Funny Gifts For Poker Players

Need funny gifts for poker players?

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We’ve gone all in to find the the coolest presents that are fun and unique.

Stop wondering what to give that special poker player in your life.

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Funny Gifts For Poker Players

Funny Poker T-Shirts – You can’t go wrong by giving a t-shirt as a present. Great to wear at the next poker night and guaranteed to get plenty of laughs. The “I’ve Seen My Hand You Should Fold” is one of my all time favorites.

Prank Gift Boxes

Prank Gift Boxes – One of our favorites is this Baby’s first gambling kit.   Guaranteed to be a hit, it’s actually a prank gift box that you can use to put your real gift inside. Imagine the shock on the face of your poker loving friend when they see this!

Poker Phone Cases

Poker Phone Cases – A phone case is kind of a serious gift, especially since it helps to protect their smartphone against drops, nicks & scratches. However, they come in loads of funny designs that will make it a truly unique present. A great example is this “Born To Play Poker Forced To Work” version.

Lucky Poker Socks

Lucky Poker Socks – We can never have enough pairs of socks. After all, we usually wear them everyday, right? So, why not go with something cool & funky, like a lucky poker socks. A great idea for both men or women. Ideal for office casual day or for the next poker night.

Playing Card Bow Ties

Playing Card Bow Tie – If that special poker player in your life happens to be a snappy dresser, go ahead and get them a fashion accessory, such as a bow tie. One of my favorites happens to be this King Of Spades version. Stylish, cool & an attention getter.

Poker Throw Pillow Covers

Poker Throw Pillow Covers – Things for the home are also great items you can give to a poker fiend, such as throw pillow covers. What makes them special are the humorous sayings printed across the front. This “My Perfect Day” pillow is too funny. Guaranteed to add life to an otherwise dull décor.

Poker Jigsaw Puzzles

Poker Jigsaw Puzzles – Activities to keep them busy between poker games are a great idea for gifts, such as jigsaw puzzles. This particular version features animals around the table playing Texas Hold’em. Imagine how cool this would look on the wall in the mancave.

Poker Tin Signs

Poker Tin Signs – Speaking of the mancave, wall art, such as retro styled tin signs are awesome for creating the perfect poker atmosphere. One of the most popular signs is the “Bluffing A Pair Of Balls Beats Everything” version. It’s a saying that every one who plays the game perfectly understands!

Donald Trump Playing Cards

Donald Trump Playing Cards – Everyone knows that you can’t play poker without a deck of playing cards. Most use a typical deck, but why? How about playing your next game with some gold colored Donald Trump playing cards. Love him or hate him, it’s gonna make things interesting!

Giant Playing Cards

Giant Playing Cards – Even better, you could go completely crazy and get a deck of giant playing cards. Kids love them and adults who are kids at hard think they’re awesome. Go ahead and dare to be different 🙂

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Funny Gifts For Poker Players

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