Kayak Themed Gifts

Kayakers are fun loving, adventurous types.

They love the outdoors and being at one with mother nature.

Better kayak themed gifts will match these qualities to perfection.

We have found some great items to help you find the perfect present.

Check out our kayak gift guide below!


Kayak Themed Gifts

Great Kayak Themed Gifts

Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos Shirt

“Paddle Faster I Hear Banjos” T-Shirt – Giving shirts as a present will never go out of style.  Here is a tee that’s very popular at the moment.  I love the funny saying and the great looking design.  If you’re in need of presents with a kayak theme, this one is tops!

Waterproof Dry Bag
Waterproof Dry Bag – Being out on the water is a blessing, however, it does have some drawbacks,  At the top of the list would be dealing with water damage.  The good news is that something as simple as a waterproof dry bag can easily solve the problem.  If you are looking to give a useful accessory, get one of these!

Fingerless UV Gloves

Fingerless UV Gloves – Paddling can be rough on the hands.  It can wear down the skin, causing sore palms and blisters.  One of the must accessories are gloves.  Top quality gloves are finger-less, allowing for superior grip and padding to protect the palms.  Here is a great pair with all the necessary features, with UV protection from the sun to boot.  Makes for an excellent kayaking gift.

Yakpads Gel-filled Paddle Saddle

Gel Seat Pad – Sometimes, kayaks can be a bit uncomfortable.  Fortunately, there are special seats to the rescue.  For kayakers who are out on the water for several hours at a time, it can become a pain in the rear, literally!  A vented, gel seat pad is the solution for a comforting experience.

Funny Kayak Coffee Mug

“Kayaking Gets Me Wet” Coffee Mug – Coffee mugs make great gifts for kayakers.  The wonderful design on this mug is sure to become the new favorite for that special kayak fanatic in your life.

Mountain Graphics Sea Kayaking T-Shirt Large Chestnut

“One Stroke At A Time” Shirt – One of my favorite kayak shirts gifts is this one with a great looking One Stroke At A Time design on the front.  The saying is too funny and who ever wears it is sure to get plenty of compliments.

Kayaking Gets Me Wet Sticker

“Gets Me Wet” Sticker – Who doesn’t love novelty gifts that are cute and funny?  Here is a wonderful decal that is a must have for anyone who loves the sport.  Perfect for the SUV, computer or practically anywhere.

Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

Mesh Slip On Water Shoes – Getting in and out of water is part of the sport.  So, if you are looking for gift ideas for canoeing enthusiasts, get them a pair of these.  They will definitely be welcomed and surely put to good use.

Kayak Hair Don't Care Hat

Kayak Hair Don’t Care Hat – Gifts for kayak fishermen come in many forms.  One of my favorites is this great looking hat.  It’s a practical present, and the saying on the front is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees it.

Personalized Kayak Christmas Ornament

Tree Ornament – If you are holiday shopping, why not get something with a personalized touch.  This cute ornament can be customized with the recipients name and will look great hanging from the Christmas tree.

 Cell Phone Dry Bag / Pouch Waterproof Smartphone Case – Everyone has a smartphone these days.  In case of an emergency, it could save your life.  Here is a gift for a kayak lover that they need to keep their phone protected from water.  If you want to give a practical present, this one is at the top of the list for kayak accessory gifts.

Kayak: The New Frontier: The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique

The New Frontier by William Nealy – Better gifts for whitewater kayakers are those that provide detailed information, with a sense of humor.   This book delivers intermediate and advanced level tips, in a hilarious way.

Kayak Key Chain

Kayak Key Chain – Gifts for a someone on a sea kayak can be something simple, yet practical.  Here is a great looking key chain that is sure to please.

Kayak Charm Necklace

Kayak Charm Necklace – Kayak jewelry makes for a great gift idea.  There are several items available, however, this charm necklace really stands out.  Wearing it shows your love and pride for this amazing sport.

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