Birthday Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

If you have a special someone in your life that is creative, here are some birthday gift ideas for graphic designers that are sure to keep their creativity flowing.  Fun, interesting, whimsical and unique, we have presents that are guaranteed to be a hit.   Have a look below to see what we have found!

Birthday Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

7 Must Have Birthday Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers!

Gifts For Graphic Designers

Coasters – Just about every designer has a mug or tumbler resting on their desk.  Here are some coasters with a cool, modern grunge design that will prevent those nasty water rings from damaging their workplace.  This set is one of my favorite gifts for graphic designers.

Funny Gifts For Graphic Designers

Funny Mug – Coffee mugs are one of the funny gifts for graphic designers that you can give.  There are a wide variety available with funny designs and messages printed on them.  This “Definition” version happens to be a very popular choice.  Match it up with the coasters above and you are all set with the perfect birthday gift!

Fun Graphic Design Gifts

Gag Sweatshirt – Long hours and stress filled deadlines are part of the profession.  Here is a sweatshirt that every graphic designer can relate to.  It’s the “These Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer” sweatshirt.  If you are after fun graphic design gifts, get this!

Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

Diary – Here is a daily diary for creatives that helps keep their appointments and schedule in perfect order.  It’s one of the better gift ideas for graphic designers because they all need one.  The recipient will think of you every time they use it!  “Eat, Sleep, Design, Repeat” says it all!

Gifts For Designers

Block Art Calendar – Here is a present that has a vintage feel.  It’s an old school block calendar that is very artsy, with plenty of style and character.  Every graphic artist can appreciate the simplicity of the design.  One of the fun and creative gifts for designers you can give.

Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills

Creative Workshop – From beginners to the pros, graphic artists always strive to improve their craft and become the best they can be.  Here is a fantastic guide that is filled with challenges for those in the profession.  It’s all about further developing and expanding creativity.  A wonderful present that’s available in paperback or for Kindle.

Best Gifts For Graphic Designers

Wall Art – Here is my top choice when it comes to the best gifts for graphic designers.  This wall art features the fantastic motivational quote “Be Bold, Not Italic or Regular” printed on it, with each phrase in it’s corresponding font type.  Very cool & witty.

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