Graphic Designer Gifts Ideas

Gifts For Graphic Designers

Need graphic designer gifts ideas?

We’ve put together an incredible selection of items for designers & artists that will inspire you!

Whether you’re looking for t-shirts, coffee mugs, sketch books, or everything in between, you’ll be able to find plenty of ideas that are sure to fit in your budget.

Check out our top picks; you’ll be glad you did …

Gifts For Graphic Designers

The Best Ever Book of Designer Jokes

The Big Book Of Designer Jokes

Everyone could use a book full of quirky jokes to make the day go by easier.  Here is a book that is full of them.  It’s the “Big Book Of Designer Jokes” by Mark Young.  This is one of the funny gifts for graphic designers that allows them to go ahead & laugh a little!

Color Wheel Art Graphic Designer Unisex Analog Watch

Color Wheel Watch

One of the creative ways to keep time is with a stylish watch.  This model features a color wheel design that is guaranteed to be a big hit with designers.  Have the case personalized with a special message & you will have a present that is truly one of a kind!  It’s one of our top picks to give as birthday gifts for graphic designers!

Key Chain For Graphic Designers

Oh Crop! Key Chain

Everyone carries around a bunch of keys, so why not give a present that helps keep them organized?  This key chain is awesome.  I love the inscriptions engraved on the charms.  It’s one of our favorite Christmas gifts for graphic designers that you can give them.

Graphic Designer Donald Trump Mug

Donald Trump Funny Coffee Mug

Here is an item that is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.  Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump always has something “interesting” to say.  The message across this coffee mug is typical of “The Donald.”  When it comes to funny graphic design gifts, this one is tops!

Graphic Designers Parking Only Sign

“Graphic Designer Only” Parking Sign

Wall art is always popular as a present, especially this novelty sign.  The “Graphic Designer Parking Only” sign will let everyone in the area know the deal!  Perfect to hang at the office, in the garage or the den.  Totally hilarious & one of the very cool gifts for graphic designers out there.

Graphic Designer Gifts

Genius at Work Door Knob Sign

Creative Door Hangers

Great presents come in many shapes and forms.  Here is one that is unusual, unique and can be found for under $20.  It’s a door hanger that’s one of the perfect gifts for graphic design students types that sends out the message loud and clear.

Not Lazy Just Rendering Shirt

“Just Rendering” Funny Tee

Tees make good presents.  This “I’m Not Lazy, Just Rendering” shirt is something that everyone in the profession can easily relate to.  It’s one of the fun graphic design gifts for those who are young at heart.   Ideal to wear at parties, on casual days or while relaxing at home.

I Want To Grow up To Be a Graphic Designer Baby Bib

Future Graphic Designer Baby Bib

Need something for a baby that is destined to become graphic designer?  Check out this cute bib.  It let’s the world know of all the greatness to come in the future!

prank gift box

Prank Gift Box

Once you have found the perfect gift for a graphic designer, you are going to need to box it up and wrap it.  Here is prank gift box that is too funny.  Perfect for those graphic designers you plan to give your present to.  The recipient will be in shock when they see the graphics printed on the top.

Graphic Designers Desk

Graphic Designers Desk

Every designer needs a comfortable work space to create their designs.  Here is a modern and sleek desk that is one of the great presents for graphic designers.  It has a large surface and plenty of drawers for storage.

Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer Licence Plate Cover

Graphic Designer License Plate Holder

Here is one of the good gifts for graphic designers that will their car a splash of bling bling.  It’s a license plate frame with “I Love Being A Graphic Designer” engraved on it.  It’s the perfect way for them to show off their love for the profession.

Multi Dock USB Charging Station

Charging Station

Designers are always using the latest tech gadgets.  Smartphones, tablets, laptops, the list goes on and on.  Keeping everything charged can get messy quick.  Here is an awesome charging station that juices up them all, in a sleek and organized manner.  It at the top of the list as one of the great gifts for graphic artists.

Dell Professional LED Monitor

Dell Professional LED Monitor

Shopping for someone who is into motion graphics?  If so, one item they will always worship is a high quality LED monitor.  Better models offer up images that designers drool over!  It’s one of the gifts for graphic artists that they can use everyday!

funny shirt for graphic designers

Funny T-Shirt For A Graphic Designer

Here is one of the top gifts for a graphic designer that you can give.  The “Badass Graphic Designer” tee will be worn with pride.  Great as a gag gift & perfect for casual days at the office or when lounging around the house.

backpack for graphic designers

Stylish Backpack

Hauling around a computer and accessories is part of daily life.  Small tote bags just don’t work!  Here is a way to do it with style.  This great looking backpack has a sleek, modern design and has plenty of storage space too.  If you need a gift for a graphic designer, this is a practical one for veterans or for those just beginning in the field.  It’s guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms.

Graphic Design Gifts

Super Spirograph Kit

Super Spirograph Kit

Here is one of the best gifts for a graphic designer, a Spirograph.  It allows you to make all kinds of fun and creative designs.  Perfect for art lovers who spend their time drawing, painting & creating.  A great “throwback” present from the 60’s that is still groovy today!

modern design lamp for a graphic designer

Modern Design Desk Lamp

When it comes to the best gifts for graphic designers, practical items are always best.  Here is a fantastic desk lamp that will add style and character to any designers work space.  It’s very contemporary, with clean lines and a retro aesthetic.  Very, very artistic!

funny mug for graphic designers

Funny Mug For Designers

Wondering what to get a graphic designer for Christmas?  The best presents are those which are simple yet useful.  Here is a funny coffee mug that is sure to become the lucky recipients new favorite.

UV computer glasses for graphic designers

UV Computer Glasses

I think these UV glasses are one of the best gifts for graphic designer professionals.  They help prevent the eyes from prolonged exposure to radiation and glare from computer screens.

Hand Lettering Design Basics

Hand Lettering Design Basics

Mastering the skill of handwriting can be one the future designers best skill.  This book lays out all the design basics, making it a great gift for graphic designer beginners & pros.

Graphic Design Gift Ideas

Modern Grudge Drink Coasters

Modern Grudge Drink Coasters

Just about every designer has a mug or tumbler resting on their desk.  Here are some coasters with a cool, modern grunge design that will prevent those nasty water rings from damaging their workplace.  This set is one of my favorite gifts for graphic artists amazon has!

Graphic Designer Definition Mug

Graphic Designer Definition Mug

Coffee mugs are one of the better Secret Santa gifts for graphic designers you can give as Xmas presents.  There are a wide variety available with funny designs and messages printed on them.  This “Definition” version happens to be a very popular choice.  Match it up with the coasters above and you are all set!

Funny Sweatshirt For A Graphic Designer

Funny Graphic Designer Sweatshirt

Long hours and stress filled deadlines are part of the profession.  Here is a sweatshirt that every graphic designer can relate to.  It’s the “These Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer” sweatshirt.  If you are after one of cool gifts for graphic artists, get this!

Daily Diary For A Graphic Designer

Daily Diary For A Graphic Designer

Here is a daily diary for creatives that can make keeping appointments and scheduling a breeze.  It’s one of the best gifts for graphic artists because they all need one.  The recipient will think of you every time they use it!  “Eat, Sleep, Design, Repeat” says it all!

artsy wooden block calendar

Artsy Wooden Block Calendar

Here is a present idea that has a vintage feel.  It’s an old school block calendar that is very artsy, with plenty of style and character.  Every graphic artist can appreciate the simplicity of the design.  One of the great gifts for graphic artists under $20 that you can give.

Graphic Design Presents

great gifts for a graphic designer

Creative Workshop by D. Sherman

From beginners to the pros, graphic artists always strive to improve their craft and become the best they can be.  Here is a fantastic guide that is filled with challenges for those in the profession.  It’s all about further developing and expanding creativity.  One of the excellent Christmas gifts for graphic artists that’s available in paperback or for Kindle.

great gifts for graphic designers

Motivational Wall Art For Designers

Here is my top choice when it comes to gifts for budding graphic designers.  This wall art features the fantastic motivational quote “Be Bold, Not Italic or Regular” printed on it, with each phrase in it’s corresponding font type.  Very cool & witty.

best birthday gifts for graphic designers

Apple iPad

Just about every designer has an iPad to create their works of art.  There are times when they need to scribble down drawings and notes.  Why not give them a paper pad portfolio organizer to make their life easier?  I think it’s one of the best birthday gifts for graphic designers you can give.

birthday gift ideas for graphic designers

Mini Stress Buster Punching Bag

Meeting deadlines and coming up with original graphics can be stressful.  One of the great ideas would an item to help relax and alleviate the tension, like a desktop stress buster punching ball.  It’s a great way to unwind and clear the mind!

birthday gifts for a graphic designer

Premium Drawing Sheets

When it comes to choosing the right present, items that promote creativity are always great ideas.  One that we really like is this inspirational sketch book.  It’s ideal for jotting down those ideas so they never get lost!

Graphic Designer Mug

Graphic Designer Coffee Mug

Coffee helps to boost energy and creativity, which is why graphic designers drink plenty of it everyday.  So, go ahead and get the designer in your life a cool looking coffee mug.  It’s one of the fun items that will quickly become their favorite.

Oh crop funny t-shirt

Oh Crop Funny Tee

T-shirts are great for presents.  They are available in a variety of styles with cute sayings printed on them.  This “Oh, Crop!” shirt is one of my favorites.  Every graphic designer who uses Photoshop or any type imaging software will get a kick out of this tee.

Fineliner Color Pen Set

Fineliner Color Pen Set

It’s well known that designers love working with colors.  The more, the merrier.  Thus, a quality color pen set is always a thoughtful idea for a present.  Here is one of the better sets available that offers 10 spectacular color variations.  With these markers, they can create amazing works of art.

A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box

Portable LED Light Box

Often times, the best presents are those that they can be used regularly.   Since most in the profession are constantly drawing and tracing pictures, giving him or her a thin, light & portable light box makes perfect sense.  Even the better models can be found at cheap prices, so they are affordable as well as practical.

The Secret Lives of Color

The Secret Lives Of Colors

Books that are both entertaining and educational make excellent gifts.  One of the most popular is titled “The Secret Lives Of Colors” by Kassia St Clair.   It’s all about the origins of colors and how they relate to our daily lives, fashion and even war.  Must reading for anyone in the field of design.

STAEDTLER premium quality drawing pencils

Staedtler Pencils Set

The best ideas are those that help them to perfect their craft.  One of the essential tools are drawing pencils.  This set from Staedtler is considered the best of the best when it comes to premium pencils for a designer.

Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch

Need something funny, unique and original?  Give them and Etch A Sketch and see what kind of amazing creations they can come up with.  Just about every kid who enjoys design grew up with one of these, yet they are timeless, and perfect for designers of any age.

Design Funny: A Graphic Designer's Guide to Humor

Design Funny

Looking for something  with creativity, inspiration and humor?  “Design Funny” offers up loads of great tips & advice for the aspiring designer as well as the design expert.   Anyone who reads it will enjoy learning about the methods behind the madness when it comes to designing funny.  It’s one of the gifts for graphic artists animators that will offer them plenty of inspiration.

DESIGNER GENES Cute Infant Baby Romper

Designer Genes Baby Romper

When it comes to baby gifts, clothing items are at the top of the list.  Here is an infant onesie that is just too cute.  It has “designer genes” printed across the front.  The proud parents will be proud to show off the fact that their baby has inherited their “designer” DNA! 🙂

The Steal Like an Artist Journal: A Notebook for Creative Kleptomaniacs

Steal Like An Artist

“Steal Like An Artist” makes for a wonderful present.   It’s common for creative people to hit mental road blocks from time to time.  This book from Austin Kleon helps  artistic types to embrace influence, collect ideas, and to remix and re-imagine them to discover their own path.  I think it’s one of the best gifts for a graphic designer you can give!

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