Birthday Gifts For Accountants

What are the best birthday gifts for accountants?

We suggest going with presents that are fun, practical and affordable.

If you are at a loss for ideas, don’t sweat it, we are here to help 😉

Have a look below and check out some of the great items we have discovered!

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Brewer – Busy mornings and long evenings, sometimes that numbers cruncher in your life needs a bit of a pick me up.  Nothing beats a delicious cup of coffee.  With a single cup coffee brewer, there is no hassle, no mess & the perfect brew, every time!

It's Accrual World Coffee Mug

Funny Coffee Mug – If you like the Keurig coffee brewer above, a funny coffee mug compliments it perfectly.  This one is super funny, with “It’s Accrual World” printed across the front.  Anyone who works in the profession will surely get a kick out of this present.

CPA Definition T-Shirt

T-Shirt – Tees with funny sayings are always a big hit as gifts for someone who passed the CPA exam.  One of my favorites is this accountant  “Definition”  shirt.  Great to wear at parties, lounging or for a casual dress day at the office.  A guaranteed conversation starter.

How Accountants Swear Coloring Book

Swear Words Coloring Book – Here is one of the things every accountant should have, a swear words coloring book.  It’s a fun way to reduce stress and it allows the accountant in your life to show off their creative side.  This is loads of laughs & a great thank you gift for all the great things they do.

Accountant Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

Nutritional Facts Mug – When shopping for an accountant, anything related to coffee is a good idea.  One of my favorites is this nutritional facts mug.  It’s funny, witty, inspirational & guaranteed to put a smile on the face of whoever receives it!

An Accountant's Notebook: Featuring 100 puzzles

An Accountants Notebook – This fun gift is full of great puzzles to help any accountant relax after an especially challenging day.  It’s one of those presents that doesn’t cost a fortune, but will always be remembered.  If you need a  simple yet thoughtful gift, get this book!

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Fidget Desk Toy – If you need a simple and affordable idea, desk toys are a wonderful choice.  There are plenty of styles available that offer up fun and interesting challenges.  A great example is this infinity cube.  It doubles as a great stress reliever too!

Be Audit You Can Be Coffee Mug

Be Audit You Can Be Mug – Here is one of the wonderful gifts for a present.  It’s a super funny accountant coffee mug that is truly one of a kind.   It features on of the most popular accounting puns “Be Audit You Can Be” displayed across the front.  This gift is sure to be a big hit!

Treasure Chest of Coffee

Gourmet Coffee – If your are thinking of a gift basket, give one that is filled with gourmet coffee.  This particular basket is literally a treasure chest of coffee and is filled with a wide variety of delicious flavors that are sure to please even the pickiest number cruncher!

Accountant Sign Parking Sign

Parking Sign – Great for a den or garage, this sign lets everyone know who’s space this is!  It’s sure to be a big hit.  If you are after something that is funny yet affordable, get this!

Accountant Street Sign Decal Math Bean Counter Count CPA | Indoor/Outdoor |  18" Wide

Accountant Ave. Street Sign will be perfect on display at the office or in a man cave, and is a very creative gift.

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Birthday Gifts For Accountants

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