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The Perfect Harley Davidson Shower Curtain !?

Choosing the right Harley Davidson shower curtains can be an easy way to add some color and style to your bathroom. Not only can it add an updated finishing touch to your master bedroom’s ensuite bathroom, but also to a guest bathroom that isn’t used as frequently.

If you take the time to make your choice carefully, you should be pleased with the results you achieve. Here are some quick that will help guide you when choosing the right Harley Davidson shower curtain to showcase the style and décor of your bathroom.

Make A Splash!

Don’t be afraid to make a splash. After all, the shower is a part of your home so it should be something you enjoy. Work on finding a Harley Davidson curtain made using a color palette that shows off your bathroom’s overall tones. For example, you might decide on plain-colored towels that match only one of the colors within a multi-colored print or pattern on your shower curtain. They won’t be the same, but the matched tone you chose in the base color of your towels will tie the color schemes together.

Keep It Coordinated

Do you love it when every design element matches? Great! Choose Harley Davidson shower curtains that are included in a coordinating set. If you really want your décor to match from room to room, you could use the same color palette from the bedroom in the bathroom so you achieve the effect you want.

Style for a Calming Sanctuary

For many people, the bathroom is their sanctuary. If this is more your style, try limiting your color palette and keeping prints or patterns to a minimum. Towels are usually sold in solid colors, but if your aim is to create a relaxing sanctuary in your bathroom, you might want to stick to subtle colors that pick up other tones within your bathroom. However, shower curtains are usually sold in prints or patterns, so try to find one in colors that coordinate with your towels and other accessories.

Minimalist or Monochromatic?

For an ultra-minimalist look, choose just one solid color – such as white or gray – for each of your bathroom linens and accessories.

If you prefer to highlight the monochromatic effect in the room, consider buying other bathroom products that showcase your color palette. For example, plain white or gray towels with contrasting embroidered patterns at the edges create interest and add flair. You might want to add even more interest by coordinating some of your counter-top accessories. Consider mixing and matching some of your accessories in metallic colors and others in matching base colors to really highlight your minimalist décor.

Matching Fixtures with Harley Davidson Shower Curtains

Finally, you should also think about the hardware in your bathroom. The hardware in many bathrooms is often subtle, so it won’t always affect the room’s overall aesthetic. However, it’s still worth considering, especially if you have hardware that stands out. For example, if your bathroom light fixtures are decorative and serve as a focal point in the room, choose a shower curtain with a subtle color so the fixtures take center stage.

You may also want to consider how your Harley Davidson shower curtain could look when reflected in the bathroom mirror. For example, if a bright pattern or vivid color on the shower curtain is already a main focus in the room, having it also reflected in the mirror could become overwhelming.

Choosing the Optimal Shower Curtain Material

For anyone who wants to reduce how much time is spent on maintenance, think about buying a fabric Harley Davidson shower curtain. They’re easy to wash in the machine and just as easy to coordinate with your décor as they come in a wide selection of colors and styles.

As polyester shower curtains aren’t expensive, they’re ideal for those who like to change their bathroom décor. The heavy duty fabric of polyester curtains is mildew resistant, along with being waterproof, so they’re quick drying.

Get a Liner

Almost every Harley Davidson shower curtain needs some kind of curtain liner. Ideally, you should choose a solid liner that protects curtains and reduce maintenance.

  • If you want more natural light in the shower, consider buying clear or light curtains.
  • Most liners are created using vinyl. If you’re environmentally conscious, it may be a challenge to find alternatives. While it’s possible to find non-vinyl liners, remember they can make maintenance harder.
  • If you want your curtains to stay in place, think about buying weighted liners.
  • Look for mold-resistant curtain liners. They’re more pricey, but you won’t have to replace them as regularly.

The key to keeping your bathroom clean and dry, no matter how frequently your shower is used, is to choose a heavy duty curtain liner.

Curtain Size Really Does Matter

If you have a shower curtain that is too short or too narrow, it can be frustrating trying to stop water from leaking all over the room. Fortunately, shower curtains are made in lots of different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of tub sizes.

Before you choose a Harley Davidson shower curtain, take careful measurements first to guarantee it’s going to fit properly. This shower curtain size guide shows the standard sizes available, which you can use to help decide on the right size for your needs.

Sizes for Standard Shower Curtains

In most cases, Harley Davidson shower curtains are intentionally designed so they’ll fit a standard 60-inch-long bathtub. This design incorporates an extra 12 inches of width to create a full appearance and generous folds when pulled around the tub. In fact, there are some designer curtains available that may measure up to 108 inches.

Standard sizes:

  • 70 x 70 inches
  • 70 x 72 inches
  • 72 x 72 inches

Getting Your Shower Curtain Height Correct

Ideally your Harley Davidson shower curtain shouldn’t drape on the floor. The over-long look is on trend for window curtains, but should be avoided in showers. If shower curtains are too long you increase the risk of moisture, mold and mildew building up.

When you measure your curtain height, start measuring from the bottom of your curtain rod to the floor. If you have curtain rings, measure from the rings down to the floor. Subtract up to 10 inches for a tub to figure out where to hang your curtains.

When your shower curtains are pulled aside and held back with tie-backs they can seem shorter. If necessary, hang the rod 1 to 2 inches lower so you can keep the draped curtain outside the rim of the tub.

Measuring Shower Curtains for a Freestanding Stall

If your Harley Davidson curtain is for a shower stall, take note that the measurements aren’t the same as for a tub.

The regular measurements for most shower stalls are:

  • 50 x 78 inches
  • 54 x 78 inches

When measuring your curtain, check that the height is sufficient to let it hang inside the shower curb and directs the water back into the stall. It should also stop water from leaking out from under the curtain and onto the bathroom floor. Measure from the bottom of the curtain rod or curtain rings to the floor and deduct 2 inches.

If the ready-made curtains available aren’t a good fit for your shower stall, pick one that is a bit bigger than your size.

If you have a steady hand it’s easy enough to change a ready-made curtain with some shears and a measuring tape.
Measure your shower stall’s width. Then add 12 inches to the width measurement and cut your curtain to suit.

Keep these tips in mind whenever you’re shopping for a Harley Davidson shower curtain. You’ll find it easier to decide which colors and styles will highlight any bathroom.

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