Gifts For Makeup Artists

gifts for makeup artists

Searching for makeup artist gifts?

If so, we have a ton of ideas for them right here!

We know that they can be a challenge to shop for, so we have gone out of our way to create a list of goodies that has exactly what every makeup artist needs.

Whether it’s brushes, sponges, pallets, or everything in between, you are sure to find the perfect present that will fit into your budget.

Take a few moments to view the awesome makeup artist gifts we have discovered, you’ll be glad you did ūüėČ

Our top picks …

Christmas gifts for makeup artists

Makeup Artist Chair

Every artist doing makeup needs a quality chair to perform their art. There are models are portable and can be easily folded for transport. Comfortable for clients too, especially since applying makeup can be a time consuming task. Better chairs recline, have plenty of slots for storage and include fold out tables that allow for easy access to beauty supplies. When it comes to Christmas gifts for makeup artists, you can’t go wrong with putting one of these under their tree!

birthday gifts for makeup artists

MUA Themed Heart Necklace

Accessories are one of the top choices as birthday gifts for makeup artists.  We happen to love necklaces that can be worn at work or while out and about.  Even better, they come with an attractive display and are beautifully gift boxed.  Some allow you to create a customized message to your recipient.  You will be surprised at just how affordable they are too!

gifts for budding makeup artists

Makeup Backpack Organizer

Tote bags are pretty much necessities these days. After all, it seems that we’re all hauling around much more stuff than we used to, which is especially true for makeup artists. So, giving one of these backpacks is a great way to make their life simpler. You can find them in a wide variety of great styles too. Need gifts for budding makeup artists, they could definitely use this.

makeup themed wall art

Makeup Themed Wall Art

Wall art is a wonderful way to add character to the walls of any room. Designs that really stand out are those that feature a makeup theme. They are perfect to display in a salon, bedroom or living room & make wonderful presents that will enjoyed well into the future.

makeup artist throw blanket

Makeup Themed Throw Blanket

To keep your favorite relaxed, we suggest you think about giving something that’s warm and cozy. That’s why we really like the idea of a throw blanket. The colors & designs are lively, making them a perfect addition to their home d√©cor. Even better, they’re perfect for snuggling up and keeping warm while enjoying their favorite show on Netflix.

presents for makeup artists

Colorful Makeup Themed Socks

If you’re after presents for makeup artists, the answer is loud and clear! That’s right, give them a cute pair of colorful makeup socks. Soft and comfortable, they will have their feet looking great while standing all day at work or when lounging around at home. When it comes adorable presents, we think these can’t be beat!

gifts for permanent makeup artists

Eyelashes License Plate

Does that special makeup artist in your life drive a car? If so, here’s a present that will add a little character to their ride. Nothing will show off their profession better than placing one of these novelty license plates on their car. They are real attention getters & make perfect gifts for permanent makeup artists.

what to get a makeup artist for her birthday

Makeup Themed Throw Pillows

Wondering what to get a makeup artist for her birthday? Items for the home are always fun to give, especially throw pillows. They are a quick & easy way to add life to an otherwise dull interior. If you want to help that special someone brighten up their décor, get them a set of these.

makeup artist case

Professional Makeup Case

Let’s face it, every artist needs professional makeup case! They are specifically designed to keep their makeup, cosmetics and supplies perfectly organized. Some are made with wheels, making them very portable. Others are built in a way so that they can be used as a mobile makeup studio, which include loads of storage space and even a lighted mirror.

makeup artist facial headbands

Facial Headbands

Headwraps are a fantastic gift, especially if that special artist in your life has bangs themselves or works with a lot of clients who do.  If you are need of makeup artist birthday gifts that will help that special artist in your life perform their skill more efficiently, get them one of these.

best gifts for makeup artists

Makeup Sponges

The best gifts for makeup artists are those that help them perform their skill to perfection. One of the essential tools are makeup sponges. They are must have items that allow the artist to create skin that is flawless by blending & controlling the amount of foundation that is applied. Simply put, a makeup professional can never have enough of them.

makeup artist earrings

Makeup Artist Earrings

Every gal in the makeup artist profession likes to look her best, so why not give the gift of jewelry? I have found that a great pair of earrings works perfectly. There are so many lovely designs of earrings to choose from, including lipstick shaped, paint pallet, brush themed and even those shaped like mascara. Even better, most can be purchased for less than $20!

gifts for professional makeup artists

Makeup Artist Face Charts

Face charts allow makeup artists to keep track of the color combos and products they used to achieve the look they have created. Perfect as gifts for professional makeup artists, they are made using a specially treated paper that allows the color pigment to be absorbed so the artist can design a mockup and keep an archive of their makeup application techniques.

funny gifts for makeup artists

Makeup Artist Coffee Mug

If it’s funny gifts for makeup artists you’re after, one that we really like are coffee mugs. Just about everyone enjoys drinking coffee, so why not give them a fun way to do it. There are loads of cute & humorous designs that are sure to fit the personality of that special someone you are shopping for!

great gifts for makeup artists

Travel Tumbler

If that makeup magician happens to be on the road constantly, a travel tumbler would we a wise present to give. This way, they can enjoy their favorite beverages without having to worry about drips & spills. So, if it’s great gifts for makeup artists that you seek and don’t want to spend a small fortune for something nice, how about give them one of these!

what to gift someone who loves makeup

Makeup Cleaning Mat

Wondering what to gift someone who loves makeup? Well, it’s well known that dealing with dirty makeup brushes is part of the daily tasks for makeup artists. One way you can help them overcome this problem is by giving a makeup cleaning mat. They are usually made of silicone and have several different types of grooves and ridges on them. When brushes are swiped and swirled across the surface, the bristles are quickly cleaned.

makeup sponge holders

Makeup Sponge Holders

To keep all their makeup brushes close at hand, a set of sponge holders is an ideal solution. It’s one of the indispensable gifts for¬†professionals that will keep their workspace organized & make their life easier.

Good gifts for makeup artists

Makeup Remover Towels

Good gifts for makeup artists don’t have to cost a fortune. A present that really stands out are makeup remover towels. They offer up plenty of amazing benefits too. For example, they will help any makeup artist to save money and protect the environment by eliminating the need for disposable tissues. These towels can be thrown in the washing machine and used over and over again. In addition, better towels, made from polyester, are antibacterial and can even remove waterproof makeup with ease.

what to get someone who likes makeup

Makeup Artist Bracelet

Wondering what to get someone who likes makeup? If so, finding something special need not be a chore, especially with so many excellent items to choose from. A great example would be a stylish makeup themed bracelet. They can be found in silver or gold and feature lovely charms that display symbols of their profession. Great to wear at work, while out on the town, or just because! Super affordable too, with prices that will fit most everyone’s budget.

professional makeup pallet

Makeup Pallet

When shopping for the ideal present, consider going with the basics. For example, having an awesome makeup pallet is essential equipment for artists to create their magic. With so many colors to choose from, giving this as a present will help them to deliver nothing but their best work for their clients.

personalized gifts for makeup artists

Personalized Makeup Bag

Personalized gifts for makeup artists are plentiful. The best ideas are those which are practical & unique, such as a personalized makeup bag. After all, this profession requires the artist to carry around plenty of brushes, cosmetics and other equipment. By gifting one of these, you will help them to be more organized.

custom necklace

Customized Necklace

Jewelry always makes for an exceptional present.¬† We happen to think necklaces are super, especially those which you can have personalized with the recipients name or a short message.¬† Without a doubt, they’re one of the best presents¬†you can give. They are available in silver, gold and even rose gold.

funny makeup artist gifts

Funny Makeup Artist T-Shirts

Everyone loves to wear funny t-shirts, especially makeup artists. Not only do they look great, the hilarious messages and designs printed on them allow the artist to show off their personality and sense of humor. Perfect to wear while working, relaxing at home or when out and about, you can never go wrong by giving one of these as a funny makeup artist gifts. Guaranteed to put a smile on the face of whoever is wearing or sees it. Real attention getters too!

makeup artist gift ideas

Makeup Apron

If you want to make a lasting impression with your present, give something that is truly one of a kind. We think that a makeup apron will do the trick. It’s a practical gift that the makeup artist in your life can use at work everyday to protect their clothing against stains, along with storing makeup & other supplies in the pockets. You can choose from loads of cute designs too. When it comes to makeup artist gift ideas, they are an excellent idea.

makeup artist brush organizer

Makeup Brush Organizer

One item that makes our gift list is a makeup brush organizer. They are the perfect way for artists to keep their cosmetics categorized and neatly arranged. In addition, it’s a great way for the artist to know exactly what supplies they have on hand and what needs to be re-ordered. They also help to keep their workspace neat and tidy.

Cool gifts for makeup artists

Makeup Artist Phone Case

Cool gifts for makeup artists need not cost a fortune. One example that comes to mind is a stylish phone case. Everyone in the profession has a smartphone, so they are going to need a case that helps to prevent it against nicks, scratches and dings. They’re super affordable and come in a wide variety of colors and makeup themed designs. Practical too, as it’s a present they will use everyday.

makeup artist Christmas presents

Makeup Artist Popsocket

Along with a cool phone case, a Popsocket is the perfect compliment. These make great makeup artist Christmas presents as they allow users to better grip when using their phone and while taking selfies to show off their latest creations. They can even be used as a phone stand for creating videos. Even better, they are super affordable and can be found with makeup themed designs printed on them.

gifts for aspiring makeup artists

Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine

The best gifts for aspiring makeup artists that are just getting started are those that help them succeed at their chosen profession. A fantastic choice would be a makeup brush cleaner machine. After all, keeping makeup brushes clean & disinfected is an important part of their job, right? Owning one of these will make this task easier than ever. Better models even double as brush spinners and dryers as well.

Gifts for a makeup artist

Makeup Artist Christmas Ornament

Gifts for a makeup artist can be as simple as an ornament. They are a great way to proudly display their profession while decorating the Christmas tree. There’s a huge variety of shapes, styles and designs to pick from. You can even have them customized with their name or an inspirational message that will make it extra special and truly unique.

personalized makeup artist gifts

Makeup Themed Christmas Stocking

Having a Christmas stocking filled with goodies is what everyone looks forward to during the holiday season. Here is an idea that you can have customized with their name. You can fill it up with their favorite makeup, candies, or whatever pleases them. It’s one of our favorite ideas for personalized makeup artist gifts that will provide plenty of joy.

professional makeup artist gifts

Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

If you are looking for professional makeup artist gifts, a lighted vanity makeup mirror is the perfect choice to give as a present. Pros absolutely need one, as they provide lighting from all angles, which helps them to properly apply makeup in the best possible manner. Better versions come as complete sets, including a counter top and plenty of drawers for storing their tools and cosmetics.

gifts for makeup artists

Funny Makeup T-Shirts

Everyone knows that tees are cool. Perfect to relax in or to wear when stepping out casually. It’s a must have item to add to your gifts for makeup artists list that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Even better, it’s a present that will last well into the future.

makeup artist key chain

Makeup Artist Keychain

One of our practical gift ideas to give is a themed keychain. Every artist has loads of keys, so having a way to keep them organized makes perfect sense. The selections for them are plentiful too. There are keychains that have funny & inspirational messages engraved on them, with some that include cute, dangling charms such as a hair dryer, lipstick and even eyelashes.

makeup artist present ideas

Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror

Quick makeup checks will be more convenient and rewarding with a lighted portable makeup mirror.¬† ¬†Some of the better models even have a 10x zoom feature, which is pretty amazing.¬† If you’re at a loss for makeup artist present ideas, here’s one that is sure to be welcomed.

what to gift a makeup artist

Makeup Artist Hoodies

Wondering what to gift a makeup artist? Well, everyone knows that they love wearing hoodies. They are comfortable, warm and stylish. The good news is that they are available in just about every color and style that you can imagine. Perfect to wear while working or when chilling out after a long day on the job. The icing on the cake is that you can discover loads of fun, cute and interesting designs that will fit the personality of that special makeup artist in your life to perfection.

makeup artist journal

Makeup Artist Journal

Journals are a super way for those in the profession to jot down important notes, sketches or even keep a diary.  They are one of the excellent ideas that will fit in your gift giving budget and provide plenty of joy to the recipient.

gifts for wedding makeup artists

Kabuki Brushes

One of the excellent gifts for wedding makeup artists who are serious about their art would be a set of Kabuki brushes. Because they work well with all types of makeup, including liquid, powder or mineral, artists love using them. Not only that, they are well crafted, long lasting and super easy to care for.

makeup artist birthday gifts

Complete Makeup Kit

If that special someone happens to be in the makeup profession, they will be over the moon when the open up a kit that contains loads of powders, brushes, eyeliners, eyeshadows & even lip glosses.  Simply put, they will have everything they need to get started.  So, if you are shopping for makeup artist birthday gifts, picking up a makeup kit to give as a present would be an excellent choice!

gifts to give a makeup artist

Funny Cosmetics Pouch

If you need gifts to give a makeup artist, cosmetic pouches are ideal. Perfect for holding all the essentials and sized to fit in their favorite handbag or purse. I think the ones that feature witty messages & designs on them are the best picks. One of the fun ideas that’s going to have the recipient smiling from ear to ear.

what to get someone who loves makeup

Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrow styling is one of the most important tasks makeup artists are experts in.¬† So, giving them the proper tools to get the job done right makes for an excellent present.¬† That’s why we think that gifting an eyebrow kit is a fantastic idea.¬† If you are wondering what to get someone who loves makeup, this is the answer!

cool makeup artist gifts

Makeup Themed Shower Curtain

Does the bathroom of your favorite makeup artist need a splash of color and style? If so, give them a stylish shower curtain to brighten it up. When it comes to cool makeup artist gifts, we think there’s nothing better than giving one of these.

thank you gifts for makeup artists

Relaxation Spa Gift Basket

One of the best thank you gifts for makeup artists are spa gift baskets. They are filled with loads of goodies that will help them to relax and unwind after a busy day creating magic for their customers. They have soaps, lotions, creams, bath bombs & even fragrances. Simply put, they are nothing short of awesome!

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