Best Gifts For Coffee Drinkers

What are the best gifts for coffee drinkers?

We think presents that actually used are #1.

Especially if they make coffee time more enjoyable.

This page will help guide you in the right direction!

We have plenty of ideas for affordable gifts.

View our top picks for the coffee crazed person in your life!


 'I Need Coffee' Nightshirt

Here is a cute nightshirt that will help give them sweet dreams. Not only that, it also reminds them of the first thing they need to do after they wake up.  It’s cute, funny and comfortable.  I think it’s one of the best gifts for coffee drinkers to relax & have a sip in.  Nighty Night 🙂

Funny Coffee Socks

The top ideas are those that help to get their thoughts and feelings across, the funnier the better.  Here is a great pair of socks that says it all.  Ideal for those who love relaxing on the couch and want to be waited on with a cup of delicious brew.  Funny gifts for coffee drinkers don’t get much better than this!

Engraved Espresso Spoon

It can be said that the best items to give are those that send a message.  If you have a friend that you want to spend more time with, give them one of these spoons.  I can’t thing of a better way do enjoy the time together than chatting over a delicious cup of coffee.  Without a doubt, it’s one of those gifts for a coffee drinkers friend that will bring them closer together.

 Camera Lens Travel Thermos

I suggest that you make your gift choice something unusual.   Here is an idea that is truly out of the ordinary, a camera lens thermos.  We all know that a thermos keeps cool beverages cool and the hot, hot.  What makes this different is it’s unique design.  If you are shopping for gag gifts for coffee drinkers that happen to be camera buffs, or are into interesting stuff, get them one of these.

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

Automatic grinders are great, however, true coffee buffs swear by a manual grinder.   They say that it lets you have more control over the consistency of the grind, which leads to the best brew possible.  I guess if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.  This grinder gets the job done to perfection, with a sleek and stylish look.  Ideal as one of the better Christmas gifts for coffee drinkers on your present list.

Did you know….

Torrefacto is the practice of adding sugar to coffee beans during the roasting process.  The sugar burns and the beans wind up coated in a shiny black film.  This glossy coating protects the beans from oxidation and torrefacto was originally a preservation method.

via: SpainRevealed.com

Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Presents for coffee fanatics come in many shapes and forms.  However, you simply can’t go wrong with a gourmet sampler pack.  We all have our favorite blends, but it is well known that variety is the spice of life.  Go ahead and help that coffee lover in your life live a little!  This sampler set makes giving unique gifts for coffee drinkers simple and easy.

Keurig Coffee Maker

For many, the simplest to use coffee maker is best.  With this Keurig single serve model, you just pop in a K-Cup, press a button and you’re done.  Perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious brew without all the mess and hassle.  Even better, there are K-Cups available in so many flavors, we can’t even begin to list them here!  Good gifts for coffee drinkers can be as simple as a Keurig!

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Gift Subscription

Subscription services are always one of the top gifts for coffee drinkers, especially for those who are seriously into their Java.  The Bean Box 3 month discount subscription is considered one of the best available because the price is super reasonable, the variety is amazing, and most importantly, the flavor of their coffee is simply out of this world.

Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

Looking for something great, yet doesn’t cost a fortune?  A great suggestion would be this single serve Brew Buddy.  It allows you to create a delicious cup of brew, one drip at a time.  Easy to use and portable, making it perfect for home, the office or even hiking & camping.

Did You Know…

Unlike pour-over or french press coffee, which both use hot water and take place over a shorter period of time, cold brew coffee is exactly what it sounds like: Coffee concentrate made with cool or room-temperature water, by means of a long steeping process. The cooler preparation method, as well as the fact that you can store this in the fridge for two weeks, are key reasons it’s a great style of iced coffee.

via:  OXO.com

Don't Speak! Funny Coffee Mug

Funny presents are often the most treasured.  Here is one that fits the bill perfectly, the “Don’t Speak” mug.  The design is too funny, and it accurately describes the situation when dealing with a person who is obsessed with drinking coffee.   It’s one of our top choices as a birthday gift.

Automatic Cappuccino Machine

There are some people who seem to be impossible to please, especially when it comes to their coffee.  If this is the type of person on your gift list, then get them one of these, an automatic cappuccino machine.  Yeah, they are pricey, but give them one of these and you will win them over for life!  This is at the top of the list when it comes to gifts for serious coffee drinkers.

K-Cup Carousel

Some of the cheaper priced items are the best presents you can give.  Here is an idea for someone who owns a Keurig coffee machine.  It’s a K-Cup carousel that attractively displays up to 30 K-Cups.  Prices vary, however, quality units can be found for less than $20.  They are one of the items that’s guaranteed to please!

Coffee Beanery Ultimate Collection


When it comes to shopping online, Amazon is my go to website.  The variety is amazing, prices are low and if you are a Prime member, free or discount shipping is available for most items.  I came across this great variety set and had to get if for my coffee obsessed friend.  It has 15 different flavors and comes in a nicely presented box.  Consider this gift as a bit of coffee heaven!

Premium Coffee and Chocolates Gift Basket

Coffee & chocolate goes together like peanut butter & jelly.  Here is one of the great gift baskets that combines these two amazing flavors.  Everyone knows that enjoying delicious treats while chatting over a cup of tasty coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Best Gifts For Coffee Drinkers

Here is an that will have that coffee crazed person in your life brewing like a barista!  Making the perfect pot has it’s challenges.  If the beans are too hot, the flavor becomes stale.  If the beans are too cold, they don’t release enough flavor.  The beautiful point of this pour over kettle is that the built in thermometer gives you the exact temperature, so coffee is  perfect every time!

Did You Know…

When coffee was first brought to Christian Europe, it was greeted with a great deal of suspicion since it was the drink of the Muslim infidels with whom Christians had been at war for centuries. Some even went so far to call this exotic beverage “Satan’s drink.”

Inevitably, coffee made its way to the Vatican, where it was introduced to Pope Clement VIII. While many of his advisors clamored for the Pope to ban the controversial drink, he refused to do so before trying it himself.

The Pope was brought a steaming mug of java and he took a sip. He was immediately delighted, and according to legend, he declared, “This devil’s drink is delicious. We should cheat the devil by baptizing it.”

And the rest is history. Due to the papal blessing, coffee quickly spread throughout Europe and eventually the world, where it remains a perennially popular drink.

via:  BlessedBeans.com

Adult Coloring Book for Coffee Lovers

Affordable, quirky items are those that are a bit weird, out of the ordinary, and of course, fun.  This coloring book for adults is all that, and more.  Coloring is a type of meditation that helps to reduce stress.  Coupled with a cup of coffee, I can’t think of a better way to spend the day!

100% Kona Ground Coffee


When it comes to the best ground coffee, pure Kona coffee is tops.  Educated drinkers know that Hawaiian Kona is number one due the beans growing in mineral rich soil created by volcanic ash.  It’s not the cheapest, but if you want to experience flavors like no other, quality does have it’s price.

DIY Gifts For Coffee Drinkers

On a budget and need ideas for DIY gifts for coffee drinkers?  Check out this recipe for a Coffee Sugar Scrub.

“According to experts on the webosphere claim that coffee (and caffeine) apparently do all sorts of good things for your skin.


1) diminish the appearance of cellulite
2) tighten and tone the look of your skin
3) serve as an exfoliant, when you use the grounds as a scrub

Plus, coffee is naturally a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  And the smell of coffee is one of my favorite things ever.  So I jumped on the bandwagon and have been experimenting with using it as a body sugar scrub.  And I have found it to be quite delightful.  :)”

via:  Gimmie Some Oven

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