Gifts For Quilters

Trouble finding gifts for quilters?

We know that those into quilting can be a bit picky to shop for!  After all, they are creative, independent, a little on the quiet side and tend to avoid crowds.

So, you are going to need suggestions for presents that will fit their personality.  Lucky for you, we have plenty of ideas that’ll get your creative juices flowing!

gifts for quilters

Check out our top picks below; you’ll be glad you did …

Gift Ideas For Quilters

[amazon box =”B0021F62D6″ title=”Fabric Cutter”]

Those who like to quilt are always dealing with different types of fabrics.  Here one of the best ideas for quilters and sewers that makes cutting and measuring fabric a piece of cake.

[amazon box =”B07M6YG5QW” title=”Magnetic Pin Holder For Sewing”]

Here is gift that is a must have for anyone who loves to quilt that prevents pins from getting lost.

[amazon box =”B0764HKN7V” title=”Novelty Sewing Socks”]

If you want to give something unique, go with a pair of socks.  They are comfy, stylish and the novelty design is spot on!

[amazon box =”B077PQJ7D4″ title=”Customized Quilting Room Chalkboard”]

Customized presents offer up an extra special touch.  One we really like is this chalkboard that is perfect for their quilting room.

[amazon box =”B075JCRHWJ” title=”Thread Spool Huggers”]

Small presents can be great!  One example would be a set of attractive spool huggers to keep loose threads at bay.  Super cheap too, as most sets can be found for well under $10.

[amazon box =”B07FZ3XB4S” title=”Sewing Clip Set”]

When it comes to getting accurate measurements while sewing, pinning & hemming, measuring clips are must have items.  I like the fact that they are super durable as well as affordable.

[amazon box =”B07TRPZGR1″ title=”Quilting Keychain”]

Need something special for mother’s day?  Simple accessories, such as a keychain, will help keep keys organized.  The pendant inscription and charms are super cute.

[amazon box =”076459799X” title=”Quilting For Dummies Book”]

Here is a reference guide that is ideal for those beginning quilters that are trying to learn everything about this wonderful hobby.

[amazon box =”B018U48KDG” title=”Presser Foot Attachment”]

Help them make sewing easier with a presser foot attachment, perfect for holding fabrics flat as they are fed through the machine and stitched.

[amazon box =”B01DTMV96Y” title=”Magnetic Pin Bowl Set”]

Here is a cute way to store pins for quilting and sewing.  The colorful designs allow them to double as decorative display pieces.

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