Gift Ideas For Healthy Eaters

Need gift ideas for healthy eaters?

Whether it’s a food dehydrator, yogurt maker,

food huggers or veggie steamers ….

We have them 😉

Help them live a healthier lifestyle!

Have a look below to get inspired!

Our Top Picks ….


Food Dehydrator

Electric Food Dehydrator – Just about everyone enjoys dried fruits.  However, those sold in stores often contain extra sugars and preservatives which tend to be unhealthy.  If you are shopping for valentines gifts for healthy eaters, get them their own food dehydrator so they can make healthy snack treats that are low carb, at home.   It’s much healthier and cheaper than store bought.

Yogurt Maker

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker – Yogurt is considered as one of the super foods when it comes your health.  Buying it at the supermarket can be a challenge, since you never really know what the ingredients are.  Organic versions can be very expensive too.  The best way for food lovers to enjoy it is to make it yourself at home with a yogurt maker.  They are one of the affordable Secret Santa gifts for healthy eaters that will always be appreciated.  Registered dietitian recommended too!

Olive Oil Mister

Misto Olive Oil Mister – We all know that olive oil is healthy, however, it can be hard to deal with.  Most bottles only allow us to pour it out, so it’s a challenge to spread it evenly over our favorite foods.  A great gift giving solution to this problem is an olive oil mister.  Once you use one of these, you can’t live without it!  It’s one of those kitchen gadgets you shouldn’t live without.

Silicone Steamer

Silicone Veggie Steamer – A silicone steamer is an excellent way to prepare healthy food like veggies, fish and meat.  They are super easy to clean and will last forever.  Every healthy eater could use one of these.  A perfect item to include if you are creating gift baskets for healthy eaters.

Greek Tzatziki Sea Salt - Gourmet Infused Sea Salt - Non GMO Verified - Magnetic Tin - Craft Seasoning - 2.7oz - Crafted in Small Batches by Gustus Vitae - #14
A can of non-gmo, gourmet Greek Tzatziki Sea Salt to naturally season soups, sauces & meats.

CraveBox Healthy Care Package (30 Count) Natural Food Bars Nuts Fruit Health Nutritious Snacks Variety Gift Box Pack Assortment Basket Bundle Mix Sampler College Students Office Staff Halloween

A CraveBox filled with delicious goodies is one of the subscription boxes for college students.  If you want to send a healthy eating gift to that special someone, go with this gift box!  Much more fun and personal that sending gift cards.
Keto Snack Box (20 Count) - Ultra Low Carb Snacks, Ketogenic Friendly, Gluten Free, Low Sugar - Healthy Keto Gift Box Variety Pack - Protein Bars, Pork Rinds, Cheese Crisps, Nuts, Jerky
A keto snack box is at the top of our list of gift sets to give someone who is on a low carb diet.

Food Huggers

Food Huggers – Simple yet practical is sometimes best, especially when it comes to gift giving.  A great example would be a set of Food Huggers.  They help to keep half eaten fruits and veggies fresh and can also be used on jars and containers as lids.  Food lasts longer and helps to save money too!  A great present to give for the holiday season and an even better stocking stuffer.

Healthy Eater Gift T-ShirtA healthy eater t-shirt is one of the perfect gifts you can give to promote a lifestyle of health and wellness.  Great to wear when relaxing at home or for casual day at work.  Ideal as a birthday gift too!

Mr. Papou's | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | First Cold Pressed | Family Owned | Harvested in Greece | 3 Liter - 101.4 fl oz
First cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for healthy dressings, dipping and cooking.

Health Beet Portion Plate Choose MyPlate for Kids, Toddlers - Kids Plates with Dividers and Nutrition Portions - English Language (Set of 4)A portion control plate that sections off food groups  to help keep kids healthy.

Smart Fat: Eat More Fat. Lose More Weight. Get Healthy Now.
Eat healthy with the “Smart Fat” book that includes 50 recipes and a 30 day meal plan that teaches all about healthy fats and weight loss.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, Black/Black Aluminium, One Size (S & L Bands Included)A fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate, sleep stages, record workouts and more.  Perfect for the health conscious type that loves to keep track of their data.

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Gift Ideas For Healthy Eaters

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