Funny Gifts For Graphic Designers Guide

Funny Gifts For Graphic Designers

Those in creative professions are known for having a great sense of humor.  That’s where funny gifts for graphic designers come into play.  If you need something witty & a bit off the wall, check out the fantastic ideas we have below!

Funny Gifts For Graphic Designers

Fun Gifts For Graphic Designers Guaranteed To Please!

The Best Ever Book of Designer Jokes

Joke Book – Everyone could use a good joke to make the day go by easier.  Here is a book that is full of them.  It’s the “Big Book Of Designer Jokes” by Mark Young.  With this, the designer in your life can go ahead & laugh a little!

Fun Graphic Design Gifts

Key Chain – Everyone carries around a bunch of keys, so why not give a present that helps keep them organized?  This key chain is one of the fun graphic design gifts you can give.  I love the inscriptions engraved on the charms.  Very cute & funny.

Gifts For Graphic Designers

Coffee Mug – Here is an item that is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.  Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump always has something “interesting” to say.  The message across this coffee mug is typical of “The Donald.”  One of the gifts for graphic designers that is sure to please.

Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

Parking Only Sign – Wall art is always popular as a present, especially this novelty sign.  The “Graphic Designer Parking Only” sign will let everyone in the area know the deal!  Perfect to hang at the office, in the garage or the den.  When it comes to gift ideas for graphic designers, this one is hilarious.

Gifts For Designers

Door Hanger – Gifts for designers come in many shapes and forms.  Here is one that is unusual & unique.  It’s a door hanger for creative types that sends out the message loud and clear.  Actually, it includes 16 different funny messages.  Very cool!

Gifts For Motion Designers

Funny T-Shirt – Tees make ideal gifts for motion designers and graphic designers alike.  This “I’m Not Lazy, Just Rendering” shirt is something that everyone in the profession can easily relate to.  A great gag gift that is ideal to wear at birthday or parties, on casual days or while relaxing at home.

Best Gifts For Graphic Designers

Prank Gift Box – Once you have found the perfect present, you are going to need to box it up and wrap it.  Here is prank gift box that is too funny.  Perfect for a birthday or special occasion.  The recipient will be in shock when they see the graphics printed on the top.  I think it is one of the best gifts for graphic designers you can give.

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