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Cool Poker Gifts

Foldable Poker Table Top – A foldable poker table top is a must have item for those who enjoy playing the game. The best models are lightweight, durable, offer up plenty of space and even have cup holders. With one of these, you will feel like your in a Texas Hold’em game in Las Vegas.
High Roller Poker Chips

High Roller Poker Chips – High roller poker chips are perfect for players who enjoy playing the game with a bit of style. Better chips are heavyweight and made from casino grade clay. You can find sets that feature laser designs and are professionally weighted, making them ideal for shuffling and stacking. Perfect for playing at home or for tournaments too!

Funny Poker T-Shirts

Funny Poker T-Shirts – Funny poker tees are one of the better presents you can give. There are a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from that will please any fan of the game. One of my favorites is the “I Don’t Even Fold My Laundry” version. What’s not to love about it!

Poker Themed Socks

Poker Themed Socks – Poker themed socks that are designed with colorful cards and chips are an ideal present, especially if you are shopping for someone who likes to dress up a bit on the dapper side.  They are sure to become the lucky socks for that special poker player in your life.  Every risk-taking man will love wearing these!

Card Shaped Bottle Openers

Card Shaped Bottle Openers – A set of card shaped beer bottle openers is a unique idea for a gift.  Better versions are made from a durable stainless steel and are thin, so you can carry one with you in your wallet.  Anyone who plays cards, especially poker, is going to go gaga over getting one of these!

Poker Beer Glasses

Poker Beer Glasses – Beer glasses for poker players are must haves. I know that I like to drink it up while I’m playing as it makes the game more fun and interesting. If you feel the same, then go ahead a gift that special someone a set of these so they can enjoy some brew while they’re trying to get that inside straight.

Poker Chip Drink Coasters

Poker Chip Drink Coasters – If you like the glasses above, giving a set these drink coasters will be the perfect compliment. No one wants water rings all over the table and these will help prevent it. Better sets are cork backed to prevent scratching and come in different colors, so everyone knows who’s drink is who’s.  A great idea for both men & women who love to play poker.

Black Foil Playing Cards

Black Foil Playing Cards – How about a set of black foil poker cards to make the game more interesting. Not your typical, boring set of cards, these have a special design that are real attention getters, made using a special high laser stamping technology.  They’re super soft, easy to shuffle and even waterproof. Every serious player needs a set of these!

3D Poker Lamps

3D Poker Lamps – These novelty lamps are a perfect way to add life to a game room or man cave. It’s designed to create an illusion that will play tricks on your eyes when you see it from a distance. However, when you look at it up close, you will see that it’s actually flat. It’s the perfect way to dazzle and impress your friends on your next poker night.

Professional Card Shuffler

Professional Card Shuffler – Let’s face it, most of us poker players hate when it’s our turn to deal.  One way to make dealing less of a hassle is with a professional card shuffler.  Even better, owing one of these will deliver the perfect shuffle every time, and allow you to focus on your strategy instead of worrying about dealing the cards.

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Cool Poker Gifts

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