necklace

Are you looking for gifts for someone who is trying to quit smoking? If so, consider giving them a stress and anxiety necklace. These necklaces are designed to help the wearer manage and combat feelings of stress and anxiety, while reminding them they are capable of conquering their difficult goal.

stop smoking gift ideas

NicoDerm CQ Patches

Need ideas for stop smoking gift ideas?  This twin pack of nicotine patches will certainly come in handy during this trying time.  It helps to control moodiness and the angry episodes.

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Harmless Cigarette

Need a stop smoking gift that actually works?  If your spouse one would prefer to quit the natural way, these smoke free inhalers have everything they need.

quitting smoking gifts

Nicorette Mini Lozenge

Not only are these minty lozenges pleasant to suck on, but they can cut cigarette cravings, too.  Quitting smoking gifts can be as simple as gifting a few boxes of these!

1 Year No Smoking Gift Ideas

quit smoking gift ideas

Quit Tea

Need some good quit smoking gift ideas?  This tea will be a big help during those stressful moments of quitting smoking. It’s meant to relax the mind, body, and spirit with every sip.

gifts to help quit smoking

Stop Smoking Tea

Can’t get enough tea? Here’s a green tea that is free of artificial additives and can reduce the urge to smoke.  If you’re in need of gifts to help quit smoking, tea is always a winner.

gifts to help stop smoking

White Lung Formula

The lungs need some major help after a smoking addiction. This lung detox kit will get your loved one on the right track to better lung health.  It’s one of the gifts to help stop smoking that has loads of positive reviews.

funny quit smoking gifts

Funny Quit Smoking Mug

This humorous mug is sure to have your recipient in stitches and provide them with some much needed motivation as they strive to kick the habit. Not only is this mug stylish and eye-catching, it’s also practical, as it can be used for hot or cold beverages.  If you’re after funny quit smoking gifts, this is one of the best!

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Cocoa Bean Sticks

Carrying cigarettes becomes a habit just like smoking does. With these cocoa bean sticks, your loved one can enjoy a sweet snack instead of nicotine.  A great alternative to vaping & a fantastic smoking cessation present.

gifts for someone who is quitting smoking

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking

This makes for a great read while munching on the above chocolate sticks.  It’s filled with words of encouragement and a super choice to give as gifts for someone who is quitting smoking.

congratulations on quitting smoking gifts

The Quitter Shirt

After finally kicking the habit, treat your loved one to this celebratory t-shirt.  If you are wondering how to deal with a person quitting, have fun and make this awesome tee a part of it!  When it comes to congratulations on quitting smoking gifts, this tee is ideal.

how to help someone quit smoking gifts

Stop Smoking Journal

In the Stop Smoking Journal by Michelle Macklin, all the steps and preparation needed to quit are clearly laid out. This can increase the chances of successfully quitting.  If you’re looking for how to help someone quit smoking gifts, add this one to the top of your list!

how to congratulate someone who quit smoking

Funny I Quit Button

Wondering how to congratulate someone who quit smoking?  Get them one of these!  They’ll wear this fun “I quit smoking” button anywhere and everywhere with pride.

what to gift someone who stopped smoking

Mind & Body Candles

Wondering what to gift someone who stopped smoking?  Go with candles.  After all, candles invoke new, healthier scents. This one has a variety of pleasing smells to choose from, such as Joy + Laughter, Courage + Wisdom, and Reflection + Clarity.

best gifts for quitting smoking

Digital Coin Bank

What are the best gifts for quitting smoking?  One of them is money!  Instead of wasting money on cigarettes, your loved one can put their spare cash into this digital coin savings bank. It even accepts dollars!

gifts to help someone quit smoking

Healthy Snacks Care Pack

Keep up on those good habits with this healthy snacks care package. It comes with foods from Skinny Pop, Blue Diamond, Nature Valley, and more.  It’s one of those gifts to help someone quit smoking that will pay dividends in the long run.

what to get someone who quit smoking

Therapy Stress Ball

If your special someone is quitting smoking, irritable behavior is sure to follow.  Here is a great solution.  They won’t have to reach for another cigarette when there’s this hand therapy stress ball instead.  Wondering what to get someone who quit smoking?  This present is a no-brainer!

gifts for someone who stopped smoking

Lake Reflection Puzzle

This 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle would keep anyone’s mind off cigarettes.  Make it an event and complete it with a partner.  It’s a fun choice to give as gifts for someone who stopped smoking.

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Tea Tree Therapy

Freshen up that breath with these refreshing menthol and tea tree toothpicks.  One of the essential items you can give when choosing the perfect quitting smoking present.

1 year quit smoking anniversary gift

Stress Relieving Animal Designs

An adult coloring book full of animals is a great stress reducer.  These make for a fun & budget friendly 1 year quit smoking anniversary gift that will provide hours of relaxation.

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Extra Sugar-Free Gum

All that nicotine gum can get boring to chew. Change it up with some sugar-free gum.  If you’re after simple & affordable no smoking gifts, get plenty of these!

stopped smoking gifts

Brain Games Puzzles

This book of brain games demands focus. No time for cravings now! Perfect to give as stopped smoking gifts that will boost memory, reasoning & creative thinking!

quit smoking gifts for guys

Fidget Dodecagon

Forget the standard fidget cube. A fidget dodecagon relieves stress with 12 sides of activities.  We happen to think that these fidget toys make fantastic quit smoking gifts for guys.

quit smoking anniversary gift

Meditation Pillow

Find that inner peace on this comfy meditation pillow.  It’s a quit smoking anniversary gift that can be used on a daily basis.

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