Audi Gifts For Him

Audi Gifts For Him

Audi gifts for him are perfect for lovers of the brand.  There are plenty of ideas to choose from when searching for presents and we have listed some below.  Have a look and get inspired!

Audi Gifts For Him

Most Popular Audi Gifts For Him

Audi Logo Hoodie

If you are thinking about giving the gift of mens clothing, here is a hoodie that is perfect for guy who is an Audi fan.  It proudly features the logo & the 4 rings.  He will be thinking of you everytime he wears it!


Audi Logo Key Chain

It’s a simple fact that men carry around a lot of keys.  A great present for them will help keep them organized, in a cool and stylish way, like with this key chain!


Audi LED Cup Holder Mat Pad Coasters

Every man who loves his car is into accessories.  Here is something that is unique and offers up a little bling.  They are LED mats with the Audi logo that can be used for cup holders or for interior decorations.  Very cool!


Did You Know….

August Horch founded his first ever car company called A. Horch and Cie. in 1899, but due to differences with his partner he left and started another company named Agust Horch Automobilwerke GmbH.

Due to copyright infringement issues he had to remove the word Horch from his own company.

He ultimately used his surname which in German means “hear” and in Latin means “Audi“. 


Audi Steel Door Lock Covers

When it comes to luxury car gifts, items that add class to the interior are always welcomed.  The Audi lover in your life is going to quickly fall in love with these stylin’ door lock covers that add an extra touch of class.


Audi S-line Racing T Shirt

One of the hottest ideas for presents at the moment is a t-shirt that features the Audi S-Line racing team logo.  Any guy that loves the brand would love to receive one of these as a gift!


Audi S Line LED Logo Projector Ghost Shadow Lights

One of the cool S Line accessories for an Audi are ghost lights.  They project the logo using LED lights every time the doors are opened.   Super easy to install and they really add an extra touch of class.


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