Meditation Gifts

Meditation Gifts

Need meditation gifts and stumped on what to get?

Take a deep breath & chill …

We understand that meditator’s can be a challenge to shop for, so we have created a list of gifts for someone who likes to meditate that’s guaranteed to please even the pickiest.

Whether it’s beads, an incense burner, a gong or anything in between, you are sure to find the perfect present that will help your special someone achieve peace & mindfulness.

Take a few moments to view the gifts for meditators we have found, you’ll be glad you did!

Our Top Picks …

3D Meditation Lamp
These lamps produce a three-dimensional image that can be used to focus on during meditation. The lamps are said to be very effective in helping people to relax and to clear their minds. Great to use as a night light too!
Aromatherapy Shower Steamers
Aromatherapy Shower Steamers are an easy way to turn your shower into a spa-like experience. Simply place one of these disks on the floor of your shower, and enjoy the fragrant, relaxing steam.
Mala Meditation Beads
Whether for yoga, meditation, or both, Mala beads will be a big hit. They come in materials like gemstone and turquoise as well as many colors! It's one of the best gifts for someone who meditates.
Relaxation Fountain
One of the gift ideas for someone who meditates is something to help them relax. A relaxation fountain will give your meditator something to listen to as they center themselves.
Hanging Gong
A hanging gong is one of those gifts for a person who meditates that not only boosts the aesthetics of a room, but it’s said to retune the spirit, body, and mind.
Buckwheat Meditation Pillow
Meditating will be much more comfortable with a buckwheat pillow. One of the wonderful gifts for meditation lovers that will help them achieve Zen.
Healing Palm Stone
Healing palm stones in every color can aide a meditator in finding their inner peace. It's one of the special mindfulness meditation gifts you can give.
Meditation Tatami Mat
A quality tatami means no more sitting on uncomfortable surfaces during meditation. You will be hard pressed to find any better meditation and yoga gifts better than this!
Meditation Shawl Blanket
As one of the top guided meditation gifts, who wouldn't enjoy meditating with an ultra-comfy wool shawl?
Black Shiva Lingam
Luxury meditation gifts come in many forms. We recommend a black Shiva lingam straight from India’s Narmada River that promises better balance and harmony.
Chakra Stone Set
A Chakra stone set includes every stone your meditator could ever need. It's a no-brainer when it comes to Chakra meditation gifts.
Lotus Tea Light Candle Holder
Good meditation gifts promote peace & serenity. A lotus tea light candle holder is perfect for infusing calming scents during a yoga sesh.
Lotus Flower Pendant
Let your meditator show off their inner peace everywhere they go with a lotus flower pendant. Jewelry is great for meditation and Zen gifts and a necklace is a perfect example.
Aromatherapy Oil Set
How about an aromatherapy oil set that includes plenty of soothing scents, like eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint. Don't over think it! Super meditation birthday gifts can be as easy as one of these!
Himalayan Salt Lamp
When it comes to meditation gifts for the home, items that spice up the décor are always a winner. Trendy and peaceful, give your special someone a salt lamp made from Himalayan Mountain salt crystals.
Aromatherapy Scented Candle Set
A set of scented candles with pretty exteriors that smell like lilac, gardenia, rose, and lavender. Who wouldn’t love ‘em? Mindfulness and meditation gifts that revolve around scents are always warmly accepted.
Buddha Board
Let your meditator get creative with a Buddha Board. They can write, paint, and/or draw to their heart’s content! Simply put, it's one of the awesome meditation gifts available anywhere.
Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
I was looking for meditation gifts near me and just couldn't find anything unusual. Luckily, a friend recommended a fantastic idea to me, a Tibetan singing bowl set. It can be used for stress relief, Chakra healing, yoga, and meditation.
Buddha Statue
When it comes to meditation, Buddha gifts are highly desired. An adorable Buddha statue will always remind your meditator to keep calm. This item will make choosing Buddhist meditation gifts quick & easy.
Essential Oil Diffuser Candle Set
Forget regular candles! An essential oil diffuser for setting a relaxing ambiance. Who wouldn't love to have one of these as meditation Christmas gifts.
Wooden Incense Burner
Stay Zen with this wooden incense burner, complete with a storage box! When it comes to off the beaten path meditation gifts, Amazon has plenty.
Relaxation Spa Gift Basket
Take her relaxation to a whole new level with a spa set basket. If you are after meditation gifts for her, this one is tops!
Bamboo Tea Set
Here is one of the suggested Christmas gifts for meditation. Anyone can make the best brews around with a cast iron bamboo tea set. Better sets even come with a trivet.
Cork Wood Yoga Blocks
Special meditation gifts allow one to take their yoga further, like with this set of cork and wooden yoga blocks that boast pretty printed designs.
Tibetan Meditation Bell Set
A Tibetan meditation bell can be rung anytime to get into a meditating mood. For Zen meditation gifts, it's a personal favorite.
Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit
A Bonsai tree seed starter kit has everything they need to grow their own Bonsai trees, including tools, pots, soil, and four seed types. Meditation and mindfulness gifts don't get any better than this.
Dudes Guide To Meditation
Giving the gift of knowledge and wisdom is always a wise choice when it comes to meditation gifts for him. There's some excellent reading material for that special guy in your life that offers up devotions that deliver encouragement and self-confidence.
Breathe Like A Bear
Meditation gifts for toddlers can be something as simple as a book. We like Breathe Like A Bear which offers up 50 mindful activities that emphasize kindness, calm and focus.
Levitating Moon Lamp
Every guy needs a cool lamp for his home. How about a great looking Moon lamp that helps to create a relaxing mood. They changes colors and doubles as a wonderful nightlight as well. One of the fun meditation gifts for dad he is sure to enjoy.
Meditation Tapestry
Wall art for the home is a wonderful way to brighten up the walls of an otherwise dull room. One of our favorites is a Mandala style meditation tapestry that is guaranteed to be a big hit as one of the meditation office gifts or for a bedroom.
Funny Meditation Mug
Drinking coffee or tea is a big part of every guys daily routine. How about a great looking coffee mug that will make the experience more enjoyable. If you are after funny meditation gifts, coffee mugs hard to beat!
White Noise Machine
It has been proven that white noise can help us to relax and improve our sleep. There are great units available that deliver natural and soothing sounds that are very therapeutic. One of the wonderful meditation and relaxation gifts that involve technology.
Now Clock
Here is one of the unique meditation gifts that involves time. Not all clocks are the same, there's a model is the perfect example of that. It's a Now Clock that reminds you that every minute of the day counts and to live life in the now.
Zafu & Zabuton Pillow Set
Meditating in comfort and tranquility is vital for every guy who wants to achieve Zen. You could give him a great looking meditation pillow with Mandala styling that will help him do just that. For meditation relaxation gifts, this item is a very popular choice.
Inspiration Stones
Inspirational stones make a wonderful present. They help serve as a daily reminder to exactly what the focus of life should be on. If you need meditation stones, gifts like this set can't be beat!
Smudge Kit
Smudge kits are one of the better meditation type gifts for those who like to meditate as it allows the user to create a positive atmosphere and get rid of negative energy.
Stress Less Cards
Stress Less cards offer up plenty of mindfulness and stress relieving activities that lead to a more peaceful existence. It's one of those gifts of meditation for her that she will use everyday.
Empowering Questions Cards
One of the unusual meditation gifts you can give are empowering questions cards that allow you to reach your mental and spiritual goals using inspirational messages.
Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Mothers are constantly under stress, so an essential oil diffuser bracelet is one of the meditation gifts for mom that will help guide her to a calmer, happier lifestyle.
Bonsai Fortune Tree
A Bonsai fortune tree is one of the fantastic gifts for someone who likes meditation that is said to deliver wealth, prosperity and natural healing.
Zenergy Chime
Whether its gifts for beginner meditation or for those who are advanced, a classic idea for a present would be the extremely popular Zenergy chime that delivers spiritual relaxation.
Tabletop Zen Garden
The holiday season it known for offering presents to those we love and care about. One of the fantastic meditation teacher gifts you can give is a tabletop Zen garden that offers up peace & tranquility all year round.
Sleep Headphones
Getting a calm & peaceful nights rest is vital for those on a spiritual journey. So, if you are looking for gifts for someone into meditation, sleep headphones will truly be appreciated.
Gratitude Jar
Need something out of the ordinary? Go ahead and be different and offer up one of the cool gifts related to meditation, like a wishing and gratitude jar that helps make wishes become reality.
Yoga Dice Set
Gifts for a meditation instructor should be something fun and entertaining, like this cool yoga dice set that can deliver up thousands of unique combinations.
Let That Sh*t Go Pillow
It's important to let go of harmful baggage & unproductive thoughts in our lives, and a Let That Sh*t Go pillow says it all. When it comes to gifts for meditation students, this one it ideal.
Funny Meditation Coasters
Need something lighthearted and fun as a present? If so, these great looking coasters make great gifts for meditation teachers with a sense of humor.
Science Of Being & Art Of Living
Better gifts for transcendental meditation are those that educate and promote better understanding of the craft, such as this book from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi called Science of Being and Art of Living.
The Untethered Soul
Another one of the wonderful gifts for transcendental meditation fans is a book from Michael A. Singer called The Untethered Soul that explores the question of who we are and how to identify with our consciousness.
Yoga Figurines Set
How about some lovely figurines displaying poses that would look great as decorative items for in or outside the home. If you are in search of gifts for yoga meditation, just looking at these statues makes you feel relaxed.
Beaded India Chakra Bracelets
Beaded India Chakra bracelets are one of the must have gifts in meditation as they help to reduce anxiety and promote wellness. They go hand in hand with an essential oil diffuser, allowing for aromatherapy healing. Most come with great looking gift boxes too.
Chinese Traditional Hand Chimes
A gift set that allow for prayer and reflection are always popular choices. I really like Chinese traditional chimes that can be used for prayer or during yoga. When it comes to meditation gifts, ideas like this are always a big hit.
The Art Of Happiness
When seeking meditation gifts, love & happiness makes the perfect present. For that reason, items that provide a reading and learning experience a often the ideal spiritual choices. One such example is this book written by the Dalai Lama called The Art Of Happiness that teaches us to make a holy connection with our inner being.
Meditating Door Hanger
Here is a great way to let everyone know not to invade your relaxation space. This great looking door hanger delivers the message loud and clear, making it one of the perfect ideas for home or the office. It's proof that you don't have to spend a fortune when looking for creative meditation gifts for sale.
Liquid Motion Bubblers
Liquid motion bubblers offer great sensory relaxation, making them one of the better gifts you can give. They come in plenty of groovy colors that add create a peaceful state of mind.
Chakra Crystals And Healing Stones Set
Meditation crystal gifts are best when given as sets. How about a wonderful Chakra crystals and healing stones set that includes Amethyst and Rose Quartz crystals that's perfect for mindfulness, meditation and Reiki.
The Art Of Mysticism
The Art of Mysticism is a practical guide to mysticism & spiritual meditation. If you are shopping for someone and need spiritual gifts for meditation, get them a copy of this. It's a step by step training guide and field manual on how to achieve union with the Divine.

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