Avocado Gifts

Whether it’s a avocado-themed backpack, airpod case or even a fleece blanket, we have plenty of great gifts that are sure to please fans of this magical fruit.

Whether it’s a special occasion or just because, you’re sure to find presents that will fit your budget.

Check out our top picks below; you’ll be glad you did …

Avocado Gifts

Best Avocado Gifts🥑

[amazon box =”B09W4JFJJG” title=”Avocado Backpack”]

Everyone tends to haul around lots of stuff.  So, get them an avocado backpack so they can do it in style.  Lightweight & durable, it’s a practical present that can be used everyday.  Ideal for kids, students, adults or anyone who’s into avocados!

[amazon box =”B07W912PK8″ title=”Avocado Airpod Case”]

Airpods are expensive, so it’s wise to protect them against damage, so getting an airpod case is a no-brainer, especially if the case is designed with cute avocados, and with over 2300 positive reviews, it’s are one of our top picks!

[amazon box =”B07HJJDRKN” title=”Avocado Toast Plush”]

Among all the plush squishables for sale, none are as cute as this piece of toast with slices of avocados on it.  If you or someone you know loves avocado toast, this is awesome!

[amazon box =”B075Z4K1XX” title=”Avocado Tree Growing Kits”]

A tree growing kit for those who want to experience their own avocados at home, comes with everything you need to get started.

[amazon box =”B07L9QD5WK” title=”Avocado Bandages”]

Whether for cuts, scrapes or nicks, nothing heals wounds better and cuter than adhesive bandages with avocados printed all over them, they will almost make you look forward to your next injury.

[amazon box =”B089587P1H” title=”Avocado Wall Art”]

There are plenty of choices for interesting wall décor.  If you’re into decorating, one of these would look fantastic hanging in a kitchen or den, in a lovely variation of green colors along with too cute characters.

[amazon box =”B07DBKJFYP” title=”Avocado Jibbitz”]

Everyone loves Crocs, and decorating them with Jibbitz to make them stand out and look different from everyone else is loads of fun.

[amazon box =”B07WCDBNJQ” title=”Avocado Toast Seasoning”]

Nothing tickles the taste buds better than gourmet toast seasoning loaded with the perfect blend of savory, slightly garlic-y, slightly spicy flavors.

[amazon box =”B094QQ34WN” title=”Avocado Fleece Blanket”]

I can’t think of anything better than relaxing on the couch, watching Netflix and snuggling up underneath a warm fleece blanket that is covered with avocados!

[amazon box =”B08GWVPDXC” title=”Avocado Purse”]

Avocados are adorable, especially when you can carry them around with you all the time, which is why this adorable purse is sure to become the go to accessory in your wardrobe.

Peace 🥑

You’re the avocado to my toast!

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