Gifts For Active Guys

Having a tough time finding gifts for active guys?  Don’t sweat it!  We have ideas that will please any guy that lives an active lifestyle or is a gym rat.   Whether it’s workout gear, exercise equipment or tech related, you will find inspiration here!

Gifts For Active Guys

Birthday Gifts For Active Guys


New Balance Training Shoes New Balance Cross Fit Shoes

When it comes to gifts for a gym freak boyfriend, nothing beats a great pair of cross fit shoes.  Perfect for working out in the gym or for jogging.

Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

When choosing the best present for gym junkies, tech products are always a great choice.  At the top of the list are a great pair of wireless bluetooth headphones so he can listen to his favorite tunes while exercising.

adidas Men's Track Jacket Adidas Workout Jacket

Top quality gear is one of the gifts for fitness lovers that is always welcomed.  A great example would be a workout sweat jacket.  There are several brands that offer them, with Adidas being at the top of the list.

NordicTrack Treadmill NordicTrack Treadmill

Sometimes it can be a hassle getting to the gym for a workout.  Not only that, the best fitness club memberships can be expensive.  Why not get him a top quality treadmill so he can workout at home?


Apple Sport Watch

Apple Sport Watch

Need something cool for a boyfriend?  A great idea would be an Apple sport watch.  It will keep him connected to the world while he’s keeping his body fit.  They are packed with body monitoring functions that will keep his exercise regime on track.

Kettlebell Weight Set Kettlebell Weight Set

Guys with toned bodies use weight training as part of their exercise routines.  One of the workouts that is popular involve using Kettlebells.  When looking for gym gifts for boyfriend, these are my favorites.

Stealth Core Trainer Core Trainer Exercise Machine

Guys that workout know that the key to strength and agility starts with developing the core muscle groups.  Here is a great exercise machine that does exactly that.  If it’s gifts for gym junkies you’re looking for, this one is tops!

Exercise Workout Gloves Exercise Workout Gloves

Keeping hands and fingers protected is important for every guy who works out.  A good pair of workout gloves protect against blisters, rashes, scrapes and scratches.  They are a guy gift that will be truly appreciated.

Men's Compression Pants Men’s Compression Pants

The active man in your life could benefit from owning a pair of compression pants.  They help to keep muscles warm and skin properly ventilated during workouts, which is ideal for preventing pulled muscles and cramps.

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