Gifts For Computer Programmers

Gifts For Computer Programmers

Need gifts for computer programmers?

We have them 💻

Our recommended picks will make that special programmer in your life feel good, appreciated and look great.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, let us help!  Take a peek below and get inspired!

Best Gifts For Computer Programmers

[amazon box =”B01K0A6NSM” title=”Computer Programmer Mug”]

Computer programmer mugs are a super choice to give as presents. Coders love to drink coffee, so why not give them a cool way to do it? They come in a variety of colors with fun artwork on them. One of our favorites features a witty take on php code.

[amazon box =”B078RWBGR7″ title=”Eat Sleep Code Repeat Shirt”]

Perhaps you need something for someone with a sense of humor.  If so, funny programming t-shirts are guaranteed to be a big hit. Ideal for those who work in a casual office environment to show off their love for the profession. One of the more popular designs is the “Eat Sleep Code Repeat” tee written in html code.

[amazon box =”B07FY2Q12B” title=”Computer Coder Keychain”]

Coding themed keychains are a great idea! Everyone carries keys, so give them a cool way to keep everything organized. The “Code-Blooded” version is at the top of our list.

[amazon box =”B0995DTF87″ title=”Computer Coding Stickers”]

Coding stickers are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who receives them. Perfect for jazzing up their laptop, water bottle or even for the car. Very cool & super affordable.

[amazon box =”B07VBPNYS1″ title=”Binary Code Socks”]

Algorithm socks are on the wish list for every coder. Fun and stylish, these are perfect for those who love to show their personality through their clothing. Great for parties, casual day at work or just because. The binary code pair are our favorites!

[amazon box =”B07Y414QXJ” title=”Ergonomic Keyboard”]

One of our top choices would be an ergonomic keyboard. In addition to looking super cool, they also help to support the wrists and forearms, which reduces fatigue. Not only that, it will allow them to type faster, promote good posture and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

[amazon box =”B0007VB4NE” title=”Balance Ball Chair”]

Everyone knows that programmers are sitting down all day. This type of chair will allow them to strengthen their core by activating their trunk muscles and improving posture. It will make all the hours spent programming benefit their physical fitness too.

[amazon box =”B085XGKBDT” title=”Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses”]

Better ideas are those that help make work easier and keeps them out of harms way. A perfect example would be a pair of blue light filter computer glasses. After all, sitting in front of an LED screen for hours on end can damage their eyes in the long run. These glasses will block the harmful light that emits from digital screens. On top of that, the help to reduce eye strain, reduce glair and increase vision clarity.

[amazon box =”B08KRHS2ZL” title=”Dual Computer Monitors”]

Equipment that inspires them to create amazing programs and increases their productivity is always a good idea. So, why not present them with an extra computer monitor, especially for those who work remotely. In fact, there’s a study by Jon Peddie Research which showed that those working with multiple displays increased their work output by over 42%.

[amazon box =”B0B4QV7B5T” title=”Computer Programmer Tote Bag”]

Programmer’s are always carrying around lots of tech devices, notebooks and of course, their computer. There are plenty of hi-tech versions of tote bags that have lots of bells & whistles, however, we think an old school canvas versions are. Especially those with hilarious sayings on them at are sure to get a smile from even the staunchest programmer in your life.

Peace 💻

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