Dolphin Gifts: 25+ Ideas For Lovers Of Dolphins!

Is it dolphin gifts you seek?

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Just about everyone loves dolphins.

Some people are more crazy for them than others.

Maybe you have a friend or family that’s passionate for them.

You want to get something special as a present, right?

Check out our great ideas below!

Dolphin Gifts

Gifts For Dolphin Lovers!

Rhinestone Dolphin Key Chain

Rhinestone Dolphin Key Chain – Women love to have a little bling bling in their life.  Here is a shiny and sparkling keychain that’s one of the unique items you can give.  A ideal for any occasion, and a practical one too!  Perfect for a teacher, especially since they carry a lot of keys around.

Dolphin Coffee Mug

Dolphin Coffee Mug – Many start off the day with a delicious cup of coffee.  So, why not get that dolphin person in your life a themed coffee mug!  The design is bold, the colors are vivid, and the dolphin shaped handle is one of a kind.

Dolphins Fleece Throw Blanket

Dolphins Fleece Throw Blanket – Relaxing on the couch watching TV or lounging outside on the grass, resting on a fleece blanket makes the experience all the more comfortable.  This great looking throw blanket is one that needs to be put on your dolphin presents shopping list.  A great gift idea!

Dolphin Pendant Necklace

Dolphin Pendant Necklace – Jewelry always has a place in the heart of every woman.  If you are searching for a great dolphin lover gift that is precious and stunning, then check out this fantastic pendant necklace.   The classic silver heart shaped styling makes it perfect for both casual day and evening wear.  A great pick for Mother’s day!

Personalized Birthday / Anniversary Card

Personalized Birthday / Anniversary Card – Why give a simple store bought birthday or wedding anniversary card when you can present one that’s beautiful and truly unique.  Here is one of my personalized dolphin gifts that features stunning artwork along with customized text about the recipient.  It’s a true keepsake.

Magnetic Dolphin Sculpture

Magnetic Dolphin Sculpture – Sometimes the best presents are those that are out of the ordinary.  Here is one that is great for display as desk toy or on a bookshelf.  This magnetic sculpture allows the recipient to be original and create their own masterpiece.  When it comes to a good gift for dolphin lovers, it’s ideal.

Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder

Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder – If the dolphins lover in your life is a wine drinker, then themed accessories are perfect items to add to your present list.  Here is a fun and unique item, a wine bottle holder.  Great for a home bar or to place in the kitchen.  It’s one of the decorative  dolphin birthday gifts you can give that’s surprisingly affordable.

Dolphin Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Dolphin Salt & Pepper Shaker Set – Every kitchen or dinner table has condiments on display.  Most holders are dull and boring.  Take a break from the ordinary and give this salt & pepper shaker set as present.  It’s sure to make mealtime fun.   When searching for dolphin gift items, here is one that’s a must buy!

Dolphin Night Light

Dolphin Night Light – Keeping the boogie man away is always a concern for kids and their parents.  One solution to sweet dreams is a great looking night light.  Here is a fantastic looking one in a dolphin theme.  If you are shopping for the little ones, this is one of the ideal dolphin gifts for kids you can give.

Dolphin Bangle Bracelet

Dolphin Bangle Bracelet – If you are in need of gifts for someone who loves dolphins, check out this super cute bangle bracelet.  After all, every female loves jewelry, especially if it’s dolphin themed.  The design of this piece works well with both casual and formal outfits and the price is super affordable!

Dolphin Stuffed Animal

Dolphin Stuffed Animal – Children and stuffed animals go together like peas in a pod.  So, if you are at a loss for ideas on what to give that special youngster in your life, a dolphin plush is an excellent choice.  It’s one of the timeless dolphin gifts for kids that will always be cuddled & loved!

Multi-Layered Glass Dolphin

Multi-Layered Glass Dolphin – Sometimes, simple is best!  So, when shopping for a gift for a dolphin lover, always remember that great presents can come in small packages.   Dainty and cute items that add to the décor of a home or office are excellent choices.  This glass dolphin is one that will brighten up the day for anyone who sees it!

Framed 3D Holographic Dolphins Picture

Framed 3D Holographic Dolphins Picture – For those who appreciate art, there is no shortage of cool posters and paintings.  So, if it’s something dolphin themed you seek, here is our top pick,  It’s a 3D holographic picture with an effect that’s so realistic, it appears as if the dolphins & fish are swimming right in front of you.  One of the best selling dolphin gifts Amazon has, so check it out!

Dolphin Beaded Charm Bracelet

Dolphin Beaded Charm Bracelet – Silver jewelry never goes out of style, especially when the jewelry in question is a charm bracelet.  So, if you need something for mom, have a look at this gorgeous piece.  Plenty of gemstones, sea shells, turtles, starfish & of course, dolphins adorn it.  A very classy & sophisticated present, that won’t empty out your wallet!

Dolphin Tea Cup & Saucer Set

Dolphin Tea Cup & Saucer Set – Decorative tea cups and saucers are one of the best Christmas gifts there is.  This set in particular is truly special.  It is crafted using a 3D technique so it appears that the dolphins are swimming around the cup.  The design of this set is so beautiful that even if it’s not actually used, it can be displayed as artwork on a bookshelf or as a table centerpiece.

Dolphin Tale & Dolphin Tale 2 Bundle Set

Dolphin Tale & Dolphin Tale 2 Bundle Set – Fans of these graceful sea creatures will love getting this set as a present.  It features Dolphin Tale & Dolphin Tail 2 in this special DVD bundle.  Great for all the family to enjoy!

Dolphin Onesie Set For Men & Women

Dolphin Onesie Set For Men & Women – Shopping for a couple with a sense of humor?  Here is a onesie set for adults that is so funny, it’s actually cute.  Perfect for relaxing at home, cosplay fun or even Halloween.

Colorful Dolphins DIY Paint By Numbers Kit

Colorful Dolphins DIY Paint By Numbers Kit – Making a gift yourself adds an extra special touch.  One suggestion for a present is this DIY paint by numbers kit.  Perfect for kids, adults & even beginners.  Super affordable too!

Dolphin Dancing Hula Ornament

Dolphin Dancing Hula Ornament – Something great to give are ornaments for decorating the Xmas tree.  Here is an ornament featuring a dolphin that is dancing and wearing a hula skirt.  Simply beautiful!

Pink Dolphin CZ Stud Earrings

Pink Dolphin CZ Stud Earrings – We recommend earrings for hard to shop for teens.  The hottest color at the moment is pink.  Have a look at the beauties above and imagine how cute she will look wearing them.

Best Friends Dolphin Necklaces

Best Friends Dolphin Necklaces – Thinking of what to get for a friend?  How about a pair of BFF necklaces?  This beauty is heart shaped & features rhinestones with “Best Friends” engraved across the front.

Skater Dress With Dolphins

Skater Dress With Dolphins – If you are in need of something for girls, clothing is always welcomed.  Here is a lovely skater dress that will transform her into a sea princess.  A wonderful outfit for a girl under 10.

Snuggie Tails Dolphin Blanket

Snuggie Tails Dolphin Blanket – One of my favorite presents for kids from 4 to age 8 is this Snuggie Tails blanket.  It’s cozy & comfy, making it perfect for boys & girls to lounge around in the house or even as a sleeping bag.

Just A Girl Who Loves Dolphins Journal

Just A Girl Who Loves Dolphins Journal – When shopping for her, sometimes simple is best.  I came across this journal that is inspired by these stunning sea creatures.  Perfect for jotting down notes or as a diary.

Men's Dolphin Neck Tie

Men’s Dolphin Neck Tie – Know a guy that likes to dress with an extra bit of style?  Here is a lovely tie for men that will have him looking sharp!   Perfect for a husband, boyfriend and dads.

Dolphin Lighted Figurine

Dolphin Lighted Figurine – Merchandise related to these magnificent creatures need not cost an arm and leg.  In fact, here is a stunning figurine at a price that is considered very cheap!  It’s sparkling & features multi color changing LED lights.

Playing Dolphins Crystal Necklace

Playing Dolphins Crystal Necklace – Need something in purple?  Have a look at this wonderful necklace with a stunning purple CZ stone.  Great for both casual and formal wear.

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