Funny Chicken Gifts

Desperately seeking funny chicken gifts?

Not sure what to give?

If so, look no further!

We have plenty of great ideas for presents that

are both fun to give & receive.

Have a look below and find something really cool!

Sling Shot Flying Chickens

Sling Shot Flying Chickens

These flying chickens make for a great gag gift.  You shoot them at a target and they will stick to the wall.  Fun for all ages.

Novelty Chicken Socks

Novelty Chicken Socks

Lots of funny stuff can be found at amazon.  Check out these great looking socks that are covered with chickens.  Whoever gets these will love wearing them.

Funny Wine Bottle Stopper

Chicken Bottle Stopper

Chicken themed gifts are always fun to give, especially if the recipient is a wine drinker.  Here is a great looking bottle stopper that is sure to be a big hit.

Funny Chicken Wrapping Paper

Chicken Wrapping Paper

If you are creating your own DIY gift to give, make sure you wrap it up with style.  Here is come cool chicken wrapping paper that makes for a great presentation.

Mens Funny Rooster Underwear

Funny Rooster Underwear

Shopping for rooster lovers and need something humorous?  If so, nothing tops this funny t-back underwear for men.  The styling is hilarious and the rooster design covers all the right places.

Funny Beware of Chickens Warning Sign

Beware Of Chickens Sign

Items for a den or garage make for great presents.  One of the chicken related things you can give is this awesome looking beware of chickens sign.  Displaying it is sure to bring many laughs.  One of the great gifts for chicken owners too!

Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos Apron

Los Pollos Hermanos Apron

Does that special someone enjoy cooking?  Themed cookware makes for a fun gift, however, I think this apron is much cooler.  You may recognize the design from the Breaking Bad TV show.   Give something funny & unique!

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

50 Shades Of Chicken Recipe Book

We all know that chicken is delicious food.  This cookbook offers up 50 recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious, 50 shades style.  It’s a funny parody of 50 shades of grey.  Check it out!

Shuh Duh Fuh Cup Funny Chicken Mug

Funny Chicken Coffee Mug

Everyone loves drinking coffee or tea, so it’s only natural to give them a great looking chicken mug.  I love the funny saying printed across the front of this one!  Cute, isn’t?

Funny Mama Hen wine glass

Funny Chicken Stemless Wine Glass

Another no-brainer gift idea would be a funny wine glass.  This one features the “Mama Hen” design which is super cute.  It’s an affordable present that is sure to be enjoyed.

Novelty Chicken Tin Sign

Novelty Chicken Tin Sign

Simple presents like nick knack’s or a funny sign are ideal for presents.  This particular idea is a tin sign that has a totally awesome saying written across the front.  Very cool!

Funny Chicken Gifts

Funny Chicken T-Shirt

One of the ultimate ideas for gifts are t shirts.  I came across this one and immediately knew that it would make the perfect present for any guy who likes chickens.  It’s a must have!

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Funny Chicken Gifts

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