Inexpensive Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Inexpensive Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Need inexpensive gifts for coffee lovers?

If so, we have a ton of ideas for them right here! ☕

Whether it’s pillows, coffee mugs, wall art, or anything in between, you’re sure to find affordable presents that will fit into your budget.

View our top picks, you’ll be glad you did …

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Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Coffee Pod Holder / Organizer – What are the best gifts for coffee lovers?  Having a neat & stylish way to keep coffee pods & capsules organized is always a good idea.  I came across a really nice one on amazon that is shaped like a coffee cup.  There are a wide selection of designs that will easily match your kitchen or dining table.

Coffee & Beer Lovers Shirt – We feel that gifts for coffee and beer lovers can be as simple as a funny shirt.  There are plenty to choose from that have witty, attention grabbing messages on them.  One example would be the “Just Brew It” design.  Catchy, right!

Central Perk Coffee Shop Neon Sign – We really like neon signs, especially those that are made after our favorite coffee shop.  I came across one that was a replica of the “Central Perk” shop from the TV show Friends.  I just had to have it 😉  If you need gifts for coffee shop lovers, how about one of these?

But First Coffee Bracelet – Thinking about coffee related gifts for mom and are at a loss.  The answer is jewelry, especially bangle bracelets.  There are several to choose from, with cute charms on them, like coffee cups, hearts & more!

Coffee Mug For Vegans – Need something for the vegetarian in your life?  Go ahead an get them a cute mug.  There are designs & artwork that perfectly express their feelings about the subject, in a humorous way.  One of my favorites is “I Don’t Eat My Homies.”  I think these are the very best gifts for vegan coffee lovers you can give.

Snoopy But First Coffee Hoodie – We love the idea of giving hoodies as presents, especially as gifts for guys who love coffee!  Our top pick features Snoopy from Peanuts.  They can be found with adorable designs and funny sayings that are sure to put a smile on his face.  So, if you need something nice for him & don’t want to spend a fortune, get one of these!

Barista Coffee Decorating Stencils – When it comes to gifts for a coffee barista, items that help them perform their magic are always welcomed.  One that really stands out are stencil sets that allow them to create cool coffee art.  There are sets available that have up to 35 amazing designs.

Nespresso Capsule Organizer – The gifts for coffee lovers Nespresso users would love to have is a capsule organizer.  With one of these, there will be more fumbling around when trying find their favorite blend!

His & Hers Coffee Spoons – Coffee gifts for couples can be something that’s cute & affordable.  We like this engraved spoon set that makes it easy to tell who’s spoon is who’s!

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug – If you’re looking for unique gifts for coffee drinkers, how about a heat changing mug?  Here’s one that features the painter everyone loves, Bob Ross!

Gifts For A Coffee Person

Nutritional Facts Dad Mug – If you need gifts for dads who like coffee, how about this nutritional facts mug.  It displays a list of “nutrition facts” that will make him feel proud & loved!

Professional Milk Frother – Gifts for those who like coffee can be as simple as a milk frother.  With one of these, you’re special someone will be whipping up latte’s & cappuccino’s like a pro!

Disney Stitch Coffee Shirt – Cute t-shirts make gift ideas for coffee lovers, especially those which are Disney themed.  If that person on your shopping list happens to be a Lilo & Stitch fan, they’re gonna love this!

Starbucks Airpods Case – Need gifts for the coffee lover who also enjoys listening to music?  Here’s a case for their airpods that is has a “kawaii” Starbucks coffee design!

Cool Coffee Stickers – Thank you gifts for coffee lovers should be something thoughtful, yet fun.  Here’s a set of coffee themed stickers that they can put on their PC, notebooks, water bottles or wherever!

Stuffed Coffee Plush – Neat gifts for coffee lovers under $50 can be something huggable, like a stuffed plush.  Here’s one that’s perfect to snuggle up with while watching TV or falling asleep.

Coffee Beans Handbag – What are gifts for coffee bean lovers that isn’t coffee?  One example is a stylish handbag that is large enough for all her necessities, yet small & light enough to be used everyday!

Coffee Art Hardcover Book – We really like books as birthday gifts for coffee lovers.  Here’s one by a 5 times latte art champion that teaches how to make those awesome coffee designs you see the barista’s make!

Coffee Paint By Numbers Art Kit – Easy DIY gifts for coffee lovers could be something that you make for their home decor, such as an oil painting.  Even if you’re not a good painter, there are paint by number kits that make it simple, even if you’ve never done it before!

Ugly Coffee Christmas Sweater – The best holiday gifts for coffee lovers will help get them into the spirit of the season.  Ugly coffee Christmas sweaters will do exactly that, with lots of bold festive colors and funny artwork!

Gifts For A Coffeeholic

Bamboo Coffee Themed Drink Coasters – When it comes to gifts for coffee lovers under $30, items for the home tend to be best.  A great idea would be a set of attractive coffee themed coasters made from bamboo to help protect tables from spills, stains & scratches.

Funny Pot Head Coffee T-Shirt – Need gifts for male coffee lovers who have a sense of humor?  Here’s a funny shirt that gives the term “pot head” an entirely new meaning.

Adams Coffee Scented Air Fresheners – The gifts for coffee lovers amazon has are pretty amazing.  For example, I came across these hanging air fresheners that give off an amazing coffee aroma which are perfect for at home or in the car!

Simply Gum / Natural Coffee Flavor – There are times when the gifts for coffee drinkers amazon has are a bit off the beaten path.  We think that’s good!  That’s why we really like this coffee flavored gum.  Even when you can’t drink a cup, the flavor can always be with you.

Roasting, Brewing & More Book – Guide books make gifts for coffee brewers, especially those that offer up info on roasting & brewing.  Coffee is all about variety, and the ideas in this book will show you how to experience them.

Coffee Flavored Chapstick – Here’s one of the gifts for real coffee lovers who just can’t get enough of it!  Yeah, it’s Chapstick that’s flavored with their favorite beverage, and it keeps their lips healthy too!

Coffee Decorating Stencils – Need gifts for coffee lovers who have everything?  How about a set of stencils that allows them to show off their creativity by decorating their coffee.

Belgian Balance Siphon Coffee Maker – When it comes to gifts for coffee machine lovers, here’s one that’s truly unique.  This balance siphon coffee maker from Belgium looks like a piece of mad scientist’s equipment, however, the coffee it brews is amazingly delicious.

Coffee Beans Ice Cube Tray – One of the gifts for guys who like coffee that’s really cool is this coffee bean shaped ice tray.  Even better, these coffee bean ice cubes prevent your coffee from getting watered down 😉

Crazy For Cookies Coffee Mug – Great coffee related gifts for him are those which combine his favorite beverage with a tasty treat.  With this specially designed mug, both things are now possible!

Gifts For Coffee Fanatics

Grow Your Own Coffee Kit – When it comes to gifts for him, coffee plants that he could raise on his own would be awesome.  With one of these coffee growing starter kits, it truly is possible!

Star Wars Coffee Maker – If you’re in need of birthday gifts for him, coffee makers are an excellent choice, especially for sci-fi fans.  One of our favorites is this Star Wars version that proudly features Darth Vader.  May the force be with you!

Silver Adjustable Coffee Ring – Interesting gifts for coffee friends can be hard to find.  However, we came across this cute & affordable adjustable ring that’s especially made for those who enjoy drinking coffee!

Ctrl / Alt / Del Keyboard Cups Set – Gifts for coffee time are great, especially after a hard day of working on the computer.  Here’s a funny set of keyboard cups that will have you laughing about work instead of dwelling on it!

Cute Handmade Coffee Bean Necklace – Need coffee gifts for her and just can’t think of what to give?  We think this handmade necklace with a cute coffee bean is tops.  It even comes with a lovely card & envelope too!

Coffee Time Kitchen Night Light – One of the best gifts for coffee lovers under $20 is a night light for the kitchen.  Coffee themed of course, with enough light to prevent yourself from knocking into stuff during those late night trips to the fridge 😉

Coffee Bean Bracelet and Earrings Set – Need some coffee gifts for wife ideas?  If she’s into boho & loves jewelry, check out this bracelet and earrings set that’s made from real Guatemalan coffee beans!

Coffee Bar Tin Sign – When it comes to gifts ideas for coffee lovers, home decor items work well.   We really like tin signs, coffee themed of course, to display in kitchen as accent pieces.

Self Stirring Coffee Mug – There are plenty of funny gifts for coffee drinkers to choose from.  One that stands out is this coffee mug that stirs itself automatically.  Perfect for those days when you’ve forgotten a spoon or are just too tired to do it yourself 😉

Funny Sloth Mug – Another one of the funny gifts for coffee lovers revolves around the sloth.  If you know someone who’s working too hard, this cute coffee mug will encourage them to relax, chill & just do nothing!

Gifts To Get For Coffee Lovers

Iron Man Fe Coffee Mug – Gifts for husband coffee drinkers should be something simple, yet cool.  We like this coffee mug that shows the periodic symbol for iron.  Great for nerdy fathers with a sense of humor.

Cold Brew Coffee Costume – Funny gifts for cold coffee lovers can be just about anything.  We happen to be fans of costumes, especially this cold brew coffee version that’s would be great to wear at parties or for Halloween.

Electric Coffee Roaster Machine – The best gifts for home coffee roasters are those that allow them to perfect their craft.  Here’s an electric coffee roaster that lets them roast coffee to their exact liking!

Best Mom Coffee Mug – The very best gifts for mom coffee mug is one that delivers a special message to her every time she uses it.  We happen to be fans of this particular one that simply tells it like it is!

Personalized Couples Coffee Mug Set – The best coffee mug gifts for couples are those which are personalized.  Here’s a cute set that allows you to add the couples names, and when placed together, form the symbol of love, a heart!

Dad Fuel Coffee Mug – The best gifts for new dads coffee mugs are those that let the world know just how important coffee is to him.  With all the things they do everyday, they need to be fueled with their favorite beverage of choice.  This mug makes it fun!

Funny Catpuccino Pullover Hoodie – Wondering where to buy gifts for coffee lovers?  The answer is simple, amazon.  They have the best variety and low prices.  In fact, we found this great pullover hoodie that’s perfect for cappuccino & cat lovers at a price you won’t believe.

Ground Coffee Caffeinated Peanut Butter – Gifts for coffee dads that love peanut butter can be a challenge to shop for.  However, we came across this special coffee flavored peanut butter that’s “ultra caffeinated” and sure to jump start his day.

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker – Sometimes, gifts for coffee and tea drinkers come in small packages.  We really like this one, especially for those who are dealing with limited space.  This K-Mini plus allows everyone to enjoy their favorite coffee & tea’s, one cup at a time!

Fall In Love Vermont Maple Coffee – Coffee gifts for valentine’s day should be something for lovers to share and enjoy.  Here’s a delicious maple blend that is especially made for couples to fall even deeper in love, while enjoying their favorite beverage!

Nice Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Breville Professional Espresso Machine – Serious gifts for coffee barista can be pricey, but well worth it.  Here’s a machine that’s all about delivering espresso that’s at a professional level.  It’s no joke and serious business in the barista world.  If you’re ready to kick in some cash, get one of these.

Coffee Bean Scented Candle – When it comes to gifts for coworkers, coffee scented candles are winners.  Perfect to place just about anywhere, and the scent delivers an aroma of a fresh brewing pot.

Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker – If you’re after valentines gifts for him, coffee makers should be at the top of your list.  Here’s one that will give him an extra special way to experience a delicious brew every time, French press style!

Espresso Coffee Goat Milk Soap – X’mas gifts for coffee lovers can be as simple as something that soothes the skin.  We really like this special soap that’s crafted with goat milk, which helps to naturally exfoliate and revitalize the skins texture.  Smells delicious too!

Motivational Coffee Journal – The best graduation gifts for coffee lovers are those which will help them to pursue their future dreams.  Here is a journal that’s related to their favorite beverage, and will motivate them to move forward to reach their goals.

Insulated Coffee Cup Sleeves – The best gifts for iced coffee drinkers will help them to keep their favorite beverage cool, under almost any conditions.  That’s why we like these insulated sleeves that are especially made for those who often order their coffee to go & have to deal with flat, watered down coffee.  These will help slow down & even prevent this from happening!

Coffee Cup Thank You Cards – Simple yet nice coffee gifts for employees are always a big hit.  We really think these thank you cards are tops.  Shaped like coffee cups, the messages they write are sure to come across loud and clear.

The World Atlas Of Coffee Hardcover Book – The best gifts for Christmas coffee lovers want are those which enhance their knowledge on the subject.  Here’s a book that’s considered as one of the bibles on the subject.  If you’re shopping for someone who’s serious about coffee, get them this!  It will reveal all the facts they’re yearning to know!

3D Coffee Cup Wall Clock – I can’t think of any better coffee gifts for Xmas than a beautiful wall clock.  Here’s one shaped like a coffee cup, so it’s a real attention getter & a perfect addition to the decor of anyone who’s into this amazing beverage.

Coffee Cup Paper Clips – It’s easy to find gifts with coffee mug themes, especially for those who need to keep organized.  How about a totally cool set of paper clips that are shaped after their favorite beverage.  Cool, right?

Good Gifts For Coffee Nerds

The Craft Coffee Manual – The best gifts for a coffee table would be a hardcover book to display on it.  Even better if the book is all about coffee, including recipes, tips & advice for making craft brews.

Coffee Periodic Table Shirt – In need of coffee gifts for science nerds but finding yourself at a loss?  T-shirts are always the best solution for this dilemma.  One of the interesting designs uses the periodic table to spell out the word “Coffee.”  We think it’s totally cool!

Mr & Mrs Coffee Mug Set – Better wedding gifts for coffee lovers are those which can be used everyday.  So, we recommend giving a Mr. & Mrs. coffee mug set for the husband & the wife.  Ideal for them to enjoy their morning coffee together!

Coffee Cup Earrings – Need coffee gifts for your girlfriend?  How about a pair of coffee cup earrings?  There are a wide variety of them available that feature stylish designs that are guaranteed to make her love you even more!

Crazy Cat Lady Coffee Mug – Is there a coffee drinker in your life that’s into cats?  If so, there are mugs made specifically for “Crazy Cat Ladies.”  You can find versions that are funny, colorful & down right interesting!  They are the ultimate gifts for coffee and cat lovers you can give.

Coffee & Books Bookmark – Coffee & reading go together like peas in a pod.  So, if you in need of gifts for coffee and book lovers, you can never go wrong with giving a bookmark.  You can find them in a variety of fun & interesting designs that are sure to fit the personality of the recipient!

Best Dad Ever Coffee Tumbler – Father’s Day gifts for coffee lovers can be something as easy as a travel tumbler.  Designed for the dad on the go, you can find them in a variety of colors, with heartful sayings & artwork on them.  They keep hot beverages hot & help to prevent spills.

Coffee Cat Tote Bag – Everyone could use a tote bag to make hauling around necessities easier.  That’s why we recommend them to give as coffee related gifts for her.  They are available in super cute designs, and are perfect for shopping, carrying books or whenever.  My favorites are those which feature cats!

I Need Coffee Nightshirt – There are plenty of cute nightshirts available that will help give sweet dreams to those who love coffee. They’re funny and comfortable too. I think they’re one of the best gifts for the coffee lover in your life to relax & have a sip in. Nighty Night!

Unofficial Starbucks Recipe Book  – Wondering what to give as gifts for Starbucks coffee lovers?  How about a recipe book that teaches you how to make all of their popular drinks at home!  Cool idea, right!?

What To Get Someone Who Loves Coffee

I Need Coffee Socks – The top ideas are those that help to get their thoughts and feelings across, the funnier the better. In fact, you can find a pair of socks that says it all. Ideal as novelty gifts for coffee lovers that enjoy relaxing on the couch and want to be waited on with a cup of delicious brew.

Best Friends Forever Coffee Spoon – It can be said that the best items to give are those that send a message. If you need gifts for coffee buddy ideas for someone you want to spend more time with, give them a spoon with a special message engraved on it. I can’t thing of a better way do enjoy the time together than chatting with your coffee BFF over a delicious cup of brew.

Camera Lens Coffee Thermos – I suggest that you give something unusual. One of the gag gifts for coffee drinkers that is truly out of the ordinary is this camera lens thermos. We all know that a thermos keeps cool beverages cool and the hot, hot. What makes them different is their unique design.

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder – Automatic grinders are great, however, true coffee buffs swear by a manual grinder. They say that it lets you have more control over the consistency of the grind, which leads to the best brew possible. I guess if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself. There are manual grinders that get the job done to perfection, with a sleek and stylish look. Ideal as one of the better gifts for coffee snobs.

Gourmet Coffee Sampler Set – Wondering what to get coffee lovers? Well, presents come in many shapes and forms. However, you simply can’t go wrong with a gourmet sampler pack. Everyone has their favorite blends, but it is well known that variety is the spice of life. Go ahead and help that coffee lover in your life live a little with a sampler set!

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker – For many, using a coffee maker is best. For example, with a Keurig single serve model, you just pop in a K-Cup, press a button and you’re done. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious brew without all the mess and hassle. Even better, there are K-Cups available in so many flavors, we can’t even begin to list them here! Good gifts for coffee lovers can be as simple as a Keurig!

Lavazza Italian Coffee – A few bags of Lavazza Crema E Gusto whole bean coffee is my go to when it comes to gifts for Italian coffee lovers.  It’s dark, full bodied and tastes out of this world.

Bean Box Coffee Subscription – Subscription services are always one of the top gifts for coffee connoisseurs, especially for those who are seriously into their Java. One idea would be a 3 month subscription to The Bean Box. Their prices are super reasonable, the variety is amazing, and most importantly, the flavor of their coffees are simply out of this world.

Brew Buddy Coffee Brewer – Wondering what to buy coffee lovers & don’t want to spend fortune? A great suggestion would be a single serve Brew Buddy. With it, you can create a delicious cup of brew, one drip at a time. They are easy to use and portable, making them perfect for home, the office or even while hiking or camping.

“Don’t Speak” Funny Coffee Mug – Fun gifts for coffee lovers are the ones that are often the most treasured. We like those that have witty sayings on them. The best designs are funny, and accurately describe the personality of the person you’re shopping for.

Weird Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Kahwa Cuban Coffee Grounds – If you need gifts for Cuban coffee lovers, you can never go wrong by giving them Kahwa coffee grounds.  The taste is amazing, and will surely make their day!

Krups Cappuccino Machine – There are some people who seem to have everything, especially when it comes to their coffee. If this is the type of person on your gift list, then get them an automatic cappuccino machine. Yeah, they are pricey, but give them one of these and you will win them over for life! This is at the top of our list when it comes to gifts for the coffee connoisseur.

K-Cup Coffee Carousel – Some of the cheaper priced items are the best presents you can give. A K-Cup carousel is an idea for someone who owns a Keurig coffee machine. There are versions that attractively display up to 30 K-Cups. Prices vary, however, quality units can be found for less than $20. They are one of the best gifts for coffee drinkers that’s guaranteed to please!

Coffee Variety Set Gift Box – When it comes to gifts for coffee enthusiasts, Amazon is my go to website. The variety is amazing, prices are low and if you are a Prime member, free or discount shipping is available for most items. I came across this variety box bought a few for my coffee obsessed friends to give as presents.

Coffee And Chocolate Gift basket – Coffee & chocolate goes together like peanut butter & jelly. It’s good to know that there are gift baskets that combine these two amazing flavors. Perfect as gifts for coffee and chocolate lovers!  Everyone knows that enjoying delicious treats while chatting over a cup of tasty coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Pour Over Coffee / Tea Kettle – Here is one of the gifts for coffee addicts that will have that them brewing like a barista! Making the perfect pot has it’s challenges. If the beans are too hot, the flavor becomes stale. If the beans are too cold, they don’t release enough flavor. However, there are pour over kettles with built in thermometers that give the exact temperature, so coffee is perfect every time!

Adult Coloring Book For Coffee Drinkers – Quirky gifts for coffee lovers are those that are a bit weird, out of the ordinary, and of course, fun. Coloring books for adults are all that, and more. Coloring is a type of meditation that helps to reduce stress. Coupled with a cup of brew, I can’t think of a better way to spend the day!

100% Pure Kona coffee – When it comes to the best ground coffee, pure Kona coffee is tops.  It’s well known that Hawaiian Kona is number one due the beans growing in mineral rich soil created by volcanic ash. It’s not the cheapest, but if you want to experience flavors like no other, quality does have it’s price. Ideal as gifts for coffee aficionados.

Death Wish Coffee – For those who want the strongest of the strong. If you’re in need of gifts for black coffee lovers, get them a pack of coffee that’s claimed to be the strongest coffee in the world. After a cup of this, it will leave them energized for the rest of the day and well into the evening!

Prescription Coffee Mug – Mugs are always the best go to gifts for coffee people. In fact, I came across a cute prescription mug that looks like a medicine bottle. It’s sure to bring plenty of laughs.

Coffee Stuff To Buy

Caffeine Molecule Necklace – Some of the very best gifts for coffee nerds come in the form of jewelry. One piece that really stood out for me was a caffeine molecule necklace. Anyone into coffee will love to wear one of these everyday.

Funny Father’s Coffee Mug – Of all the funny presents, there are coffee related gifts for dad that really stand out. For example, I came across a mug with the saying “Best Farter Ever” across the front. It’s funny, cute and every coffee drinking father in the world would love to have one.

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee – Need gifts for Turkish coffee lovers and aren’t sure what to give?  How about getting them a few packs of Kurukahveci Mehmet Elfendi?  The delicious flavor is sure to make their day?

Art Deco Coffee Kettle – When it comes gifts for coffee geeks, a modern designed, art deco kettle is always welcomed. I’ve come across several models that all the bells and whistles you would expect from a top kettle, but without the high price. Most importantly, they deliver amazing coffee and match perfectly with any kitchen décor.

Professional Espresso Machine – Here is one of the gifts for coffee shop owners that’s serious business, a professional espresso machine. If you can’t decide on what to give that special someone, get them one! They aren’t cheap, but the espresso they deliver makes it all worth the price!

Manual Coffee Roaster – There are times when if you want to get something done right, you need to do it yourself. This is especially true with roasted coffee. No need to pay extra at the store when you can do it at home. There are hand held roasters that get the job done, to perfection! If you need gifts for coffee roasters, this is what to get.

Microwave Mug Cake Recipes – Gifts in coffee mugs are popular these days, especially those that you can make yourself.  There are recipe books available that show you how you can make delicious mug cakes in the microwave in only 2 minutes!

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Packs – Starbucks VIA packs make awesome gifts for instant coffee lovers.  You can find them in an assortment of flavors & the best deals can be had in boxes that contain 50 packs.  Perfect when you need a cup of joe, fast!

Electric Ice Coffee Brewing Machine – For those who prefer cold coffee, one of our favorite gifts for iced coffee lovers is an electric cold brewer.  It normally takes about a day to properly make cold brewed coffee, but with one of these coffee brewers, the time is reduced down to only 15 minutes!

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer – On a budget & don’t want to spend too much money?  No sweat, as there are plenty of gifts for coffee lovers under $20.  For example, you could give a mug warmer that heats up coffee, tea or soups in only 2 minutes.  Great for the office or at home!

I Love You Coffee Mug – If you’re in need of Valentines gifts for coffee lovers, we think simple is best.  Coffee drinkers can never have enough mugs, especially if it’s your sweetheart.  Get him or her one that says the 3 magic words “I Love You.”

Coffee & Tea Tasting Sampler Set – It can be a challenge to find the best gifts for coffee and tea lovers.  However, there are sampler boxes available that combine gourmet coffee along with premium teas that deliver energized mornings and luxurious evenings.  Since most sampler boxes are very affordable, so go ahead and get them one!

Funny Coffee Mug & Wine Glass Rack – Funny is key when it comes to choosing gifts for coffee and wine lovers.  One item that we came across is a great looking, wall mounted coffee mug & wine glass rack that has a very fun & clever message on it.  Perfect to hang in the kitchen.

Wooden Coffee Scoop / Bag Clip – There are times when the very best presents you can give are actually cheap.  In fact, when it comes to gifts for coffee lovers under $10, I came across a very interesting gadget on amazon that is not only a measuring scoop for coffee, it also doubles as a bag clip that keeps beans fresh.  Very cool!

Coffee Beauty Scrub – Coffee drinkers know that coffee harnesses a wide variety of powers.  Many enthusiasts know that it can help to enhance one’s overall beauty.  A great example of this would be coffee scrub, which is said to be an all natural cure for stretch marks, acne, age spots, cellulite & more.  It’s why we think it’s one of the amazing gifts for coffee lovers under $25 you can give.

Coffee Socks In A Can – Coffee socks in a can make perfect white elephant gifts for coffee lovers.  Of course, the socks are colorful and have crazy coffee patterns on them.  However, the best part is that they are contained inside of what looks like a beer can!  Very cool!

Coffee Makes Me Poop Spoon – Coffee spoons are like mugs, you can NEVER have enough.  That’s why we think they’re awesome to give as coffee gifts for a girlfriend.  Those with cute or funny sayings like “Coffee Makes Me Poop” are best.  She’ll think about you every time she uses it.

K-Cups Decaf Coffee Pods Sampler Set – If your special someone drinks decaffeinated, get them a sampler set of K-Cups.  You can find them in gift packages that contain up to 30 different varieties.   Let’s face it, gifts for decaf coffee lovers don’t get much better than these.

Coffee Necktie For Men – Neckties make great gifts for the coffee guy in your life.  Great for him to wear on casual days, to parties or just because.  Loads of great designs are available that feature his favorite beverage of choice: coffee!

Coffee Mug Set For New Parents – Need coffee gifts for new parents who just had a baby?  If they happen to be coffee drinkers, you could always get them a set of mugs.  There are plenty of themed mugs with designs & artwork to fit the occasion.  Personally speaking, I really like the mama & papa bear set!  Too cute!

Peace ☕

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