Cool Gifts For Bookworms

Cool Gifts For Bookworms

Need cool gifts for bookworms?

Have you gifted them tons of tones of books but want to try something a little different this year?

The following 25 gift ideas are perfect for the book lover in your life who already has shelves upon shelves of their favorite books.

Check out our top picks …

Gifts For Bookworms

great gifts for bookworms

LED Book Light

An LED book light available in a variety of colors sure to match the hues of their favorite reading nook.  It’s one of the great gifts for bookworms you can give.

perfect gifts for bookworms

Bathtub Caddy Tray

A bamboo bathtub caddy tray so they can read anywhere, even in the tub!  It’s one of the perfect gifts for bookworms that’s sure to be appreciated.

cool gifts for bookworms

Antiquarian Bookplates

Need best gifts for bookworms?  How about some antiquarian bookplates for polishing their book library with quotes from Samuel Johnson, Johnathan Swift, and Jane Austen.

Christmas gifts for bookworms

Vintage Bookmarks

These vintage bookmarks are great for keeping track of their reading in style.  We think they are great to give as Christmas gifts for bookworms.

great non-book gifts for bookworms

Agate Bookends

Searching for great non-book gifts for bookworms?  How about these gorgeous polished agate bookends? Each one weighs up to three pounds!

deluxe gifts for bookworms

Stylish Book Pins

A set of crafty book pins lets your loved one show off their passion for books wherever they go.  We are big fans of these & think they are a wonderful idea to give as deluxe gifts for bookworms.

creative gifts for bookworms

Booklovers Keychain

Any book lover would appreciate this sassy key chain, which reads, “I don’t have a bedtime, I have a booktime.”  If you’re after creative gifts for bookworms, consider giving one of these!

unique gifts for bookworms

Bookworm Plush

An adorable bookworm plush is always nice to snuggle up to while digging into that latest page-turner.  For unique gifts for bookworms, it’s our top choice, and cute too!

awesome gifts for bookworms

Book Shaped Locket Necklace

For the book-loving women in your life, here’s one of the awesome gifts for bookworms you can give.  This 18-inch book-shaped pendant opens up to reveal a pretty interior.  Simply beautiful.

cheap gifts for bookworms

Cat Bookmark

Forget a bookmark! For the real book lover, they need a cute cat bookmark.  A great idea to give anytime of the year, who says cheap gifts for bookworms can’t be totally amazing.

graduation gifts for bookworms

Personal Library Kit

Although they’ll never give up their real library, your book lover can have their very own at home with this personal library kit.  A fantastic idea to give as graduation gifts for bookworms.

Xmas gifts for bookworms

Magnetic Poetry Fridge Set

A magnetic poetry fridge kit can spark the inspiration needed to start their own masterpieces.  One of the fun Xmas gifts for bookworms that’s guaranteed to be a hit!

birthday gifts for bookworms

Novel Teas

Novel Teas are book-themed teas that make the ideal accompaniment to a comfy couch and a good book.  If you’re after birthday gifts for bookworms, this one is a real conversation starter.

amazing gifts for bookworms

Library Scented Candles

Are there any amazing gifts for bookworms to be found?  How about some library candles with scents inspired by some of the greatest authors in history?

gift ideas for bookworms

Library Card Tote Bag

A tote bag with print reminiscent of a library card is the accessory for those endless trips to the bookstore and library.  It’s one of our favorite gift ideas for bookworms that isn’t books!

gifts to give a bookworm

Funny Booklovers Throw Pillow

Wondering what gifts to give a bookworm?  This cozy throw pillow, which reads “just one more chapter, ”would be a great addition to their book nook.

gifts to get a bookworm

Floating Bookshelves

Need another idea for gifts to get a bookworm?  Some floating bookshelves any book lover will appreciate. They could use the extra storage space for more books!

what to get a bookworm for Christmas

Funny Bookworm T-Shirt

Need suggestions for what to get a bookworm for Christmas?  A comfortable women’s t-shirt proclaims the true inner thoughts of a book lover, so go ahead and get her one of these!

easy gifts for bookworms

Novelty Bookshelf Socks

Sometimes, easy gifts for bookworms are best, like this one.  Cozy knee-high literary socks will keep them tootsies warm during reading time.  They look great too!

inexpensive gifts for bookworms

Jane Austen Book Coasters

These Jane Austen book coasters are so precious they might be displayed instead of used!  Who says inexpensive gifts for bookworms can’t be stylish and classy!

things to get bookworms

Shakespeare Insult Mug

One of our favorite things to get bookworms are coffee mugs.  This Shakespeare insult mug will teach your book lover some great new ways to offend…but literarily.

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