Gifts For Chicken Owners

gifts for chicken owners

Searching for the best gifts for chicken owners?

Don’t sweat it 🐔

We have plenty of gift ideas for chicken owners, no matter the occasion!

We know that chicken keepers can be picky & are tough to shop for.

So, we have put together a list of chicken owner gifts that are sure to give you plenty of inspiration.

Whether it’s funny t-shirts, cool socks, signs for a chicken coop, coffee mugs or anything in between, you’ll find plenty of gifts for a chicken owner that will fit into your budget.

Check out the cool gifts for chicken owners we’ve discovered, you’ll be glad you did!

Funny "Cluck It" Chicken Socks

Funny “Cluck It” Chicken Socks

Everyone loves getting socks as a gift.  Because we wear them everyday, we can never have enough pairs of them.  Here’s a pair that make perfect gifts for chicken keepers with a sense of humor.  The design is cute & the saying on the bottoms is hilarious!

Chicken Chick's Guide to Backyard Chickens

Chicken Chicks Guide To Backyard Chickens

It’s a must have for anyone who wants to raise happy healthy hens.  It’s very straightforward, sensible and funny.  Perfect for those just starting out and an excellent review for those who are “old timers.”  If you need gifts for someone raising chickens, this practical and affordable book is our top pick.

I Raise Tiny Dinosaurs" Hoodie 

“I Raise Tiny Dinosaurs” Hoodie

Here’s a funny hoodie that’s one of the perfect gifts for chicken farmers.  They will love the Jurassic Park style design & enjoy wearing it while tending to their chickens or anytime there’s a chill in the air!

Handmade Chicken Swing

Handmade Chicken Swing

Check out this super cool chicken swing that reduces boredom and keeps chickens entertained, They can to hop up as they please, stretch their wings and swing back and forth above their pals.  It’s one of our favorite gifts for someone who has chickens.

Funny "Peep Show" Chicken Coop Sign

Funny “Peep Show” Chicken Coop Sign

When it comes to gifts for the chicken farmer, we think funny is best!  Check out this “Peep Show” sign that’s perfect to display on a chicken coop, barn door or even inside a den or mancave.

Egg Gathering And Collecting Apron

Egg Gathering And Collecting Apron

This cutely designed apron is one of the must-have items for those farming chickens.  Here’s one that we like that’s made from durable materials & has plenty of pockets.  When it comes to useful gifts for chicken owners, this one is tops.

How to Speak Chicken

How To Speak Chicken

When it comes to gifts for new chicken owners, communication with their poultry is key.  Here is a great book that makes it easy to perfectly understand the cackles and coos of hens and roosters.

50 Do-It-Yourself Projects for Keeping Chickens

Keeping Chickens

A great book filled with 50 DIY projects including coops, runs, dust baths, swings & more.  If you’re in need of gifts for chicken coop owners, get them a copy of this guide!

Chicken Leash & Harness Set

Chicken Leash And Harness Set

A leash & harness set is a wonderful choice to give as cool gifts for chicken owners.  Perfect for those long walks when you need to keep those chickens under control 🙂

Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoe With Chickens

Sloggers Shoes

Practical gifts for chicken owners can be as simple as a comfortable pair of waterproof rain & garden shoes.  Ideal for those days when mother nature decides it’s going to be wet outside.

Farm Fresh Eggs Retro Vintage Tin Sign

Vintage Tin Sign

Need good gifts for chicken owners and are at a loss for ideas?  How about a “Farm Fresh Eggs” display sign for their den, living room or barn.  The vintage, farmhouse design gives it a rustic appeal.

Funny Chicken Whisperer T shirt

“Chicken Whisperer” T-shirt.

We happen to think t-shirts are the best gift for chicken owners.  Here’s a funny tee that is sure to get a laugh every time it’s worn.  Perfect to give for those with a good sense of humor.

Personalized Chicken Mug

Personalized Chicken Mug

Simple gifts for chicken owners are often times the best.  For example, here’s a mug that’s great for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. There are plenty of nice designs are available with detailed artwork printed on them that pay homage to chickens.  Add the recipients name for an extra special touch.

Hen On Nest Glass Blown Christmas Ornament

Hen On Nest Ornament

Cute ornaments make wonderful Christmas gifts for chicken farmers.  One of my favorites is this beautiful hand blown ornament featuring a hen on a nest.

Funny Beware of Chickens Warning Sign

Beware Of Chickens Sign

Wondering what to get someone who loves chickens?  We think that items for a den or garage make for great presents.  One idea is this awesome looking beware of chickens sign.  Displaying it is sure to bring many laughs.

Keep Gate Closed No Matter What The Chickens Say Sign

“Keep The Gate Closed” Sign

Here’s another great looking sign I came across while thinking about gifts for someone who has chickens.  I think it’s fantastic for a barn, patio or as wall decor.   Too cute & very funny!

Chicken Wire Dome Pendant Light

Chicken Wire Dome Pendant Light

Items that add to the decor of their home are great gift ideas for chicken farmers.  One that we’re fond of is this great dome light made from chicken wire.  It adds a rustic, barnyard like character to any room in the house.

Movable Chicken Coop

Movable Chicken Coop

If you’re trying to find gifts for someone with a chicken coop, how about getting them a new one?!  Here’s one we found that’s affordable, easy to set up & is moveable!  Large enough to fit 3-5 chickens too!

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