Poker Gifts For Women

Need poker gifts for women?

Relax, we got you covered 🙂

We have plenty of great ideas that will inspire you.

We understand that poker playing women can be difficult to shop for.

After all, they are witty, crafty, curious and very outgoing.

So, we have tips for presents to match their unique personality.

Check out our top picks below!

Poker Gifts For Women

Lucky Poker Socks – Every gal that loves the game is going to need a pair of lucky poker socks. Bright, colorful, funny & stylish, she will look forward to wearing them every time she plays.

Playing Card Wristlet

Playing Card Wristlet – A wristlet made from upcycled playing cards makes for an awesome present. Not only does it show her love of cards, she can proudly display her great sense of fashion too.

Casino Poker Charm Bracelet

Casino Poker Charm Bracelet – Ladies love jewelry, especially charm bracelets. Here is one that is right on point, featuring a variety of cute charms that are casino and poker themed.

Playing Card Earrings

Playing Card Earrings – A pair of playing card earrings are the perfect compliment to the charm bracelet above. They are a perfect match for both casual and formal wear, making them a must have accessory.

Poker Themed Necklace

Poker Themed Necklace – Another great idea would be a poker themed necklace. Here is a version that features 4 of a kind aces along with dice, chip and slot charms.

Poker Strategies Book

Poker Strategies Book – Every lady that wants to up her game can always brush up on her techniques. One of the better guides available is called “Winning Women Of Poker” that is full of secret strategies to help her win.

Playing Card High Heels

Playing Card High Heels – If she likes to dress up, how about a pair of sexy high heel shoes? Great to wear at a party or to attract everyone’s attention at the next poker tournament.  It’s one of the cool & stylish presents you can give her!

Poker Leggings

Poker Leggings – Whether playing a relaxing game with friends, a casual evening out or her next yoga workout, these stylish leggings are a must have clothing item. That special card player in your life will think of you every time she wears them.

Poker Keychain

Poker Keychain – Women tend to carry around a lot of keys. Thus, a cool poker themed keychain will help keep them organized. A practical present that’s super affordable.  I really love this couples version!

Poker Face Mask

Poker Face Mask – With all the craziness going on these days, sometimes it’s best to play it safe. One way to do just that is with a great looking face mask.

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Poker Gifts For Women

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