Gifts For Poker Players

gifts for poker players
Gifts For Poker Players

Poker players tend to be patient, intelligent, extremely focused and are masters at controlling their emotions.

They are on never ending journeys to become the very best card players they can be!

So, finding the right gifts for someone who likes poker can be a challenge.

Lucky for you, we have put together a list of the ultimate gifts for poker lovers that’s loaded with great ideas to inspire your creative juices.

Have a look below and check out the awesome items we have discovered!

Gifts For Poker Players

Gifts For Someone Who Plays Poker

Artisan Playing Cards

Artisan Playing Cards

Not your ordinary deck of cards, these are elegant & stylish.  In fact, the famous magician David Copperfield considers them as the very best cards in the world.  When it comes to gifts for men, why not give them something  extra special?

Folding Poker Table

Poker Tables

One of our favorites would be this 10 player card table that is of professional quality, making it a perfect addition to your game room or mancave.

Portable Poker Table Top

Portable Poker Table Top

Or, you could go with a table top & chip traveler set that works well if you want to convert a regular table into a gaming table.

Poker Chip Set

Poker Chips Gift Set

Here is a present that is a must have for every player.  These are complete sets, with cards, buttons, chips, dice.  They even come with a cool carrying case to keep everything organized. If it’s accessories for poker players you seek, then get them this!

Poker Shirts

Poker Shirts

Clothing is one of the better presents you can give.  T-Shirts are at the top of the list, especially those with witty sayings or cool designs on them.  Check out this 3D floating cards version.

Casino Socks


Casino Socks

When I search for special gifts, Amazon is my first choice.  They always feature a wide variety of items, like these stylish socks.  It’s one of the fun & unique presents you can give!

Bicycle Premium Playing Cards

Bicycle Premium Playing Cards

Every player needs decks of cards.  One of the best companies that make them is Bicycle.  An example would be a deck called Fire Element, which is made from premium card stock and the back design is awesome.  A perfect Christmas stocking stuffer or birthday present.

Poker Strategy Books

Poker Strategy Books

The perfect gift for players is one that helps them up their game.  For example, here is an excellent book by Larry Phillips.  It’s packed with info & tips that will help raise any players concentration skill and strategy level.  Available on Kindle or paperback.

Electronic Handheld Poker Game

Electronic Handheld Poker Game

The best way for players to improve their game is with practice.  Here is one of my favorite ideas that has a mega sized screen, so it’s easy to read.  No only does it provide hours of fun, it also helps to develop concentration & practice strategies for that next tournament! It’s the type of gift that they will use everyday!

Personalized Flask And Poker Set

Flask And Poker Set

This personalized flask and poker set including a customized case, playing cards and dice is one of our favorites.  Great as groomsmen gifts.

Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Every poker player needs a cool way to flash their cash.  A carbon fiber money clip to hold all their winnings in style is an ideal choice.

NFL Poker Chips

NFL Poker Chips

If that special poker player in your life happens to also be a football fan too, then a set of NFL casino style chips that feature the logo of their favorite team makes for an awesome present.

Poker Jewelry

Poker Jewelry

If you’re hopping for that special woman in your life, jewelry is always a lovely choice.  The ultimate hand to give her would be this royal flush pendant necklace in gold.

Poker Throw Blankets

Poker Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are great for snuggling up after the game or as a wall display.  One of our top picks is the dogs playing poker version featuring fun, yet detailed artwork.

Poker Wall Clock

Poker Wall Clock

Time is precious, especially when playing a serious game of cards.  They make perfect gifts for the gaming room.  A great example would be this PokerStars version made from record vinyl!

Chocolate Casino Chips

Chocolate Casino Chips

A bag of premium chocolate casino chips that are sweet, luxurious, creamy & delicious makes for the perfect treat during the game or as a stocking stuffer.

Poker Desk Sculpture

Poker Desk Sculpture

An affordable yet unique idea would be a desk sculpture that is perfect for an office or den that reminds them of their favorite card game.

Poker Trophy

Poker Trophy

To the victor go the spoils, and in this case, the trophy.  Give one of these to the winner of your next tournament.  Even has an optional plate that can be engraved with a custom message.

Casino Royal DVD

Casino Royale DVD

Gambling movies are always a big hit as gifts.  We really like Casino Royale, which is all about action, suspense, intrigue and of course, playing cards, James Bond style!

Poker Canvas Wall Art

Poker Canvas Wall Art

Give a gift that will add some color and character to their décor.  Some stylish canvas wall art featuring cigars, brandy and cards to hang in your card room or mancave is a perfect example.

Poker Coffee Mug

Poker Coffee Mugs

For the player who loves coffee, get them a cool mug to enjoy their favorite beverage.  A perfect example would be a “Poker King” coffee mug that lets everyone know who the best player at the table is.

Poker Snacks Gift Box

Poker Snacks Gift Box

Everyone loves chowing down on snacks, especially while enjoying poker.  A great example would be this ManSnacks gift box filled with delicious jerky, sausage and assorted grub that is perfect for your next card game.

Poker Ugly Christmas Sweater

Poker Ugly Christmas Sweater

Need something for the holidays that’s truly unique, how about an ugly Christmas sweater that lights up!   It is perfect to wear to an office party or while your playing cards.

Molly's Game DVD

Molly’s Game DVD

Molly’s game is the true story about Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier who ran the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game for a decade.


Poker Gifts Guide

Simply put, most guys love to play Texas Hold’em. So, if you need a father’s day present for dad, for a boyfriend or something that’s over the top the self-proclaimed poker king in your life, a few of our top picks are:

  • Kiss My Ace T-Shirt
  • Automatic Card Shuffler
  • Personalized Chips
  • Casino Money Clip
  • NFL Casino Style Chips

Let’s not forget about the women players! Perhaps you need something cute for a girlfriend or stylish for mom. Here are a few poker themed ideas for her that she can wear everyday which display her passion for the game & her sense of style:

  • Royal Flush Pendant Necklace
  • Ace Of Spades Stud Earrings
  • 4 Of A Kind Charm Bracelet
  • Queen Of Hearts Tank Top
  • Poker Queens DVD

Videos are always welcomed as presents. They are educational, entertaining and can help players improve their mindset and strategy. Here are a few about this fantastic game that every poker lover is guaranteed to enjoy:

  • Rounders
  • Molly’s Game
  • A Big Hand For The Little Lady
  • Maverick
  • Casino Royale

Perhaps you are shopping for a loving couple that is about to get hitched. If so, it’s best to give something that is thoughtful and meaningful so they can share their love for the game. Below are a few of our top ideas for wedding gifts, and don’t forget about the groomsmen!

  • King & Queen Matching T-Shirts
  • King & Queen Of Hearts Puzzle Key Chain
  • Customized Wedding Poker Chips
  • Ace Of Hearts Bottle Openers
  • Personalized Flask Gift Set

Shopping for someone with a funny sense of humor? If so, there are plenty of unique & unusual novelty gifts to choose from. These types of presents are perfect to give as gag gifts, and guaranteed to put a smile on the recipients face. A few of the cool ideas that we really like are:

  • Dogs Playing Poker Throw Blanket
  • I Don’t Even Fold My Laundry T-Shirt
  • Liquor Up Front – Poker In The Rear Sign
  • Personalized Poker Monster Trophy
  • Poker Face Mask

Depending on the occasion, there are several wonderful selections you can give as a present to the poker fan. The first event that comes to mind is Christmas. If that special someone has been good this year, here are a few X’mas gift ideas you can add to your list:

  • Customized Poker Set
  • ManSnacks Gift Box
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • World Poker Tour DVD
  • Preflop Online Poker by Sky Matsuhashi

If you are having a Secret Santa event and want to give presents to players that are fun & affordable, try to stick with cheap items that are priced under $25. Just because they are inexpensive doesn’t mean that they aren’t good. For example, some of the things every poker lover would enjoy are:

  • I’m Just Here For The Pot T-Shirt
  • A Playing Card Adjustable Hat
  • Reading Poker Tells by Zachary Elwood
  • Milk Chocolate Casino Chips
  • Mini Video Poker Game

If the poker player in your life has a birthday coming up, get them something that is special, memorable and practical. There are plenty of related presents that will make their day a truly special one. A few that really stand out are:

  • The Poker King Coffee Mug
  • Poker Whiskey Stones Set
  • Donald Trump Playing Cards
  • Poker Art Desk Sculpture
  • Unfolding Poker Questions by James Sweeny

Most enthusiasts of the game have their own poker room at home. They often hold their own poker night, inviting all of their friends to come over and enjoy playing Texas Hold’em. So, why not get them something good that poker fans can add to their game room! Maybe a custom poker chip set or an accessory that adds to the décor. Here are some ideas we think will add life to the party:

  • PokerStars Vinyl Record Wall Clock
  • Personalized Gaming Room Sign
  • Cigars & Cards Canvas Wall Art
  • 3D Royal Flush Card Playing Lamp
  • Customized Chips

Need funny gifts for poker players?

You’re at the right place 🙂

We’ve gone all in to find the the coolest presents that are fun and unique.

Stop wondering what to give that special poker player in your life.

Have a look below at what we have discovered!

Funny Gifts For Poker Players

Funny Poker T-Shirts – You can’t go wrong by giving a t-shirt as a present. Great to wear at the next poker night and guaranteed to get plenty of laughs. The “I’ve Seen My Hand You Should Fold” is one of my all time favorites.

Prank Gift Boxes

Prank Gift Boxes – One of our favorites is this Baby’s first gambling kit.   Guaranteed to be a hit, it’s actually a prank gift box that you can use to put your real gift inside. Imagine the shock on the face of your poker loving friend when they see this!

Poker Phone Cases

Poker Phone Cases – A phone case is kind of a serious gift, especially since it helps to protect their smartphone against drops, nicks & scratches. However, they come in loads of funny designs that will make it a truly unique present. A great example is this “Born To Play Poker Forced To Work” version.

Lucky Poker Socks

Lucky Poker Socks – We can never have enough pairs of socks. After all, we usually wear them everyday, right? So, why not go with something cool & funky, like a lucky poker socks. A great idea for both men or women. Ideal for office casual day or for the next poker night.

Playing Card Bow Ties

Playing Card Bow Tie – If that special poker player in your life happens to be a snappy dresser, go ahead and get them a fashion accessory, such as a bow tie. One of my favorites happens to be this King Of Spades version. Stylish, cool & an attention getter.

Poker Throw Pillow Covers

Poker Throw Pillow Covers – Things for the home are also great items you can give to a poker fiend, such as throw pillow covers. What makes them special are the humorous sayings printed across the front. This “My Perfect Day” pillow is too funny. Guaranteed to add life to an otherwise dull décor.

Poker Jigsaw Puzzles

Poker Jigsaw Puzzles – Activities to keep them busy between poker games are a great idea for gifts, such as jigsaw puzzles. This particular version features animals around the table playing Texas Hold’em. Imagine how cool this would look on the wall in the mancave.

Poker Tin Signs

Poker Tin Signs – Speaking of the mancave, wall art, such as retro styled tin signs are awesome for creating the perfect poker atmosphere. One of the most popular signs is the “Bluffing A Pair Of Balls Beats Everything” version. It’s a saying that every one who plays the game perfectly understands!

Donald Trump Playing Cards

Donald Trump Playing Cards – Everyone knows that you can’t play poker without a deck of playing cards. Most use a typical deck, but why? How about playing your next game with some gold colored Donald Trump playing cards. Love him or hate him, it’s gonna make things interesting!

Giant Playing Cards

Giant Playing Cards – Even better, you could go completely crazy and get a deck of giant playing cards. Kids love them and adults who are kids at hard think they’re awesome. Go ahead and dare to be different 🙂
Need poker gifts for women?

Relax, we got you covered 🙂

We have plenty of great ideas that will inspire you.

We understand that poker playing women can be difficult to shop for.

After all, they are witty, crafty, curious and very outgoing.

So, we have tips for presents to match their unique personality.

Check out our top picks below!

Poker Gifts For Women

Lucky Poker Socks – Every gal that loves the game is going to need a pair of lucky poker socks. Bright, colorful, funny & stylish, she will look forward to wearing them every time she plays.

Playing Card Wristlet

Playing Card Wristlet – A wristlet made from upcycled playing cards makes for an awesome present. Not only does it show her love of cards, she can proudly display her great sense of fashion too.

Casino Poker Charm Bracelet

Casino Poker Charm Bracelet – Ladies love jewelry, especially charm bracelets. Here is one that is right on point, featuring a variety of cute charms that are casino and poker themed.

Playing Card Earrings

Playing Card Earrings – A pair of playing card earrings are the perfect compliment to the charm bracelet above. They are a perfect match for both casual and formal wear, making them a must have accessory.

Poker Themed Necklace

Poker Themed Necklace – Another great idea would be a poker themed necklace. Here is a version that features 4 of a kind aces along with dice, chip and slot charms.

Poker Strategies Book

Poker Strategies Book – Every lady that wants to up her game can always brush up on her techniques. One of the better guides available is called “Winning Women Of Poker” that is full of secret strategies to help her win.

Playing Card High Heels

Playing Card High Heels – If she likes to dress up, how about a pair of sexy high heel shoes? Great to wear at a party or to attract everyone’s attention at the next poker tournament.  It’s one of the cool & stylish presents you can give her!

Poker Leggings

Poker Leggings – Whether playing a relaxing game with friends, a casual evening out or her next yoga workout, these stylish leggings are a must have clothing item. That special card player in your life will think of you every time she wears them.

Poker Keychain

Poker Keychain – Women tend to carry around a lot of keys. Thus, a cool poker themed keychain will help keep them organized. A practical present that’s super affordable.  I really love this couples version!

Poker Face Mask

Poker Face Mask – With all the craziness going on these days, sometimes it’s best to play it safe. One way to do just that is with a great looking face mask.
Looking for cool poker gifts?

If so, you will go crazy over our ideas for them.

Check out our top picks for the coolest presents.

View cool stuff that’s funny & unique.

Give something special & unusual!

It’s the best way please poker players 😉

Have a look below and get inspired…..

Cool Poker Gifts

Foldable Poker Table Top – A foldable poker table top is a must have item for those who enjoy playing the game. The best models are lightweight, durable, offer up plenty of space and even have cup holders. With one of these, you will feel like your in a Texas Hold’em game in Las Vegas.
High Roller Poker Chips

High Roller Poker Chips – High roller poker chips are perfect for players who enjoy playing the game with a bit of style. Better chips are heavyweight and made from casino grade clay. You can find sets that feature laser designs and are professionally weighted, making them ideal for shuffling and stacking. Perfect for playing at home or for tournaments too!

Funny Poker T-Shirts

Funny Poker T-Shirts – Funny poker tees are one of the better presents you can give. There are a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from that will please any fan of the game. One of my favorites is the “I Don’t Even Fold My Laundry” version. What’s not to love about it!

Poker Themed Socks

Poker Themed Socks – Poker themed socks that are designed with colorful cards and chips are an ideal present, especially if you are shopping for someone who likes to dress up a bit on the dapper side.  They are sure to become the lucky socks for that special poker player in your life.  Every risk-taking man will love wearing these!

Card Shaped Bottle Openers

Card Shaped Bottle Openers – A set of card shaped beer bottle openers is a unique idea for a gift.  Better versions are made from a durable stainless steel and are thin, so you can carry one with you in your wallet.  Anyone who plays cards, especially poker, is going to go gaga over getting one of these!

Poker Beer Glasses

Poker Beer Glasses – Beer glasses for poker players are must haves. I know that I like to drink it up while I’m playing as it makes the game more fun and interesting. If you feel the same, then go ahead a gift that special someone a set of these so they can enjoy some brew while they’re trying to get that inside straight.

Poker Chip Drink Coasters

Poker Chip Drink Coasters – If you like the glasses above, giving a set these drink coasters will be the perfect compliment. No one wants water rings all over the table and these will help prevent it. Better sets are cork backed to prevent scratching and come in different colors, so everyone knows who’s drink is who’s.  A great idea for both men & women who love to play poker.

Black Foil Playing Cards

Black Foil Playing Cards – How about a set of black foil poker cards to make the game more interesting. Not your typical, boring set of cards, these have a special design that are real attention getters, made using a special high laser stamping technology.  They’re super soft, easy to shuffle and even waterproof. Every serious player needs a set of these!

3D Poker Lamps

3D Poker Lamps – These novelty lamps are a perfect way to add life to a game room or man cave. It’s designed to create an illusion that will play tricks on your eyes when you see it from a distance. However, when you look at it up close, you will see that it’s actually flat. It’s the perfect way to dazzle and impress your friends on your next poker night.

Professional Card Shuffler

Professional Card Shuffler – Let’s face it, most of us poker players hate when it’s our turn to deal.  One way to make dealing less of a hassle is with a professional card shuffler.  Even better, owing one of these will deliver the perfect shuffle every time, and allow you to focus on your strategy instead of worrying about dealing the cards.

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