90s Gifts Ideas

90s Gifts

Need 90s gifts ideas?

The 90s were an interesting time to be alive.  People loved renting videos from Blockbuster, listening to Michael Jackson, Harry Potter just came on the scene and everyone had a Tamagotchi.

Need a 90’s present for that special someone?

View our top picks below, you’ll be glad you did …

90s Gifts For Adults

I Love 90s gifts

I Love The 90s Shirt

Ah, the 90s. What a time to be alive! Whether you lived through the 90s or not, everyone seems to love that era for its fashion, music, and pop-culture nostalgia. If you’re looking for I Love 90s gifts, then look no further than a classic I Love The 90s Shirt. It’s a great way to bring some of that nostalgic fun into any wardrobe.

90s themed gifts

Game Boy Styled Phone Case

Growing up in the 90’s meant that you probably had a Game Boy.  This game styled phone case is a cool way to prevent your smartphone from getting nicks, scratches and dings.  Even better, this case features 36 real games that you can actually play.  Totally rad!  One of the better 90s themed gifts you can give!

90's gifts

Blockbuster Video Shirt

Blockbuster video store and VHS tapes are long gone, however you can keep them alive in your memories with this cool shirt featuring their famous blue & yellow logo.  One of my all time favorite 90’s gifts!

Popular 90s gifts

D.A.R.E. Retro Fanny Pack

Popular 90s gifts can be a simple as fanny packsNot only are they a great way to show off your love for vintage fashion, but it can also be used for practical purposes. With its convenient design and fun prints, this accessory is sure to make anyone feel cool and stylish.

90s gifts for him

Retro 90s Bucket Hat

Looking for stylish 90s gifts for him?  The bucket hat is the perfect accessory for both men who want to channel their inner 90s look. Whether you’re looking for a gift idea or just a way to accessorize your own wardrobe, the retro bucket hat is an excellent choice.

retro 90s gifts

90210 Dylan Mckay Shirt

One of the most popular shows on TV at the time was 90210, with Dylan being the one of the main heartthrobs.  Here is a tee that is ideal for the true fan that will always keep him close to your heart.  Perfect to give as retro 90s gifts.

cool 90s gifts

Nirvana “Nevermind” Poster

The grunge group Nirvana was one of the biggest acts at the time, and this poster is of their album cover from Nevermind.  Would look fantastic in a bedroom, living room or den, have it framed for an extra special touch!  If you’re after cool 90s gifts, this one is hard to beat.

90s gifts ideas

Encyclopedia Madonnica

Known as the “Queen Of Pop” Madonna ruled the popular music scene in 1990, with her huge hit “Vogue.”  Need 90s gifts ideas, fans would love to get their hands on this book titled “Encyclopedia Madonnica” that is filled with never seen before pictures, interviews and interesting tidbits about Madge.

random 90s gifts

90s Pop Culture Trivia Game

Searching for random 90s gifts?  Trivia games always work well as a present, and they’re a fun way to look back at the decade to reminisce about fashions, trends, movies & music.

best 90s gifts

Rubik’s Cube

If you’re looking for an unforgettable retro gift idea for someone special, a Rubik’s cube is sure to be a hit. Not only does it harken back to simpler times, but it also presents a challenging puzzle. We happen to think it’s one of the best 90s gifts that’s super affordable.

nostalgic 90s gifts

90s Cassette Tape T-Shirt

One of our favorite nostalgic 90s gifts is this retro t-shirt, with a cool, throwback design featuring a cassette tape.

awesome 90s gifts

Original Tamagotchi

If it’s awesome 90s gifts your after, a Tamagotchi is a must-have item, as it’s the original virtual reality pet that started a craze in Japan then quickly spread all around the world.

90s gifts for guys

Nintendo NES Game Boy Coffee Mug

Just about everyone had  a Game Boy, and here’s a cool, graphic changing coffee mug that reminds you of how much fun playing Nintendo games was.  When it comes to 90s gifts for guys, we definitely love this one!

90s gifts for adults

Nintendo NES Style Drink Coasters

If you like the coffee mug, a great idea would be to match it up with a set of these NES style drink coasters that look like popular video game cartridges like Zelda, Super Mario, and more!  Perfect to give as 90’s gifts ideas.

90s gifts for her

90s Throwback Stickers

Trying to find great 90s gifts for her?  Here is a set of throwback stickers from the 90’s that are perfect to jazz up a water bottle, helmet, skateboard or your laptop.  They are a fun way to remind yourself of the good ole days!

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