Gifts For First Year Nurses

Need gifts for first year nurses?

With so many to choose from, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge.

Everyone knows that nursing is a demanding job,

especially when they are just starting out.

Long shift work, caring for patients and dealing with

stress are all parts of the profession.

If you need something to give as a present and are at a loss for ideas,

gifts that are unique, practical or funny tend to be big hits.

Wine Glass Rack For Nurses

Wine Glass Rack For Nurses – Every new nurse needs to wind down after a series of busy shifts.  If wine is their medicine, here is a great looking glass rack that would look awesome hanging on their wall!

Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket – Every new nurse needs to be appreciated for the awesome things that they do.  Here is a spa basket full of goodies that will help them feel relaxed and refreshed.

Nurses Cosmetic Bags

Nurses Cosmetic Bags – Here is a set of cosmetic bags for nurses that are the perfect size to carry all their essentials.  The design is cute and the size is a perfect fit for a backpack or purse.

Nurses Throw Blanket

Nurses Throw Blanket – Here is a unique present that is perfect for nurses just starting out.  It’s an attractive throw blanket designed with a nursing theme.  Ideal for those chilly nights or for snuggling while watching Netflix.

Funny Nurses Wine Glass

Funny Nurses Wine Glass – Just about every nurse has their favorite drink, which is usually wine.  So, here is a gift that will help them enjoy their favorite vintage, in a snarky way.  They will love the saying printed across the front!

Hospital Approved Silicone Wedding Bands

Silicone Wedding Bands – Most hospitals have rules against wedding bands or engagement rings that have diamonds or sharp jewels on them. This is to prevent cuts & tears to sterile gloves. Silicone rings are a great alternative that can be worn while at work. Even better, they are long lasting, comfy to wear and can hold up to hand sanitizers.

A Great Looking Nurses Bag

Nurses Bag – Nurses are known for having to haul around plenty of personal and work related stuff. Thus, a stylish bag will help to make their life much simpler. They can have all their necessities with them at all times, stored in a well organized manner. Fashionable, durable and plenty of pockets for storage, it’s a must have item that will last them well into retirement.

Nurses Badge Clip
Nurses Badge Clip – Nurses work in secured areas, which require ID badges to get in and out of their workplace. Their badge is prominently displayed on their uniform for all to see. It’s a simple, yet boring accessory that happens to be a necessity of the job. However, with a cute, colorful and stylish badge clip, they can brighten up their scrubs and show off their unique personality.

Gifts For First Year Nurses

Stethoscope ID Tag – Every nurse is required to have a stethoscope, and yes, they can be a bit pricey. Sometimes they get lost or misplaced by accident, so using an ID tag is a great idea. There are plenty of wonderful styles available or you could even choose a customized version that features the name of the recipient. The special nurse in your life will think of you every time they use it. Even better, they’re super affordable too!

Smart Phone Sanitizer

Smart Phone Sanitizer – It’s a well known fact that the surface of smart phones are dirty. In fact, it has been proven that they are even more dirty than a toilet seat. Nurses already deal with loads of germs and bacteria on the job, so help them out by giving them a phone sanitizer. They are lightweight, portable and can sterilize their phone in a few short minutes.

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Gifts For First Year Nurses

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