Gifts For Tattoo Artists

Need gifts for tattoo artists?

We understand that they can be a challenge to shop for, so we have created a list of must haves for tattoo artists that’s guaranteed to please even the pickiest person.

Whether it’s jewelry, wall art, a cool t-shirt or anything in between, you are sure to find the perfect present that will fit into your budget.

Gifts For Tattoo Artists

Check out our top picks, you’ll be glad you did …

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personalized gifts for tattoo artists

Customized Tattoo Artist LED Lamp

Customized gifts tend to be the most welcomed.  After all, it’s great to receive a present that has been specially crafted for you, right?  So, if you want to give something that’s truly unique, go with one of these amazing LED lamps.  When it comes to personalized gifts, nothing beats giving one of these babies!

best gifts for tattoo artists

Light Up Neon Sign

A light-up neon sign adds a certain ambiance to any tattoo studio. This one comes ready to use as soon as you open the box. Who wouldn’t love this?  We think it’s one of the best gifts you can give!

awesome gifts for tattoo artists

Vinyl Wall Clock

What time is it? The next time your tattoo artist has that question, they can look up at this vinyl tattoo-themed wall clock and be pleasantly reminded.  Great to display in their studio or on their living room wall!  If you are in need of ideas for awesome gifts, this idea is a no-brainer.

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good gifts for tattoo artists

Business Card Holder

Tattooing is still a business, albeit a really cool business. A business card holder will make it easier for your tattoo artist to present their profession in an elegant way.  It’s one of the good gifts that doesn’t cost a lot, but offers up plenty of benefits.

gift ideas for tattoo artists

Hydraulic Salon Chair

If you need gift ideas & want to treat them to something really special, get them this hydraulic salon chair. They come in various colors, with features to make their job easier, like an alloy steel base for awesome durability, 360 swivel capability and full recline mode.

funny gifts for tattoo artists

Funny Coffee Mug

There’s no bones about it: when it comes to funny gifts, a coffee mug is an excellent choice.  Everyone enjoys drinking coffee, so why not give them a fun way to do it.  There are a variety of great styles and designs that will fit the personality of that special someone you’re shopping for!

gifts to get a tattoo artist

Tattoo Ink Set

If you’re wondering what to get a tattoo artist, they’re always going to need some new ink to create their magic!  I suggest you go with a set of exotic tattoo inks in a variety of colors that will give them plenty of fun hues to work with.  Your generosity will never be forgotten!

gift ideas for your tattoo artist

Tattoo Artist Street Sign

Here’s a great looking metal street sign that tells everyone that this tattoo artist’s studio is the place to be.  The perfect piece to add a bit of atmosphere to their décor.   When it comes to ideas for your tattoo artist, this one really stands out!

Birthday gifts for tattoo artists

Tattoo Artist Pendant Necklace

If your special someone is into jewelry, gift them a pendant necklace featuring a tattoo theme.  You can find them in a variety of styles, with mini tattoo gun pendants, dragons, artist pallets & more.  Look for those that are well crafted, using leather and alloy materials.  This way, their necklace will hold up to the rigors of their day-to-day life.  Birthday gifts don’t get any better than these!

perfect gift for a tattoo artist

Tattoo Aftercare Kit

Given that they’re in the business, we’re sure your special someone has some tattoos of their own. A tattoo aftercare kit will make the initial days of life post-tat easier to get through.  Better kits include lotion, cleanser, and balm to protect the artwork & relax the skin.  It’s a perfect gift that will truly be appreciated.

best tattoo artist gifts

No-Tie Apron

Presents help make their profession easier are always welcomed.  One great example would be giving the gift of a no-tie apron.  They are made with plenty of slots for conveniently stashing ink colors, pens, and other supplies they need, all within quick reach.   Go with those that feature full-grain leather straps for a really cool effect!

gifts for aspiring tattoo artists

Fake Tattoo Skin

Since tattoos are forever, maybe your artist wants to try out their latest design on a medium that’s more temporary first. This fake tattoo skin will be their new favorite canvas to work on.  Aspiring tattoo artists love these as they allow them to practice, refine and perfect their craft!

gifts for new tattoo artists

Tracing Lightbox

Need something for new tattoo artists?  If so, an excellent choice would be a tracing lightbox.  Better models feature LEDs that illuminate the artist’s drawings.  This way, they can clearly see every last little detail they’re sketching.

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gifts for a tattoo apprentice

Adjustable Neck Desk Lamp

In that same vein, a desk lamp will also be a big hit and ideal for a tattoo apprentice.  After all, they are going to need adequate lighting while working on their designs.  Having one of these will surely make their creative process much easier.  Be sure to choose a model that features an adjustable neck.

tattoo artists gifts shirts

I Need More Ink Tee

Tattoo artists shirts are a super idea that are timeless.  With so many designs & styles to choose from, it’s easy to find something that will fit their personality.  Here’s one of our favorites.  Whenever your tattoo artist is debating whether to get another tattoo themselves, wearing this t-shirt ought to help them make up their mind.

Cool gifts for tattoo artists

Vintage Tattoo Flash

We think Cool gifts are those that help them keep understand the history their profession.  After all, tattoo technology has certainly evolved over the years.  So, gift them a book shows the origins of tattoos over the last 100 years.  Certainly a must-read for any tattoo artist!

tattoo gifts for a tattoo artist

Tattoo Machine Patent Wall Art

Wondering what to give for a tattoo artist?  How about some totally awesome wall art.  For example, here’s a piece displays a patent for tattoo machines from the 1900s. It’s perfect piece to hang in their studio, at home or just about anywhere!

cheap tattoo artist gifts

Tattoo Artist PopSocket

PopSockets are a popular phone accessory. This one tells the world what your tattoo artist does for a living, which they’ll certainly like.  So, if you’re looking for cheap gifts, here’s one that’s super affordable.  They are sure to get plenty of use out of it too!

thank you gift for a tattoo artist

Tribal Skull Pen Holder

A thank you gift should be something small, simple, yet practical.  Here’s an idea that will help them to store pens and pencils in the coolest way possible.  It’s a tribal tattooed skull holder that makes for an interesting conversation piece!


Valentine's Day gift for a tattoo artist

Sling Backpack

Need a Valentine’s Day gift?  Here’s an idea that will show them just how much you care.  Every one in the profession tends to haul around lots of stuff.  So, get them a stylish sling backpack to make their life easier. This Harley-Davidson sling backpack happens to be one of our favorites and features an all-over tattoo print that’s completely badass. Two front zipper pockets make organizing easy!


Should I bring my tattoo artist a gift

Tattoo Artist At Work Sign

People often ask “Should I bring my tattoo artist a gift?”  Heck yea!  It shows them just how much they’re appreciated for all the hard work they do.  I suggest you give something fun, yet affordable, like a fun sign for their studio.  One example would be this tongue-in-cheek sign that delivers a message that’s loud and clear!

gift for a tattoo artist boyfriend

Leather Bound Sketching Journal

Shopping for a tattoo artist boyfriend?  Here’s something he will surely appreciate getting.  When he has his next great tattoo design idea, a leather-bound journal is the ideal place to draw it.  Better journals have more than enough unlined pages that are all blank canvases!

what to bring your tattoo artist

World Atlas Of Tattoos

If you find yourself thinking about what to bring your tattoo artist, you can never go wrong by gifting them an awesome book to display in their salon.  Here’s is one that we really happen to love.  You see, tattoos are different all over the world. This book illustrates and honors the art of tattooing everywhere, which will certainly get your tattoo artist in the mood to try some new styles.

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Peace …

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